God Hates South Korea!

behold the wrath of God!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that a South Korean ferry recently sank, killing many onboard? Many will call it an unfortunate accident, but in reality, the sinking of the ferry was an act of God to punish the South Koreans. Why? Because South Korean is a heathen nation that God hates!

Did you know that South Koreans eat dogs and worship trees? They tolerate Buddhism and Hinduism but reject the Truth of Christianity. They rejected Jesus, and so Jesus has smited them by sinking their ferry. Just like God punished the Philippines with a typhoon and Malaysia with a plane crash, God is now punishing South Korea! If the South Koreans would just embrace Jesus Christ and reject their stupid fake nature-religions, God wouldn’t have sunk their ferry! God punishes us to humble us and break us. Be humbled and embrace Jesus South Korea, and your troubles will end.

Repent and embrace Jesus South Korea, or God will punish you further. There were only 325 students on that boat. If you fail to embrace Jesus, maybe next time God will destroy your schools. God is making you suffer because you rejected Jesus Christ, the Savior who died for our sins.

I have prayed, and the Holy Spirit has told me that those who were onboard that have perished or will perish is meant as a lesson to South Korea. God is doing this because God wants you to return to Him, but you have hardened your hearts against God. The only way God can bring you back is by bringing you to your knees. All you need do is embrace Jesus the Christ and you can escape punishment in the future.

We will be praying for you.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

8 thoughts on “God Hates South Korea!

  1. N. Simpson says:

    Perhaps you are unaware but Korea is about 20% Protestant, and over 30% Christian if we include Roman Catholic, and is the number 2 missions sending country in the world. Before you accuse a country of being godless, perhaps you had better consider doing some research.

  2. jasonedwin23 says:

    I believe that everything done is a act of God weather it be good or bad.
    Evil things that happen may happen yes cause they reject Jesus Christ and the Lord allows Satan to do as he wishes.
    We can’t be protected without the Lord.

    Jesus Christ and the Lord loves all but will not push his way into people believing.

  3. Chloye says:

    Father, thank you for sending someone who speaks your word
    Understanding what is truly in the bible gives us wisdom.
    Can’t praise the lord enough for giving south korea a chance to repent.
    Knowing christ is the only way for them to repent..
    Your post and your words are right.
    Only by christ will they be free
    Universally, everybody has to know this!

  4. Paul Greene says:

    I pity you truly. You know nothing and are so arrogant in your ignorance. I have lived in South Korea for 3 years and a kinder, more gentle people you have never met. To spew such vile hate makes you a sad little man on par with the Phelps family. Congratulations, it takes a special kind of person to each those depths.

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