The War on (Saving) Christmas!


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the atheists and ungodly heathens are carrying the war on Christmas into the cinemas this year? True Christian scholar and film producer Kirk Cameron, who is a good friend of True Christian Scientist Ray Comfort, has just recently released a movie called Saving Christmas.  If you look on the facebook, the current trends on the side mock Cameron’s True Christian film as “the worst film of all time.” I read the article, and it shows the allies of the devil at work!

Don’t trust the atheists! Go see this film!

The devilish movie review website the imdb gives Cameron’s film the lowest rating of any movie ever. That’s just stupid! Kirk Cameron’s film is a godly, fantastic, respectful representation of Christmas. Why is the imdb mocking “Saving Christmas”?  The answer is simple. The IMDB doesn’t want to keep Christ in Christmas! Instead of showing True Christian advertisements, they advertisements posted by the Hollywood elite.  These sinners don’t love Christ.   Let this be a warning, our fellow Christians. Never trust the imdb. Only trust the true source for movie reviews, Unlike imdb, which rates films by popularity according to heathens, capalert rates films based on their Biblical foundation.  They have not yet rated Saving Christmas, but I am sure that Saving Christmas will score highly on their site! It is a good movie!

This assault on Kirk Cameron’s film is sadly nothing new for the atheists. They have attacked him ever since Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron proved that the banana was an atheist’s worst nightmare and since they disproved Darwinism by showing that the Darwinists have never found a crocoduck! Why is this film being downvoted? The answer is simple! The atheists don’t want people knowing about the Truth of Christ! The atheists are the world’s worst criminals and they don’t want the truth of Christ to reach the masses!

Atheists are the world’s worst people!

All those atheist heathens that downvoted Kirk Cameron’s wonderful film are going straight to Hell. This is a beautiful film, and you must be blinded by the devil if you don’t enjoy it!  The atheists are trying to attack Kirk Cameron’s True Christian movie because they believe that it is a threat to their ungodly enterprise. They view Saving Christmas as a strong Christian weapon in the War for Christmas, and they don’t want people to see it. They are downvoting it so that people won’t go to the movies!

Piss off an atheist. See this movie. You won’t regret it! Every single film released by Kirk Cameron or Ray Comfort is true and Godly. Go to see Saving Christmas. Take all of your friends and family with you. Take the atheists that you know as well so that you can have a True Christian discourse about Christmas! Lead them away from their heathen celebration of the “Newtonmas” and teach them to celebrate Christmas!

Let us join Bill O’Reiley in the battle for Christmas! With Christ behind us, we must truly win. After all, this holiday is all about Jesus’ birthday! Say no to the holidays this winter and yes to Christmas! It’s what Jesus would do! Shame on all who are attacking Kirk Cameron’s wonderful film. Satan is going to enjoy torturing you forever in Hell. Don’t join the heathens in Hell! Support this movie!  I have seen it three times already and love it! You will too! Let us take back the cinema for Jesus! Let us take back Christmas for Christ!

From your friends,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is fighting beside us in the war for Christmas! Vote for Rick in 2016 to stop the atheists from taking away our Christian holidays!

32 thoughts on “The War on (Saving) Christmas!

  1. The Illogical Reaper says:

    The irony of this is that many christians hate this movie and think its terrible. So, since it panders to your religion, was made sby someone who is devoted to your religion, and a lot of people say its terrible, its the atheists fault. After all, christians can do no wrong, right? [here the heathen resorts to obscenity, which will not be tolerated on this site]

    • You heathen, this movie was made by a True Christian and is a great film if you just take the time to give it a chance instead of being a member of the sheeple! Open your heart to truth and the truth will speak to you! I am praying for you.


      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        Oh, why do I even try with you? The likelihood of me seeing this movie is slim to none, and when CHRISTIANS say this movie is bad, doesn’t that say something? Besides, I tried watching “God’s not Dead.” I stopped when I realized the plot started 8 MINUTES IN! Trust me, theirs more reasons then religion to hate a movie. Bad characters, forced plot, unexplained events. Besides, “Left Behind” had some bad implications that you would scream at.

      • Left Behind starred the ungodly heathen scum Nicholas Cage and anything with Nicholas Cage is ungodly!! See the film. It will change your life. The only “Christians” to reject the film are false Christians.

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        sigh… so, unless the christians deny gay marriage, abortions, and the teaching of evolution, they are false, despite the fact that they accept Jesus (and sometimes, God himself) into their hearts? And when they look at your views, you’re the false christian. I still think God doesn’t exist, so to me, you’re all fighting over nothing.

      • Abortion is murder. Gay marriage is an affront to God. The Old Testament tells us that homosexuality is an abomination, in Leviticus. And evolution? That teaches that Genesis is wrong. That’s sinful.

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        I’ve read the first few chapters of Genesis. God didn’t create the universe or earth. They existed with him and as an empty void, and a giant ball of water. Also, he made all the animals, including humankind, on days 4-6, and the forsaken them for those in the Garden of Eden. Why would he make a really stupid test for Adam and Eve JUST to curse us with sin? And then there’s the filler: this person had a son and this age, and died at this age, and repeat with different years.

      • The Vatican is satanic! They cover up molestation and abuse!

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        Um… Evidence?

      • Nowhere does evolution prove Genesis wrong. NOWHERE.

      • 10bacon says:

        Wait a minute. You told someone who quoted the harsh laws of Lev. were nullified by Christ’s ministry. So, how can you bring it up now?

    • P.C.Miller says:

      Heathenistic scumbag Nick C. starred in the Heathen Croods!

  2. Isn’t Bill O’Rielly a Fase Christian? I seem to remember you expressing such views. I am searching right now and will paste the link when I find it.

  3. The Illogical Reaper says:

    BTW, you wanna know about this: Matthew 5:39

  4. 10bacon says:

    Once again, I will ask this and not get a reply. If, according to Ray Comfort, the banana disproves evolution because it fits in our hand perfectly, explain the pineapple. It is such a ridiculous argument. How many foods out there require some form of work before consuming them. You know what? Maybe the banana actually PROVES evolution. Do you know who else eats bananas? Monkeys. Therefore, we must be related. EVOLUTION!!! Checkmate, “true” Christians!

    In respect to Christmas, it should be honored as the Christian holiday it is. That being said, I have no problem with the giving of the gifts, Santa, the decorations, and the consumerism. It bolsters the economy. Back when I was growing up, we celebrated Christmas more as a gathering for the family then as a religious holiday. I have no problem with that either. You don’t get to dictate how I celebrate the day and I encourage you to celebrate the holiday as you believe. America is great! No one’s forcing us to practice one specific religion. No one is getting stoned no matter how much you’d like that to be changed.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays!

    P.S. – Isn’t that ad for Saving Christmas using Buddy Jesus from Dogma?

  5. 10bacon says:

    When did I curse Jesus? Please clarify.

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