The Magical Missing Missing Link!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you one of the Darwinists’ biggest secrets. The missing link is missing. In fact, all of their “missing links” are missing! The fossil record is a perfect rebuttal to Devilution because everything shows proof of Creation! The catastrophic preservation of fossils shows proof of Noah’s Flood, and the complete and total lack of transitional fossils, or “fossils ‘between kinds'” in Creationist terminology, utterly decimates the evilutionist worldview inspired by Satan!

Archaeopteryx, just another bird.

The evilutionists want us to believe that Archaeopteryx is a true “Missing Link”, between dinosaurs and birds. Now that’s just stupid boys and girls. Did you know that Archaeopteryx is a bird of the bird kind? Sure, it has teeth, but so do some modern birds like hoatzins. The Archaeopteryx was a bird and will always be a bird. It’s not half dinosaur-half bird, it’s not half bird-half something else. It is 100% bird! Same goes for Hesperornis, Icthyornis, and the Dodo. No change between kinds here, so one “proof of Darwinism” disproven. Checkmate, Darwinists!

Tiktaalik is just another salamander!

Tiktaalik is another favorite “missing link” bandied about by the Darwinists.  Tiktaalik is just another amphibian. Just like Icthyostega, Tiktaalik is 100% amphibian! Nothing to see here. Just another lie created by the Darwinists. They say that Tiktaalik is a missing link, but as a Creation scientist, I know the truth! Tiktaalik Rosea is just another example of the amphibian kind. That’s not a missing link.  Checkmate, Darwinists!

they’re all horses! The little one is just a baby!

Did you know that the horse transitional series is nothing more than a Darwinist fairy tail for grownups? That’s right boys and girls! All of the so-called transitional horses are still 100% horse. That’s not a transitional sequence that proves macroevolution (change between kinds), that’s merely change within a kind, or microevolution, and all Creationists accept change within kinds.  The horse lineage is one of Jonathan Wells’ icons of evolution for good reason. It’s a myth created by the Darwinists and Satan to try to discredit the truth of Creation!

Piltdown man. you can actually SEE where the skull was faked!

the Darwinists drew this ape man missing link…..from a pig tooth! That’s a fairy tale if I’ve ever seen one!

Human ancestors? Now those are all lies made up by the Darwinists! Did you know that Piltdown Man was a hoax created by the evolutionists in a basement to try to prove evolution?  Why? Because they couldn’t find any other missing links to prove their monkey to man myth! Not to be out done, they found a single peccary tooth and fabricated  a whole missing link out of it, and called it Nebraska Man. The evolutionists want you to believe that life came from goo to zoo to you over millions of years by unguided Satanic processes. However, they have absolutely NO evidence for this claim! They have to fake it!

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort show us what a real transitional form should look like, a crocoduck, a true form between kinds.

Don’t buy into the Darwinist myth of devolution! If Evilution was true, then the Darwinists could show us true transitional forms like the Crocoduck! They can’t because the myth of evolution is a fairy tale created by Satan for grownups. The public schools are teaching your kids the myth of evolution as we speak. Write your local school boards and get evolution out of your classrooms. It is time to take back the schools for Jesus. It’s time to save our Children for Christ!

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

22 thoughts on “The Magical Missing Missing Link!

  1. The Illogical Reaper says:

    ALL FOSSILS ARE TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS! You and all other creationists have this high standard of what a transitional fossil should be, that its impossible to fill the quota. How would you like it if we did that to you? You can’t prove god is real unless he comes down from heaven and knocks on my door. Why don’t you spend a little less time saying that facts are not facts, and prove god is real.

    • you need to stop lying for science! The Bible is the truth and all transitional fossils are within kinds, not BETWEEN kinds. Checkmate, heathen.

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        You know what he difference between Evolutionary History and your Bible is? The history is an educated guess based on the evidence presented, while the Bible is “I’m right because I said I’m right.” You want me to believe you? Prove to me the bible is truth.

      • Dear friend, you need Jesus in life or you will burn in Hell. Of course the Bible is real. Jesus is the Truth. Otherwise his closest friends wouldn’t have been willing to die for Him. There wouldn’t have been a chain of Christian martyrs if Jesus was a myth, if He didn’t rise from the dead. What about the blood found under golgotha? turns out it was obviously divine. What about Josephus’ account of Christ? If Jesus is real then the Bible is real. Jesus is real, therefore the Bible is true. Checkmate, atheist.

        I will be praying for you to repent so that you will not burn in hell. Repent or burn.

