Evolution is the Devil’s favorite myth!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that evolution is a lie created by Satan to lead True Christian youth away from the Truth of the Bible and into the depths of Hell? That’s right boys and girls! Satan gave the doctrine of evolution to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. What is the doctrine of evolution? The doctrine of evolution is the false faith that God did not create the universe, but rather that man is equal to God and created God. This is pure rubbish, but is at the core of the evilution myth. Evolution is exactly what Satan wants you to believe! Evolution is a lie, and Satan loves this lie because it leads people away form God! Let’s look at some icons of evolution, and use them to prove that evolution fails. I use the term “icons of evolution” as a tribute to Jonathan Wells, brilliant Christian scientist and soldier for Jesus. While many of my “icons” are different, the mission is the same. We will defeat Darwinism by explaining the truth!

First icon, vestigial organs. The Darwinists want you to believe that the appendix somehow proves evolution happened. They claim that the appendix is a “vestigial” organ left over from an ancestral state. That’s just stupid folks. The appendix couldn’t have been created by evolution! What survival function does it serve? When it gets infected, it kills humans, but that’s about it. Know what the appendix is? The appendix is a creation of God intended to inflict pain upon sinners! Why? Because when Adam and Eve ate of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, they chose to suffer and to allow death to enter the world. The Bible cursed men with toil in the fields and women with painful childbirth. Appendicitis is a continuation of this Biblical and Godly punishment reaped upon man.

snake with leg bones, probably preserved as a result of the Flood

The vestigial organs don’t stop there though folks! The Darwinists want you to believe that leg bones in snakes prove evolution. That’s just stupid. Remember what happened to the serpent in Genesis? God cursed the serpent to crawl on its belly for the rest of history. These leg bones are exactly what one would expect to find if the Genesis account of serpents were true. Checkmate Darwinists! What good would no legs do a land animal? Nothing! In fact, losing one’s legs would be a survival hindrance! What good is half a leg anyway? These poor half-limbed serpents would die immediately. There is no way that Darwinian theory could account for the existence of these organisms. Nope boys and girls, that’s just stupid.

These aren’t whales. These are members of another created kind.

Second Icon. Whale “evolution”. The Darwinists want you to believe that whales evolved from four-limbed land-dwelling animals. That’s just stupid. They want you to believe that fish evolved into amphibians, that evolved to crawl onto land, that evolved into reptiles to stay on land, that finally evolved into mammals to thrive on land. Why would they head back into the oceans? Evolution cannot explain this! In fact, the Darwinists have never provided and will never provide a true transitional form between land animal and whale. All so-called transitional fossils are within kinds rather than between kinds. They are either 100% whale or 100% land mammal! The Darwinists can’t find any true transitional fossils, so they use cartoons instead.

Cartoons, not real fossils! They’re blinding you with NOT science!

Third Icon. Transitional fossils everywhere. Why? Because there are no true transitional fossils anywhere. The ONLY transitional fossils ever found are 100% one Created Kind. There are no transitional fossils showing transitions between kinds. Creation theory accepts change within a kind, and predicts that change between kinds will never occur. This is exactly what we see. Let’s look at all the so-called transitional fossils and where they fit:

Archaeopteryx, Hesperornis, and Icthyornis. 100% Bird, from the bird kind!

archaeopteryx, 100% bird!

Icthyornis! 100% bird!

Hesperornis! 100% bird!

No evolution for macroevolution here! Let’s look at other so-called transitional forms!

Icthyostega was 100% amphibian! Tiktaalik was 100% amphibian too! These amphibian “evidences for evolution” just aren’t true! There’s no evidence for evolution from goo to zoo to you!

Icthyostega, 100% amphibian!

Tiktaalik, 100% amphibian!

Piltdown man was 100% fake! The Darwinists want you to believe that it proves evolution, but in reality, it was a fraud. This was even admitted by deceased (and burning in Hell) Darwinist Steven J. Gould! The Darwinists have to lie to find support for their silly theories. That’s not scientific! That’s Satanic!

Stephen Jay Gould lied for Satan. Now he’s burning with him!

One last icon, genetic similarities. Well now boys and girls, that’s just STUPID! If you were programming computers, would you delete everything and start from scratch every time you made a new one? NO! You’d use the design you already made to continue. That’s not evolution, that’s intelligent design. Let me ask you another question. Have you ever seen a watch without a maker? NO! Have you ever seen a car without a maker? NO! Have you ever seen a B52 spontaneously arrange itself out of a junkyard? Of course not!

This is exactly what the Darwinists claim happened to evolve DNA! Apparently the DNA arranged itself magically out of pond scum and star dust to make us. That takes more faith to accept than the fact that God created us in His image. Evolution is a lie folks, the Darwinian emperor has no clothes. It is time to reject the myth of Darwin in favor of the truth of God as given in the Bible.

Repent Darwinists, or burn in Hell!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum supports teaching the truth about Creation, and you should too! Vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

23 thoughts on “Evolution is the Devil’s favorite myth!

  1. Jason Steele says:

    What about the other vestigial organs? Are they there for God to hurt sinners too? Maybe with wisdom teeth, but how does he hurt them through tailbones? Or the useless muscles in the eye that biologists say was from when our ancestors had nictitating membranes? What about the leg bones that can be found in currently living whales, dolphins, and other oceanic mammals?

    • those were allowed by God to test the faith of heathen scum like you!

      • Jason Steele says:

        So God intentionally deceives us by making fake evidence and then burns us in hell for falling for his tricks, and this guy is said to be moral?

    • the salt of the earth says:

      Dear Jason,

      Any fallen angel can create useless organs and put useless fossils (they don’t even live!) in the ground, but it takes an omnipotent being to create USEFUL organs and write a Book about it. The Satan never wrote a Book! I can’t believe how thickheaded some people can be!

      • Martin Baker says:

        Amen. Only all powerful God creates perfect things, but an imperfect fallen angel, Satan, creates imperfections that lead us to him!

      • Jason Steele says:

        Name calling isn’t necessary, I’m just trying to find answers since I apparently have an immensely powerful being trying to deceive me, and another even more powerful being (the only one who could stop the first) allowing it to happen, and I’m just a little ol’ human. If only I had a powerful being on my side to actually help me find the truth, then it wouldn’t be such a grossly uneven match.

  2. Eddie says:

    This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. You really should be ashamed of yourself. Go and get a hobby.

  3. Aesop says:

    What if satan sent you here to deceive me from knowing the truth about my evolved origin?

  4. I just happened to bump onto your wordpress. You really seem like an ignorant and uneducated loon using religion as an excuse to go on a verbal tirade against evolution, the media and the entertainment industry.Are you serious with all this nonsense. My best guess is that you are a troll.

  5. YAHWEH says:

    Come up with better arguments or you’ll burn in hell

  6. Did you even go to school?

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