Repent Malaysia!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that  God is punishing Malaysia still for their tolerance of prostitution, homosexuality, and heathenism? The first time God took down a Malaysian airline plane, the world watched in horror. The plane still hasn’t been found and probably never will be. God has sent the plane to the bottom of the ocean as a way to punish the sinners in Malaysia. The Malaysians did not listen, and now God has allowed a second Malaysian airlines plane to crash.

How many times do I have to warn you, Malaysia, that you  have invited the wrath of God? How many more Malaysians must die before you repent? How many more examples does God have to make before you reject sin and embrace Jesus? I suggest that we all join in prayer, a prayer for Malaysian repentance. It is only by rejecting sin and heathen beliefs and by embracing Jesus that Malaysia will escape further destruction. 

Don’t cry for the families of the “victims” either. They need this example so that they might be brought closer to Jesus the Christ. If their family members died as Christians, they are in heaven as we speak. If they did not, then they’re burning in Hell. It is a choice that they made in this life that will have profound effects on them in the next.  Let the families take the deaths of their loved ones as a reminder that life is fleeting and that we need Jesus NOW!

While the loss of lives is a tragedy, perhaps this is the example that Malaysia needs to finally break their dependence on heathen beliefs and lead them closer to Jesus. Let us lead Malaysia away from heathen ungodly beliefs! Let us take back Malaysia for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.


Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016.

5 thoughts on “Repent Malaysia!

  1. Lj26 says:

    I am sure the small children on that plane deserved this right? Because they are sinners?… You are two very sick and very brain washed individuals to say and think these things. You have just made Christians look like Evil Extreme terrorists. I am sure your god is ashamed of you for speaking these disgusting words.

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