A Prayer for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Greetings Christians,

It appears that a plane from Malaysia has been missing. Join me in prayer that the passengers are safe and that they are lead to the light of Christ. Dear Heavenly Father, we ask that you will guide these people to your son who promised everlasting life if they believe in him. Please forgive them of their trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Help them get to know your son so that they can be free from Satan’s False Religion also known as Islam.


Please let it be known of your presence to the sinner country Malaysia so that Christianity will once again cleanse the world of this satanic filth. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Martin Baker

P.S., we want to make sure Malaysia doesn’t share the same fate as Michael Jackson.


12 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

  1. Varinthius says:

    I’m a Muslim, lived in Malaysia and what your words and comments are very prejudice, discrimination, bigotry and intolerance…if you WERE in that plane’s situation in your country, would you blamed God if you’re a true Christian?…please respect others and don’t be judgmental

    From a very unpleasant Muslim

    Peace be upon you.

  2. Satan says:

    I love your blog,..

    Cheers from hell


  3. abtlil says:

    martin baker,
    before you write and proclaim “satan” here and “sinner” there in malaysia, know that there are also many christians in malaysia who love God and who love Malaysia and all its people irrespective of race and religions. the christians in malaysia are constantly praying for this country and know that God loves this country of malaysia. the plane may also have many christians. as christians, one should practise DISCERNMENT before uttering or writing

  4. Someone says:

    Martin baker you are just as stupid as that solouki fuck. There are only 39 Malaysians in that plane and you think none of the other passengers are Christians?

    • Martin is a True Christian. You are not.

      Shame on you heathen.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

      • Someone says:

        Who gives a shit? I’m glad I’m not one of you. The world is never going to be a peaceful place with the existence of people like you

      • Franco says:

        No, a true Christian can’t be as stupid as your husband Martin.

    • Someone says:

      Hey baker and solouki, like I said in your other blogs, do you know there are only 39 Malaysians in that plane? And what ensure you there’s no Christian in that plane? Stop using ‘amen’ as answers.

  5. Amen Martin. Let us pray for the heathens.


  6. […] Update: The plane has officially crashed. Please join us in prayer. […]

  7. Jessica says:

    Let me start by saying I am a Christian born and bred in MALAYSIA. As much as I believe in God and disagree with Muslims when it comes to religion, I still respect and love my fellow Malaysians despite race or religion. I find myself repulsed at the fact that you can go about condemning and cursing the entire country of Malaysia just because they don’t believe in the same God as you. Mind you there are A LOT of Malaysians who are NOT Muslims. Know your stuff before you preach falsely alright! Christianity teaches us to love our neighbours. SHAME ON YOU FOR MAKING US CHRISTIANS LOOK BAD.

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