God Bless Bozeman, Montana!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I would like to praise the True Christian organization Montana Origins Research Effort, located in Bozeman, Montana.  This wonderful group was founded by Perry Fishbaugh, Esther Fishbaugh, Paul trey, Robert Armstrong, Mark Amunrund, and Michael Oard in 2007, and funds a large Young Earth Creationist conference in Bozeman, MT, nearly every year!

Dr. Michael Oard is an extremely intelligent scientist, and is an expert on Ice Ages. Oard and the others have done wonderful work challenging the Dogma of Darwinism in the backyard of the ungodly Jack Horner! Horner is a heathen scientist who believes in millions of years, preaches evolution, was a consultant in the ungodly Jurassic Park movies, and married a 19 year old in Vegas just to sleep with her! Dr. Oard and the members of MORE are doing wonderful Christian work in Bozeman.


MORE isn’t the only True Christian group in Bozeman though!  The MSU Truth Group for Objectivity in Origins Science is also based in Bozeman! The Truth Group is a group of True Christian students who, unlike Campus Crusade, put all their resources into proselytizing and spreading the Truth of Christ.  While members of Campus Crusade are busy holding dances and pizza parties, the members of the Truth Group are spending their own cash to spread the True word of Jesus and the truth about the evils of science.

The Truth Group has been mocked by atheists across the internet, but some of their posters have become fairly famous. Take this one for example, entitled Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Agent of Satan:

God bless the Truth Group for doing the Lord’s work! Together with MORE, may they smash the foundations of Darwinism and bring the evolutionists crawling back to Jesus. Evolution is a lie, and the members of MORE and the Truth Group just won’t stand for it!

Let us pray for the True Christians of Bozeman, Montana, both the members of MORE and the MSU Truth Group! May they take back America for Jesus! May they take back all campuses for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim and Martin


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