Evilution, the Darwin Delusion!

Greetings True Christians!

Tonight I want to talk to you about Darwin’s damnable doctrine, the false doctrine of evolution! The ideology of evilution is a lie created by Satan himself and placed inside the mind of former Christian Charles Darwin! Did you know that even Charles Darwin knew evilution was just stupid? In his book Origin of the Species, he said that the complex nature of the eye disproves his theory. Don’t believe me? Here’s the quote:

“To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree.”–Charles Darwin, Origin of the Species.

In fact, Charles Darwin was so put off by the lie of evolution that he ultimately repented on his deathbed, admitting that his theory was false. Why then, did Darwin publish a theory of evilution in the first place? Well Charles Darwin was originally a Christian who studied to be a minister, but then he became very angry with God after his daughter died. The doctrine of evilution was a Satan-inspired doctrine published by Darwin in an attempt to deny the existence of God and lead people away from Christ. Of course, in the end, Darwin’s attempt to disprove God failed, but not without leading scores of people straight to the depths of hell and spawning such evil doctrines as communism, atheism, nazism, heathenism, agnosticism, feminism, deism, widespread support for homosexuality and gay marriage, overactive teenage sexual activity, rape, murder, and the wanton killing of the unborn known as abortion! God hates evilution, evilution denies the Bible, and a belief in evilution will lead you straight to Hell!

This is what happens to Darwinists!

Did you know that evilution is so stupid that a five year old can disprove it? Here is a list of facts that absolutely disprove the fool’s theory of Darwinism:

1. Darwinists just love Carbon Dating…but Carbon Dating is so inaccurate that the same object is often given five different dates when dated by five different people! Carbon 14 Dating is based on assumptions, not science! Checkmate, Darwinists!

2. Darwinists believe that random unguided processes and random mutations led us from goo to zoo to you! But has a wind storm ever created a Boing 757 in a junkyard? I think not! That’s the exact kind of magic that Darwinists want us to believe! That’s just stupid. Checkmate, Darwinists!

3. Darwinists believe that man came from monkeys. But if man came from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys around? Checkmate, Darwinists!

4. Darwinists lied to you about the dinosaurs. They want you to believe that the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. But there is proof that dinosaurs and man lived together. That fact automatically disproves Darwinism! Checkmate, Darwinists!

here’s a picture of man hunting dinosaurs. checkmate, Darwinists!

5. The Darwinists believe that their grandparents were fish and their ancestors were rocks. Now that’s just stupid! Was your uncle a monkey? I don’t think so! Checkmate Darwinists!

6. The Bible tells us that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, but the tree of Darwinism has born murder, rape, atheism, Nazism, Stalinism, torture, communism, school shootings, and many other evils. This is not a good tree! Checkmate, Darwinists!

the tree of evolution is an evil tree!

7. Did you know that there is absolutely no proof of an old earth? The “geologic column” is a myth made up by Darwinists to try to prove evolution true! The geologic column doesn’t exist anywhere on Earth except in the Darwinist textbooks! Not only that, but there are thousands of petrified trees across the world, crossing across layers that are supposed to be millions of years old! Have you ever seen a tree standing up for millions of years? Now that’s just stupid folks! Checkmate, Darwinists!

a wonderful disproof of the millions of years lie!

8. Darwinists believe that birds came from crocodiles that came from fish! How come nobody has ever found a crocoduck? Checkmate, Darwinists!

9. Darwinists believe that there must be millions of transitional fossils in order for evolution to be true! However, there has never been a true transitional fossil discovered! Archaeopteryx was a true bird, and Tiktaalik was a true amphibian! The only “transitional fossils” that show any evidence for evolution have been faked by Darwinists. These include Archaeoraptor and Piltdown Man. If evolution were true, then how come the Darwinists have to make up transitional fossils? Checkmate, Darwinists!

10. Darwinists have no evidence for evolution between kinds. They can show wolves evolving into dogs, or birds evolving into other birds, but that’s not really evolution, that’s change within a kind! And guess what, God allowed for that to happen. It is always possible for a Created Kind to change within its kind, but never between kinds. And change within a kind is the only change the fossil record shows! Checkmate, Darwinists!

11. Darwinists believe that there is no God, yet they have a blind faith in random mutation. Darwinists believe that mutations can create an increase in information in the genome, yet NO MUTATION EVER OBSERVED has resulted in an increase in information! They’re lying to you!! Checkmate, Darwinists!

12. Darwinists reject God, yet they believe in a magic spaghetti monster that they claim even molested Jesus! Now that’s just sinful and stupid. Accept the evil spaghetti monster and go straight to Hell! Checkmate, Darwinists!

the evil satanic spaghetti monster!

These are just many of the lies created by the Darwinists! Do not be drawn in by Darwin, Dawkins, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and other agents of Satan! These heathens are going straight to the fires of hell. Do not accept Darwinism, but repent and accept the Truth of the Bible! Jesus died for our sins, but don’t let the evil ungodly Charlie D. and his minions delude you!

