2 thoughts on “The Truth about Michael Jackson!

  1. One of the questions that atheists “can’t answer” is actually answerable with another question, and I don’t have to be an atheist to come up with said question.
    If we evolved from monkeys, why are they still there?
    Answer: If we were created from the dust, why is there still dust?
    Answer: Because God didn’t use all the dust.
    Now, I am not an atheist. I am a Christian unlike yourself. (That is not to say that you are not “Christian”, but my definition of the word is unlike yours.)
    Do I believe in evolution? Yes I do.
    Do I believe the world is millions of years old? Yes I do.
    Do I believe the world was created with a big bang? Yes I do. Reasoning? What if evolution is controlled by God? Then He could have preserved the dinosaurs by slowly making each generation more birdlike. He could have created one monkey out of another. He could have changed the color of a human’s skin.
    What if a day in the Bible meant a day in God’s time? Then a day would be an epoch, seven of which were used to create the world.
    What if God used a big bang to create the earth? Does the Bible say, God did not create the world with a great explosion?
    On the flipside:
    Do I believe we evolved from monkeys? No.
    Do I believe the world is an accident? No.
    Does the Bible say, And God made monkeys, and they knew each other, and their descendants knew each other, that man came forth? No. I find it insulting to believe in that evil corruption on Darwin’s theory, which Darwin himself never intended.
    Does the Bible say, and God was, and a world came from nothing, and He knew not the cause of it? No. We were definitely not an accident. Think of our intelligence. Maybe through the will of God that is possible in a nonhuman species. But we are intelligent for a reason. By the way, where in the scriptures is it written, extraterrestrials are the demons of Satan? Nowhere. No idea where you get that from.

  2. Could you do an article on Minecraft? And please leave out that nonsense about a creeper being a green —–. That is dumber than R2 and 3PO being gay. But please give your opinion, because I find it funnier when you attack things I support. Or maybe you will find it to be wholesome. I hope so. I will reblog it if you praise it. But it won’t be as funny.

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