Halloween is Ungodly

Dear Christians,

Do you know that Halloween is a very, very ungodly holiday that comes from Hell? That’s right, heathens! Halloween is a time of worshiping evil, evolution, homosexuality, adultery, witchcraft, satanism, and it is a time when Satan is invited into our lives. Think that your children are safe in deluded churches that endorse this heathen holiday? Well, think again! God is being mocked and he despises the celebration of this pagan filth in his sacred temples of worship, in our schools, and in the neighborhoods. It is time for us to remind our children why they were baptized and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ; not the blood of sacrificed offerings for the Devil to get candy.


Jack o'lanterns are of the Devil.

Jack o’lanterns are of the Devil.

The unholy holiday traces its beginnings in the British Isles during a time of occupation by barbaric pagans called the “Druids.” This unholy civilization embraced demons, sorcery, witchcraft and they were intolerant of God’s loved people, the Christians. They celebrated a night of terror called “Samhain.” During their unholy celebration that coincides with October 31, they were clad in evil dark cloaks and they raided Christian villages by trying to steal their food and money. But if this didn’t work, the children were abducted and sacrificed to the false gods of the Druids. In exchange for the children, the disgusting Druids gave Christian families a pumpkin with a carved demonic face, known today as a Jack-o-lantern and a sign of Satan’s presence.


Modern day druids?

Modern day druids?

Although this practice was put to end when the goodly Christians did the right thing by stoning and burning these heathens, Satan’s presence continues to this day when Halloween is celebrated. Witches, pagans, and satanic atheists continue to celebrate this day as “Satan’s Birthday” while more reports of children dying from poisoned candy continue to rise (Perhaps from the legions of God-hating atheists doing whatever they want as if God doesn’t exist). Godless universities have Pagan related festivals where college students participate in watching the heathen movie, The Rocky Horror Satan Show. In addition, lots of animals are also sacrificed by these perverted heathens. Satan is satisfyingly pleasured when those hideous and beady eyes of his see our our children dressed as witches, demons, ghosts, or Harry Potter. Because of this, God is offended when he sees his children dressed in such demonic fashion to get candy, but he will not remain mocked.

Halloween allows kids to be dressed in satanic fashion.

Halloween allows kids to be dressed in satanic fashion.

Demonic costumes glorifying adultery that Satan loves to see.

Demonic costumes glorifying adultery that Satan loves to see.

Halloween allows homosexuals to deface God and his angels.

Halloween allows homosexuals to deface God and his angels.

Did you also know that Halloween glorifies evolution? That’s right! That deluded myth representing sinfulness was known to have come from Satan, as reported in Kent Hovind’s Doctoral Dissertation (Which you can easily find with a Google search if your godly Christian Bookstore doesn’t sell copies of it). Just look at how the ungodly themes of the Darwinistic cult are marketed to our children and our dogs! It’s obvious these secular companies making the costumes are selling evolution at a price the Devil would only have dreamed of! So far what we have learned, as proven in these pictures, Halloween is a celebration for Satan’s favorite myth, evilution!

What the evilutionists like to see on Halloween!

What the evilutionists like to see on Halloween!


The animal costumes are a hidden agenda by the Darwinists to promote evolution.

The animal costumes are a hidden agenda by the Darwinists to promote evolution.



Today, As Christians, we are living in the Dark Times as  many people allow themselves  to become influenced by Satan to do his dirty work. We see proof to this day as evolution remains unchallenged in our schools, that there is not a single song glorifying God on Halloween, that The Ten Commandments are being removed from the God-given courtrooms, that drugs and gay marriage are becoming legal in America, and so on. Thankfully, we have the beacons of light known as the “Hell Houses”, and they do their job by saving many lost sheep to Jesus and away from Satan’s grasp. The Hell Houses warn the unsaved about gay marriage, abortion, evolution, homosexuality, pornography, rock n roll, drugs, John Lennon, socialism, Obama, and other sins the Devil wants us to indulge in. It’s time for us to stand up for America and say Satan is no longer welcome. All True Christians must unite, and we shall fight Satan and his demons from claiming many souls for Hell. Let’s join together in the good fight and cut down the Evil Tree that produces these bad fruits.


Hell Houses are a way to save peoples' souls from following heathenism ways.

Hell Houses are a way to save peoples’ souls from following heathenism ways.

By the way, tell your children they only have one choice for two holidays: Christmas or Halloween. Let them know that accepting Jesus is the real treat and the reason for Christmas.

Yours in Christ,
Martin Baker

7 thoughts on “Halloween is Ungodly

  1. Larry says:

    All Hallows’ Eve
    enough said

    • Anon User says:

      I am going to start a blog about these guys and how crazy they are. If anyone is interested in helping, contact me: jambo2001@outlook.com

    • Martin Baker says:

      You’re going to Hell for summoning Satan and his demons. Repent and become Born Again before it is too late.

      • jambo2001 says:

        He actually never summoned Satan. And Halloween is just a thing for kids. Seriously man, you are scaring and disgusting people. Preach the word of God in a more respecting and respectable way and people will enjoy reading the word of God.

  2. Words of the LORD:
    “Everything that circulates around this evil day glorifies MY enemy.”
    (Words Received from Our LORD by Susan Davis, September 6, 2013)
    This is a letter for MY children. These days are dark and MY children have turned against their GOD. They are rabble-rousers. They want to cause ME trouble and make trouble. I am sullen at the darkness all around. The darkness closes in all over the earth. MY children embrace evil like it is a dearly beloved baby blanket. They are running to and fro to grasp evil. There is so much evil on earth that the people are completely dumbed-down to what they are doing and how they have come to be so far from their GOD.

    I want to address this matter of the dark holiday approaching. It is a day that is meant to glorify MY enemy. Everything that circulates around this evil day glorifies MY enemy. It puts him at the center of the hearts of MY children, who, I, GOD, created. Their focus is on him and the love of his ways. I am so sickened of this I could puke. MY children have slipped so far from ME. They cannot see the dark tunnel they are digging for themselves. They are taking shovels and digging themselves a gateway to hell and MY enemy is standing by assisting them.

    Children, you must awaken to this Truth. Stop embracing this evil, let go of and quit handling this evil. Each day that you focus on MY enemy, you are one day closer to hell. MY coming is nigh, and although I know the day and the hour, you must prepare because of this day you know not. I will come as a thief in the night and only those prepared will be coming with ME. All those left behind will then live with this evil tyrant in full force. This day approaches: be not weary of preparing for MY coming. Only those who are ready are going with ME.

    This is your LORD GOD

    Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Weaning-Christians-Off-Halloween/604312249611699. By Susan Davis.

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    Halloween is the Devil’s holiday!

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