Retail Employees are Satan’s favorite Servants!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that retail employees are working directly for Satan and headed straight to hell? These sinners are Satan’s storm troopers, working on the front lines in the war on Christmas. These heathens are helping the atheists and the devil by taking Santa out of our stores and taking Christ out of Christmas! It’s not even Christmas anymore! It’s now “Happy Holidays.” These low-wage workers are sinners in the worst way. They are taking money away from the poor as they try to steal Christmas from Christians! They must be stopped!

Consider this woman from Walmart. The heathen Walmart employees didn’t even try to stop her from wandering through the store! This woman is a whore of Babylon and is showing Satan’s approval of Walmart! Instead of stopping her, you can see the lady in red looking upon her with approval. Why? Because whoreism is approved in retail stores! A True Christian would have stopped her from wearing these clothes. But Walmart doesn’t employ True Christians. They employ heathens! You can tell this by the shirts they wear during the holiday season:


Walmart isn’t only forcing their employees to reject Christmas. They’re also forcing their heathen “happy holidays” message upon their customers. The employees are the ones selling the product, and they could stop it, but they don’t. Here’s a heathen walmart gift card:

This gift card is of the devil.

Walmart isn’t the only retail outfit serving Satan! Target is of the Devil too! They put up Christmas decorations, but they’re actually very, very scary decorations. These decorations showcase headless Santas, and prove that not only is Target working for Satan, but they also embrace Isis’s acts of violence towards Christians, namely beheadings:

Christmas by Isis!

Target also sells the ungodly Redcard. Do you know what the “red” in “redcard” represents? Communism! Target considers itself a Communist stronghold in America. They call their customers “guests,” their workers “Team members,” and have a system of acronyms secretly created by Satan worshiper and devil’s disciple George Dayton to force his employees to embrace the Devil’s will. Here’s Dayton:

George Dayton, the devil’s disciple

By working for these retail giants, the retail employee is a direct player in the war on Christmas. These employees are often older people of working age who, rather than using these jobs as part time jobs in high school, are trying to use them to support themselves. These workers are commonly on foodstamps and other public aid programs because they are too lazy to find other jobs. They choose to work in retail because it is an easy job where they don’t have to do any hard work.  These workers are taking valuable resources away from the real poor, people who didn’t choose poverty but were forced into it by conditions out of their control. The True Christian thing to do would be to leave these jobs and get real jobs with which the worker can support themself with. But this doesn’t happen because retail workers like working for the devil!

this is where the retail employee is headed. Straight to HELL!

Have you ever seen an unhappy retail employee? I certainly haven’t. They always greet me kindly and have smiles on their faces. They even thank me for coming in. That’s not a person who is unhappy with their job. By thoroughly embracing the retail experience, retail employees directly seal their own fates in Hell. By buying into the anti-Christmas, anti-God retail establishment, the retail employee becomes an agent of Satan and damns himself. By placing consumerism before Christ, they place themselves in hell instead of heaven for all eternity.

Jesus would never shop or work at Walmart!

If you are a retail employee reading this post, remove yourself from the war on Christmas! Find a new job that supports the splendor of Christ instead of the false promises of capitalism and wealth! Reject the number of the beast that is found on every credit card and embrace the truth of Salvation. Give your heart to God and your mind to Jesus. Otherwise you are going to burn in Hell for all eternity.

So I implore you, servant of Satan. Repent or burn. Retail employees will go to Hell for being part of the retail system that rejects Christ and replaces Him with consumerism. Where will you go after you die? If you want to go to Hell, stay in retail. If you want to go to Heaven, repent!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’mm a True Christian.

Join us and Rick Santorum and stop the war on Christmas! Rick Santorum 2016!

12 thoughts on “Retail Employees are Satan’s favorite Servants!

  1. The Illogical Reaper says:

    You have no sense of empathy, which is one of the many ways aheists use to explain morality. As for the happy holidays saying, its so they dont offend other religions. You know, like Jews, Muslims, ect. Also, I cant speak for all atheists, but I am not at war with christmas. Why should I? It has nothing to do with Jesus, as bibal scholars believe that he was born in the summer, was originally a pagan holiday, and its nothingmore then a capitalism holiday. As for the Santa picture; I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he’s flexing, and raising his chin.

  2. 10bacon says:

    This post is so ridiculous that I am pretty sure this site is fake. Way to go balls out, though

  3. Albin Roslund says:

    Have you guys heard of Behemeth? there truly satanic and needs to be eradicated here listen:

  4. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    Unless one says X-mas, Christ will always stay in Christmas. There’s no ‘Satan’ in these holidays (referring to Christmas, St. Stephen’s Day and New Year), it’s people choice to make the decision whether or not to buy a pile of things thay don’t even need. The problem is in today’s society, not in Christian concept of Satan.
    And how would a ‘True Christian’ stop that woman of wearing those clothes? I admit she doesn’t have a sense for fashion and a terrible taste, but you cannot order people what they can or cannot wear. This is called freedom.

  5. Vid says:

    Chinese bought Walmart, don’t you all know? So why is a lot of commotion here?
    This woman whose bottomless is her life, why should Walmart care to do something? Is there a law or rule regulation that people cannot walk half naked out of their house? Adam & Eve were both naked. If we all decide to wear no clothes, what is wrong with thaf?
    It is not about how the person wears, it is what inside the person’s heart.
    A lot of killers, like mafia guys who wore good looking clothes killed lives, and how many lives this woman killed? She may be a nice woman who killed no flies. You may be surprised that this woman may be entering to paradise before you.

    Ok, look at Muslims guys and gals. They cover themselves from heads to toes. Some are are thirsty to kill any body or kill themselves in the name of their Allan.
    ” Do not judge or you too will be judged”, Matthew 7:1.


  6. Vid says:

    There is no such thing called True Christians then judging others.
    True Christians are the people who do the Will of GOD. The Will of GOD is is in the Words of GOD. The Words of GOD became Flesh and Dwell among us. JESUS CHRIST is GOD in Flesh taught in the Holy BIBLE. Not Muslims’ Jesus and not Mormo s’ Jesus either.

  7. I just facepalmed so hard I don’t even have a face

  8. P.C.Miller says:

    Walmart, repent or Burn!!

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