Justin Bieber, Agent of Satan.

Did you know that Justin Bieber is another heathen that is working for Satan? That’s right boys and girls, Bieber, just like the AntiChrist, is spreading the word of the Devil in his many forms to corrupt the youth. Like previous musician sinner, Michale Jackson, https://creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/michael-jackson-in-hell/, Justin Bieber has his own wealth, refuses to feed the needy, loves a life lavished only in drugs and money, and produces music that endorses Satan.

Proof that Bieber worships the Devil by looking at his hand gestures.

Proof that Bieber worships the Devil by looking at his hand gestures.

By no means is Justin Bieber a Christian. Another sinful entry into the Rock-N-Roll genre that glorifies Hell, Bieber pledges his allegiance to Satan by creating the hand symbol known as “devil horns”. Did you know that its origins were started from a Satanic musician by the name of Ronny Dio? Dio continuously worshiped Satan all his life, and recently passed away. He is now in Hell with many other Satanic rockers like John Lennon and Frank Zappa, wishing now that he never died unsaved.

It is also rumored that Bieber is engaging in homosexual acts with the singers of One Direction and the half man, half woman freak Lady Gaga. His song “Oh baby, baby, baby” confirms his perverted homosexual activities. It is also possible that he engaged in rampant homosexual acts with Michael Jackson. His other music wants middle and high school girls to give up their career goals and become Whores of Babylon. In the meantime, Bieber greedily lives off his earnings from the record sales and uses them to buy drugs and to support his wealth. While living in sin, Bieber continues to be a rebellious youth that enjoys making headlines in the news for being caught intoxicated in public.

This is one of the guys from One Direction that Bieber engages in homosexual acts with.

This is one of the guys from One Direction that Bieber engages in homosexual acts with.

Even worse, Bieber has never thanked God for giving him his talent. Why does he refuse to publicly thank God for the talent he was given? I’ve seen True Christians like Tim Tebow thank the Lord for their talent, but Bieber has never done this. Instead, he wants to use his talent for more wealth, money, fame, and drugs, which is an offense to God.

It is up to Justin Bieber to either turn or burn. It’s his choice. Heaven is an afterlife party that doesn’t accommodate everybody on Earth; unsaved are unwelcome from entering the gates of Paradise. Will Bieber one day open his eyes and get to know God, or will he be destined to eternal torment with Satan shoving pitchforks on his happy, God-given behind? Will this lost sheep allow Jesus to embrace him back to his flock, or will he share the same fate with the other sinners like the evilutionists, the adulterers, atheists, muslims, gays, whores, the ACLU, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other False Christians, and other sinners? Jesus died for our sins 2,000 years ago and it is time for us to take a stand for him. Remember that buying a ticket to see one of his concerts is a ticket to HELL.

Martin Baker

2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber, Agent of Satan.

  1. Guillermoe says:

    You are really sick.. Justin Bieber sucks, but your head is a total mess..

  2. Franco says:

    Lol, Miley Cyrus is a one Direction Guy, hahahaha you’re right she looks like that, can you do a post all about Miley???

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