What really happened to Flight 370

Greetings True Christians!

Everyone remembers when Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, never to be found again. Countries from all over the world spent millions and millions of dollars searching for this missing plane all through the ocean, and it has never been found. I initially reported on this site that the plane was allowed to crash as a punishment from God for Malaysia’s sinful ways, but after a long session of prayer with the Holy Spirit, the answer is clearer.

It turns out that there were several true Christians on this flight, including the pilot, who converted to Christianity just before the flight left Malaysia. Why is this important? Because the rapture is beginning, and the pilot of the flight was raptured, thus rendering the plane inoperable. WIth nobody left on the plane with the capability to fly it, the plane quickly veered out of control, and likely crashed, hitting the ocean surface so hard that the entire plane disintegrated.

Not to worry though, boys and girls. All the True Christians on the flight were saved by Jesus through the rapture process, and more people are continuing to be raptured even today. Every time a True Christian disappears, he or she has been raptured into heaven to be with Jesus!

Are you rapture ready? If not, you need to repent, now. The anti-christ is among us and will one day soon be unleashed upon the world. Martin and I will be raptured before that happens. Will you? Flight 370 disappeared, never to be seen again, because the True Christians on the plane were raptured into heave. Join them in Paradise. Embrace Jesus. Otherwise, you will surely be cast into Hell.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.


Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

7 thoughts on “What really happened to Flight 370

  1. You craphole! People died on that flight, wether they were Christan, or not, it doesn’t matter, they’re dead.

  2. The Illogical Reaper says:

    I love these theists who claim atheists have no morals and such, then make crap like this which proves they have no sense of empathy. Jim, you are one of the three people in this world I hate. You have proven that you care nothing about your fellow man unless they fall into your cult. If you really want to know the other two are: shockofgod who’s ego is so inflatted he makes Cartman from South Park look humble, and Ray Cumfart, whos stupidity and ignorance baffles me. Let me ask one question; what will happen when God has be disproven once and for all, and the bible has been declared the biggest lie in history, what shall you do then? Shall you commit crimes and harm others since God gave you a purpose?

  3. Being a member of the True Church won’t save you from death. However, death s not a punishment. These souls were chosen to leave this wicked world and convert the souls in heaven who had not had a chance to accept the gospel in life. Or be converted to the true faith if they weren’t members.

  4. Alienfan says:

    So, did I get this post right? You say when a non-christian dies they were punished by god. but if a christian dies, they got raptured? /: |

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