The Truth Group is right! Tyson is an agent of the Devil!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, let us reject the lie of evolution and all of its evil ungodly fruits! Let us accept the Truth of the Bible, which tells us that the Earth is young and created by God! It is time to get Darwin out of the textbooks and replace evilution with True Christian Creation Science!  It is time to take back our campuses for Jesus! It is time to take back our classrooms for Christ! Write your senators and representatives and ask them to write legislation challenging the teaching of Darwinism and other false doctrines! Let us do this for Jesus! Together we can return America to it’s Christian foundations!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


Rick Santorum doesn’t believe in Darwin’s delusion! Santorum is a True Christian who accepts Creation! Vote for Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president in 2016!

19 thoughts on “Evilution, the Darwin Delusion!

  1. Larry SFX says:

    actually evolution explains the formation of the eye
    If Darwin had doubts is irrelevant

  2. Larry SFX says:

    and Archaeopterix is the “crocoduck” you’re looking for

  3. 10bacon says:

    Also, there is no way Rick Santorum is going to win an election for president let alone the Republican primary.

  4. Dude, I’ve never even heard of the spaghetti monster. Evolutionists don’t believe in that.
    Also, Darwin’s theory is this: We didn’t come from monkeys. He drew a diagram that said Man Chimp Gor. that misled a lot of people.
    Here is what he DIDN’T reject on his deathbed:
    While God was creating the earth, he made dinosaurs. Maybe they surviced to adam’s day. We don’t know. But a day in God’s time is 1000 years or more in our time. Think: If there was no Earth how could there be a single day to create it in? Simple. God lives in heaven, and heaven’s days last a thousand years in Earth time, because its rotation is slow. One day in the creation would be 1000 years God called it a day, so it’s a day. Seven of these days is ample time for dinosaurs to live and die.
    Age of the Earth: who knows how long Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden? They could have been there a year in God’s time, which is 365000 days give or take on our planet. They could have been there longer or not. That adds a few millennia to the earths age.
    Animals in the garden of eden. Obviously the earth ceased to be a suitible environment for dinosaurs. (side note: mankind was created from the dust of the earth, so it’s not far off to say our ancestors were rocks, given that dust is made of dirt and dirt is the renmant of rocks.) If God wanted birds in the garden of Eden, what would he do? he would create a bird. Out of a dinosaur? Why not? All he’d have to do is make each generation a little different– have smaller teeth until they disappeared, have it grow a beak, grow feathers, change the shape of its feet, etc, until the dino is archyapterix. Tada! Dino bird. keep going and you get a pigeon. and all because a dino has a kid with smaller teeth, who has a kid with smaller teeth and the beginnings of feathers, etc. Thats oversimplifying it a bit but it will do.
    Even humans evolved. We didn’t come from monkeys. thats stupid. But notice how we used to live longer, how our sizes differed over time, skin color, etc. we were still in likeness of God, but it was God’s species, not God himself, because there is only one God and we would all look the same. That means God must have a wife because we would all be males if there were no female Gods.
    Big bang: does God say how the universe was created? no. only the earth. He could have made the universe with the big bang, created heaven and a few other things, then made earth.
    so counter that.

  5. Reid says:

    Have you guys ever considered that maybe, just maybe that God was the father of evolution? Think about it.

  6. BTW, you need to come up with a better term thatn “heathen”. Heathen means someone who doesn’t believe in God. so here are people who are not heathens;
    And don’t argue, they all believe in God, even if you perceive them to worship him incorrectly. So come up with a better term please. Heathen suggests savagery even though that is not the definition. which is why these people will get offended if you call them heathens even though they don’t believe in God:
    Any other pagan religion in existense today
    Thank you! I posted this meme to tick you off.

  7. If you don’t want profanity on this site then EDIT IT OUT! You’re the freaking admin here.

  8. 10bacon says:

    “2. Darwinists believe that random unguided processes and random mutations led us from goo to zoo to you! But has a wind storm ever created a Boing 757 in a junkyard? I think not! That’s the exact kind of magic that Darwinists want us to believe! That’s just stupid. Checkmate, Darwinists!”

    But a talking snake is more believable?

    (P.S. – Stop using the word “Checkmate” as you clearly don’t know how to play Chess.)

    • Amen 10bacon!
      This is pretty much how you always respond to a comment.
      Martin: You will burn in hell you heathen! Instead of defending himself.
      Jim: Amen Martin! Like he has nothing more to add.

      • PS- I’m not sure that the serpent in the Bible was a literal serpent. Maybe the devil took the form of a serpent, but I don’t know. Maybe talking snakes were normal then.
        Also, evolution is not an accident. If God wants to change something, he changes it. That doesn’t mean he’s not satisfied with his work, it’s just how he keeps some species alive.

  9. Who told you mormons practice polygamy? we stopped doing that years ago. we only did it in 1830 because the Lord commanded it, like he did Abraham.

  10. “The arrogance of Man is thinking Nature is in our control, and not the other way around.”

    Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

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