Toy Story is for sinners!

Dare to keep kids from watching Toy Story just like you dare to keep them off drugs.


Dear Christians,

The Toy Story movies are another abomination from the filming corporation, Disney, that is out there to offend Christians and appeal to sinner audience that rejects God. It’s no surprise that Disney is out to offend Christians since Walt Disney, who founded the secular corporation, was in fact an atheist! The movies are full of ungodly themes, so don’t let the “cuteness” of the toys trick you!

In the movies, we see nonliving toys that have life-like qualities that we have. They move, they talk, and they have human emotions. This suggests demonic witchcraft posession since nonliving things, especially toys, are not supposed to have such lifelike qualities. This kind of sorcery is an offense to God, and it was spoken against in the bible. Wiccanism and other forms of Paganism that causes sorcery has become popular since the films were released.

There is a homosexual bond created between…

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5 thoughts on “Toy Story is for sinners!

  1. The Illogical Reaper says:

    C’mon dude, we both hell dont exist. Execpt in the minds of all thoughs who believe. Besides, you’re starting to sound like TVC. I already know he is not sane, so…

  2. 10bacon says:

    Jim and Martin, clearly your parents hated you and didn’t let you play with toys. Do you two have a homosexual relationship? Since you two are “friends” perhaps you both like to wear each other’s skinny jeans.

    I’m not judging. I’ll leave that to you.

    • Vid says:

      Eh, I did not know about these people whom you replied to, but I did not like to waste times with toys. I was more toward drawing like sketching bird flying, … riding a white house, etc..
      Drawing is more fun.

  3. Yet another reblog of a post with absolutely no actual points. I’m not tearing this down for the simple fact that I am lazy. Oh, wait, that’s one of the seven deadly sins, isn’t it? I guess if you really want me to then…

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