California, Repent!

Greetings True Christians!

Last night, California was hit by a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. California gets hit by more major earthquakes than any other state in America. True story.  Why is this so?  The answer is simple. God is angry at California.

Look at some of the evil things that California hath wrought. California is responsible for gay marriage, Hollywood, legalized marijuana, and the presence of illegal aliens in America. In fact, California doesn’t expel them from America….California EDUCATES them! For free! Not only that, but California also houses the ungodly Darwinist dogma police the National Center for Science misEducation. This is why America is on the decline. Ungodly states like California are leading us straight into an economic and political collapse if we allow them to.

God is angry with California, my brothers and sisters in Christ. They must repent. Let us pray for them:

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that You might continue to smite California with earthquakes and mudslides and natural disasters until their sinful arrogant pride is crushed and until they repent.  Destroy the ungodly NCSE. Make them reject marijuana and gay marriage. Lead Hollywood to repent. Crush the Californians until they change their sinful ways so that Your holy wrath might act as a warning to those who might enter into sin with Satan. For the Good Book tells us that vengeance is the Lord’s, and that the Lord shall smite His enemies.  This we pray, in the name of Jesus the Christ.  Amen.

From your friends, 

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

4 thoughts on “California, Repent!

  1. Martin Baker says:


  2. Larry says:

    illegal aliens?
    you can’t be serious

  3. maybe california gets hit by the most earthquakes out of any state because it sits on a fault line? just a suggestion.

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