Satanic books that you must avoid!

Did you know that Satan is using children’s books to steal your children from Jesus? Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Dr. Seus, and many other popular children’s books are tools of the devil. Don’t just take my word for it! I’ll prove it to you! We will look at these ungodly children’s books and explain why they are designed to steal the souls of your children. Here they are:

Curious George
Curious George is one of the Devil’s FAVORITE children’s series! First, Curious George celebrates the evil ungodly atheist theory of evilution! George is a monkey that lives with a man! The “Man in the yellow hat” is the only name that we are given for this man, who talks with George the evil monkey. The man in the yellow hat is a Darwinist that works at a museum with ungodly displays of dinosaurs. The book series teaches the false “millions of years” ideology of the Darwinists. The series also glorifies bestiality by showing George and the man in the yellow hat sharing a bed. George never goes to Church in the series, he only goes to unchristian places. This is sinful stuff!

The Curious George series is a wolf in sheeps clothing designed to indoctrinate your children in the false religion of Darwinism from a young age. Good parents don’t let their sons and daughters become Darwinists! Keep your children away from this ungodly Satanic series! They’re indoctrinating your children with evolution by showing an extremely anthropomophic monkey doing very human things with a very ungodly man! Keep your children far away!

Winnie the Pooh and Satan too!

Did you know that the Winnie the Pooh books are a direct attempt by Satan worshipers to get your children to join their ungodly flock?  That’s right boys and girls. Not only do we have little stuffed animals coming to life in a manner reminiscent to voodoo and black magic, but there are many Satanic themes in Winnie the Pooh!  The character Piglet is, in fact, a representation of Satan. Not only does Piglet represent pork, an “unclean meat” in Biblical terms, but Piglet also, like Satan has cloven feet. Not only that, but he also is red, the color of evil.

The character “Rabbit” is a reference to the Pagan worship of hares. They believed that the souls of deceased children could, in fact, be turned into hares. These hares would play in the fields all day and talk. Rabbit talks, just like one of these pagan hares, and nobody seems disturbed at all. Christopher Robin, the only human in the books, even talks with these animals! That’s smutty, sinful stuff!

Perhaps most frightening is the cartoon of Winnie the Pooh actually worshiping the devil. This was an attempt by the authors of the series to lure our children into worshiping Satan. Here’s the video. Do not watch this around young children.

Where the Wild Things Are

This book is purely Satanic. Not only does the boy in the book run away from his home and disobey his mother, an affront to the 4th commandment to Honor thy mother and father, but he also goes to an island filled with demons.  On this island, he becomes a demon king, and leader of the demons. Then they give him a boat and send him back home. This is a representation of a Satanic black magic ceremony set up just for our children.  Alone in his room, the child summons these creatures and is guided by them. This reeks of old-school, goethic satanic ceremonies and may have been written as a way to expose our children to it. Note how the “wild things” look a lot like representations of goethic demons:


This is Satanic stuff, and should be avoided at all costs! If your child brings home this ungodly book, BURN IT!

Harry Potter

Witchcraft, wizardry, Satanism, magic, and more! I shouldn’t even have to discuss these ungodly works in this post, but they are worth noting. They score a -666 out of 100 on our scale of Christian friendliness for children’s books. These books WILL lead your child to become a World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons playing, pentagram wearing, evil child of Satan. Keep your child far away from these books, as well as the ungodly Lord of the Rings series! They should all be destroyed!

The Water Babies

I throw this one in since I would be remiss not to discuss it. The Water Babies is a Darwinist propoganda book specifically designed to lead our children to believe in evolution. It was written by a fan of Darwinists and all the characters are based on defenders of Darwin from the 1800s. This is as sinful as they come, and all copies should be burned. If your child ever brings one of these home, destroy it immediately. This action will help save your child’s very soul.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the worst book on our entire list! First, it teaches our children to run away from home so that they never have to grow up! Then it suggests that they can live in some sort of ungodly imagination-land where they never have to work and can exist in constant rebellion. This is ungodly stuff, and also stands against the 4th commandment to honor one’s parents.

Peter Pan also celebrates pagan beliefs through the use of primitive Native American peoples. These people were ungodly when they held land in the Americas, and God allowed the Christians to conquer them for a reason. They are led by Satan and can only lead you to Satan. Any book that celebrates them must be avoided at all costs.

Peter Pan also has representations of fairies. The particular one in this book, Tinkerhell, is a particularly smutty one. She dresses in skimpy clothing and gets jealous when Peter Pan talks with girls. This implies that Peter Pan and Tinkerhell are in a pseudosexual relationship, implying that it is natural for men to have sexual relationships with fairies. This representation is derived from a Druidic belief in nymphs and dryads.  This is ungodly stuff!


Dear readers, these are some of the dangers of the secular media. Please keep your children away from these ungodly heathen books. It will save their souls from eternal damnation. God did not intend for your children to believe in this smut. Instead, God intended for your children to believe in and worship Him.  If you are looking for some books for your child, here is a good place to begin.

It is time to destroy the ungodly grip on children’s literature. Let us take a stand against Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, and all ungodly children’s books! Let us take back our children’s libraries for Jesus! Destroy these evil books and replace them with Bibles. Let us take back the bookshelf for Jesus! Let us take back our children for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


3 thoughts on “Satanic books that you must avoid!

  1. I grew up with that Whinnie the Pooh clip posted…I can assure you, he was NOT worshipping Satan. That is called a PARODY video–you fell for that “hook, line, and sinker” as we Amercans say!

    • Yeah, someone else made that. also, a day in God’s time isn’t a day in ours. It’s years long. So the millions of years ideology is true.the world was created in seven Godly days, meaning about two million years.

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