Palestinians are Satan’s special helpers!

Yasser Arafat doesn’t want you to know the truth about Palestine!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates Arab Palestinians? That’s right boys and girls. These Muslim terrorists are occupying the Holy Land and keeping our sacred spaces away from us. In fact, the Dome of the Rock is the only thing in the world keeping Jesus from returning! You see? Jesus will not return until the Temple is rebuilt, and the Dome of the Rock is in its way as we speak. Why? Because the Muslims don’t want Jesus to come back and send them all to Hell!

typical Palestinian soldiers

How do the Palestinians defend their land in Israel? They use innocent children to kill Jews. While Hitler was honorable enough to send grown men to exterminate Jewish people, the Palestinians are content to send impressionable young children. This is ungodly, and is something only a Muslim or a Satanist would ever do. The Palestinians don’t care about their children. They only care about one thing, stealing Israeli land. The Israelites are one of God’s chosen populations, and the Palestinians are terrified of them. God is going to smite the Palestinians. Mark my words.

In fact, God has already begun to smite the heathens! First, God allowed the Israelites to force the Palestinian scum into refugee camps. Then, the Israelites defeated Egypt, the Palestinians, and other heathen Muslims in war. Now, much like God did to the Egyptians, God is killing Palestinian children. God has forced the Palestinians off of much of their land. God is punishing the Palestinians with many plagues, and these plagues will continue until Palestine gives up possession of the Dome of the Rock!

Many Palestinians live in a concentrated, centralized camp system that keeps them safely away from Jewish settlements.

God’s hand at work. Some Muslim heathens who are now in Hell

God destroyed this Palestinian village!

The Palestinians are not only ungodly enemies of Christianity and Israel, but they are also terrorists! Did you know that the Palestinians are members of a terrorist group called Hamas? Maybe they chose that name to scare the Jews in Israel since Jews are afraid to eat pork. But Hamas is bad news. In fact, they are allied with Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein’s Baath party in Iraq, and probably planned parenthood and Barack Hussein Obama! In fact, did you know that Barack Obama found himself allied with these evil, evil groups while visiting Somalia? Proof below:

Barack Obama. This man is no American.

Note the similarity between the headgear worn by Barack Hussein Obama and the headgear worn by this guy:

Osama bin Laden looks just like Obama. coincidence?

Isn’t it funny how the Muslim Obama looks almost like Osama? In fact, their names are only one letter apart. Not only that, both have set out to destroy America. Under the Obama presidency, we saw bin Laden “killed” by the US Military, only to find out that no photographs of his body were released and that no proof of his death is anywhere to be found. Wake up sheeple. Obama and Osama are the same person, and God will punish this person in Hell. No wonder Obama is making secret deals with the Palestinians to give them a state in Israel. Obama/Osama hates Israel and America! Want proof that Obama and Osama are one in the same? Here we go:

name, nose, and eyebrows. It’s the same guy.

same wave! And note the same eyebrows, same nose, same eyes, and same lines around nose.

look again at the eyes. Same guy.

Oh! And when did Obama begin his career as a politician in America? After bin Laden went into hiding after the September 11th attacks on America. Checkmate Demoncrats. There’s a reason Obama doesn’t have an American birth certificate! Obama is bin Laden!

But I digress. Back to why God hates Palestine. The Palestinians, much like Obama, are Muslims. Muslims are all going to Hell since they worship Muhammad and reject the divinity of Christ. The Muslims hate Israel, even though God loves Israel. Unlike other American presidents, Barack Obama has been extremely weak in his support for Israel, and strong in his support for a Palestinian state. Obama has also downsized the US Military so that we can no longer defend Israel from Israeli attack. The Palestinians are going to make a move to try to destroy Israel, and Obama is allied with them. Why? Because the truth is clear. Barack Obama bin Laden is the antichrist.

Obama’s Satanic master plan

What can we do? We can elect True Christian candidate Rick Santorum as president in 2016! Rick Santorum will save the world from the Muslim hordes and keep the Palestinians in refugee camps! Rick Santorum will return the land the Dome of the Rock is built upon to the Jews so that the Temple might be rebuilt and so that Jesus might return! Rick Santorum is a True Christian, and if we elect him in 2016, he will combat the Palestinian menace! We need Rick Santorum now more than ever!

Rick Santorum is prepared to combat the Islamic menace!

The Dome of the Rock must be destroyed!

What else can we do? We can put political pressure on our leaders all across the world to support the suppression of Islamic thought. We can write to our leaders and ask them not to support a Palestinian state. We can garner support for the return of the Temple Mount to Israel. God hates Palestine because the Palestinians and Obama are working together to keep Jesus away from the world! Only after Palestine gives up the Dome of the Rock can Jesus return. God hates the Dome of the Rock, God hates Muslims, and if you’re a Muslim or a Muslim-supporter, God hates you. We need to reclaim the Holy Land for Jesus. We need to take back the Temple Mount for Christ. Otherwise, He will never return. And Revelation tells us that Jesus does indeed return, so what are we waiting for? Let’s take back the Temple Mount for Christianity! Be gone Palestinians! Give Israel what is rightly her’s. I believe that it is God’s will that the Dome of the Rock be torn down and replaced with the rebuilt Temple of Israel. Allow it to happen Palestinians, or God will punish you all in Hell.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

10 thoughts on “Palestinians are Satan’s special helpers!

  1. richard supena says:

    your a dick

  2. Franco says:

    Wow, the quality of that blog is decreasing, well, it always was bad but now is even worse.

  3. faith says:

    can you maybe have(accept) some sorta discussion about your beliefs? can we have one?

  4. Michelle says:

    What an fucking asshole are you saying all muslims Go to hell you call youreself a Christian!? Who talk like this is one fake ass Christian i hope you find the real god someday! You have Any idea what palestanian children going tru Everday! And all muslims around the world….you blame muslims for everything…..but was hitler a muslim? Was ceassar a muslim? Was Stalin a muslim? Was musselini a muslim ? Was George Bush a muslim!?….nooooo i dont think so! Israël is a terrorist state And you know that!!!

  5. Hannah Kim says:

    Palestinians are Satan’s secret special helpers!

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