Jurassic Park: The Devil’s vote for evolution!

This is a movie that is trying to brainwash our children and the public into Darwinism. We must also pray that a fourth installment of this rubbish never becomes made.

Martin Baker


Jurassic Park is an unholy abomination, from a perverted film making Jew, that is an offense to Truthful Christians and advocates evolution to brainwash the public and kids in the Sunday School classrooms. The film was praised by secular film critics, such as Roger Ebert, who were former screenwriters for the porn industry.

To start off, Steven Spielberg throws in scenes of a female botanist, played by Laura Dern, that exposes lots of cleavage and wears high shorts throughout the entire film. She is a reference to the pornography trash. Sam Neil plays a paleontologist who acts as a disciple of Darwin, tries to convince the audience that the birds magically evolved from dinosaurs, and wants the audience to believe in evolution (So how can a large Brontosaurus that we see many times in the film start flapping its legs and take off in the air?) He also wants us…

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