Halloween and the Whores of Babylon

These unchaste women are inspired by Satan!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Halloween is a day inspired by Satan? Every year on October 31st, Satanic heathen scum and moderate “Christians” get together, dress up in ungodly costumes, and knock on each other’s doors asking for candy and poisoning each other’s children. In fact, in Seattle, people are even giving out marijuana-laced candy this year! This is a holiday created for Satan, by Satan, for the benefit of Satan.

Every Halloween, celebrities and college girls alike go out in very immodest clothing trying to find a fun sexual fling for the night….even though adultery and fornication is of the Devil and not of God.  These heathen whores of Babylon are headed straight to Hell, where Satan will torture them for all eternity. Why? Because they embraced their Satanic animalistic urges for the penis instead of their spiritual yearnings for Jesus. Do not let your daughters celebrate Halloween, my brothers and sisters in Christ, lest they burn in Hell.

Kim Kardahasian, Satan’s slut, on Halloween

A common heathen tradition on Halloween is the viewing of the Rocky Horror Satan Show. Each and every Halloween, “Transylvanians” gather together to view homosexual heathenmongerer Tim Curry prance around onscreen with a half-naked Susan Sarandon.  These “Transylvanians” are not truly from Transylvania, but rather worship the cult of Rocky. They throw rice and toast at the screen (wasting food that could be used to feed the poor instead), scream obscenities, engage in a practice called “elbow sex,” and do an ungodly Wicca-inspired dance called the Time Warp, which, incidentally, has much hidden symbolism involving pentagrams. This show is Satanic and must be avoided at all costs! It even glorifies Cannibalism!

Atheists and Darwinists love watching the Rocky Horror Satan Show on Halloween!

Not all servants of Satan view the Rocky Horror Satan Show on Halloween. Other Satanic whores of Babylon go out on Halloween dressed in outfits that glorify the Devil and deny the divinity of God. These heathens replace God with an animalist Darwinist icon of sexuality, thus breaking multiple commandments (thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, and thou shalt not have false gods come to mind immediately). Remember boys and girls, unsaved sinners go straight to hell!

Halloween glorifies Satan and sex!

Halloween is an ungodly “holiday” that glorifies sin and makes a mockery of death. Jesus vanquished death by dying for our sins. However, on Halloween, many heathen sinners go out dressed as “zombies,” which are creatures that have risen from the dead to kill others. They also dress as heathen spirits and vampires! This is sinful stuff!

a heathen “vampire” costume, again glorifying sexuality.

God hates sin! God hates the sinful implications of Halloween! And if you celebrate Halloween, then God hates you! It is time we take back October for Jesus! It is time we take back America for Christ! Satan wants your daughter to dress as a whore of Babylon. Don’t let the Devil win. Keep her in clothes!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!


good parents don’t let their daughters dress like this!

3 thoughts on “Halloween and the Whores of Babylon

  1. 10bacon says:

    The story of Susanna comes to mind here for some reason.

  2. Some people (cough cough CHRISTIANS) don’t celebrate it that way. They don’t dress immodestly, they don’t worship Satan, they don’t give out poison candy, they just celebrate an innoccuous holiday that may have evil origins or customs but are not practiced by te righteous people who celebrate it. The world is not as black and white as you guys make it out to be.
    You might enjoy this, since you think Ghandi is evil.

  3. You guys remind me of this dude.

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