        Jim Solouki

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        And yet there is little to no evidence of him at all? If Jesus was true, then I’m fairly certain that Christianity would’ve been A LOT different. If Jesus rose from the dead, he is declared a witch, as this falls under witchcraft. Also, how can you tell if blood is divine? Also, what about Joseph’s account? I’m going to assume you’re going to link me to some sources. Preferable off of AiG. Also, about that hell thing: been there, done that. I’ve been through worse then what Satan could do to me.

      • 10bacon says:

        “Of course the Bible is real. Jesus is the Truth. Otherwise his closest friends wouldn’t have been willing to die for Him.”

        Like suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots?

    • Martin Baker says:


  2. Alienfan says:

    This post gives absolutely no proof at all. and what you call “change within a kind” is basically evolution, and when these smaller evolutions stack up over a long period of time, it becomes what is called macroevolution.
    Btw. There is no proof of creationism exept a 2000 year old book.

    • Martin Baker says:

      This post gives all the proof that evolution is not real. You need to read “The fossils say no” by Duane T. Gish, a true scientist.

      • Alienfan says:

        All the proof? So your “proof” is saying IM RIGHT, YOUR’E WRONG!?
        No thanks, I’ll stay with evolution, since it has real proof.

  3. Alienfan says:

    Just noticed only one person voted “no, I am a true christian who is going to heaven”. XD

  4. SHOW YOUR REPENTANCE TO THE VATICAN!!! You both are of Satan! You are spreading lies and tempting others to join your Satanic sect you call ‘True Christianity’. Roman Catholic is the only true branch of Christianity! REPENT NOW OR BURN IN HELL! (The latter is quoting shoutings of Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.) Bible itself says that many shall try to lead others onto the wrong path and spread lies that they are the way to heaven. This is you!!!

    *To make things clear:*
    I was never a Christian and never shall be, but I know you are crazy! Not even within Christianity you aren’t able to agree who’s right. First 1054 and the Orthodoxs, then Martin Luther, and now the modern ‘Satanic’ branches like Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons and others from the American continent. I am glad I reside in Austria, once part of the Holy Roman Empire; I bet you don’t even know where that is without looking on a map. (That’s what home-schooling does to you. Absolutely no general knowledge.) The Holy See has the longest tradition and is most reliable. Everything is kept inside secret Vatican archives, one just has to know where to look and have special privileges, of course, to access them. I don’t like the Second Vatican Council, though. I think it would be interesting to listen to masses in Latin and from the ‘elevated’ pulpit, which is now only for a decoration in baroque, gothic, neoromanesque and other churches that have it. What a waste.
    I am never saying that Christianity is a bad religion. Its concept of do no harm and the Ten Commandments is positive and good, but if your God sends to haven someone who is fanatically faithful and has killed someone, instead of someone who isn’t religious and has good morals, then your God is not worthy of worship! One shouldn’t receive one’s ‘ticket’ to heaven by how religious one is, but by one’s good deeds. (I’m saying this for those who believe in concept of heaven and hell; I, personally, do not, but respect those who do.) And I ask the writers to tell me which Bible they are reading and use for quoting. Please, tell me you use Jehova’s Bible version, so I can laugh. I only accept those officialy approved by popes and the Vatican, because Protestant Bibles has some books missing. I hope you knew that.

    And for the end, I know my comment has nothing to do with this post, but why waste my time on lies I have read a million times. Some people are just stupid and don’t have anything new to say; they just repeat themselves like a broken record.

    Checkmate & farewell!
    (Although I regret it now I used ‘checkmate’, I’m starting to sound like someone who doesn’t have anything better to do than to tell others they will go to hell. Oh, well…)

  5. The Illogical Reaper says:

    Alright. I want evidence that god is real. Proof that it makes an undeniable fact the there is a god, a creator. The bible is automatically disqualified, as it has been discredited MULTIPLE TIMES! Until evidence is presented to me that is worth my time to look at, you cannot prove a god is real. Also, don’t forget to source your arguments, that’s important too!

  6. Evangelists. Why did you leave out “I am a Christian who believes that God controls evolution?”

    • that’s just stupid. The Bible doesn’t say that God created by evolution. You’re deluded by the devil!

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        If there was God, there would be no Devil. Your God is ‘all-powerful’, remember. You still haven’t replied to my eight points from the last post. Are you scared? I hope not.

      • Does the Bible say he DIDN’T? Answer me that. Find the scripture that says God did not create using evolution. Aside from man, which was most definitely NOT created by evolution, I see no evidence that any other creature was not created through such means.

  7. By the way, you did make one good point. I DO NOT believe in Piltdown man.

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