Repent Siggers and Sefus!

I’m goin’ to Hell!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I stumbled upon African American “comedian” D’andre Siggers on the youtube. This man is an ungodly heathen that will surely lead his viewers to Hell. The guy blasphemes, takes the name of God in vain, swears, supports abortion, and acts like STDs aren’t a bad thing. The guy thinks he’s funny, but merely spawns racism, obscenities, and hatred. This man is surely going to Hell unless he repents. However, he can be saved if only he has a chance to experience the light of Jesus the Christ. I’ll upload a video in this post, but I highly suggest that you don’t watch it, because it is ungodly, filled with extreme obscenities, and could lead the weak minded among us to Hell. Here it is:

So in the first video, we’ve seen that D’andre Siggers supports many ungodly things. This is likely a result of him coming from a poor urban environment. The guy seems uneducated, crude, ignorant, and foolish. This often happens in poor city neighborhoods. In another video, he does a scene about “walking with his tits”. This shows homosexual, homoerotic themes. This is ungodly.

More importantly, his cohorts are ungodly too. D’andre Siggers often appears in his videos with a short, fat creature named “Sefus.” This man is as ungodly as Siggers, and is an obvious glutton. Take a look at him:

Sefus is Satan’s little servant

These are the types of heathen created by inner city environments wracked with poverty and bad schools. Sure, we need to keep our children and families away from these agents of Satan, but we also need to convert them. Siggers and Sefus need to be brought to Jesus and led away from their sinful ways. Siggers is apparently a pornography addict and loves prostitutes, and Sefus is his best friend. These people are filling their lives with empty, sinful smut as they take Jesus’ name in vain instead of filling their hearts with living water from Jesus.

The moral of this post is twofold. First, we must keep our children away from the evils of youtube and the internet. Second, and more importantly, we need to bring the light of Jesus the Christ to inner city areas to reach the unwashed unsaved like D’andre Siggers and Sefus. The Catholics are too lazy to do it. They’re too busy lining their own pockets to care about saving souls. The Mormons won’t do it. They hate Black people. As True Christians born again in Christ, it is our job to lead sinners like Siggers and Sefus to Christ. While D’andre Siggers is acting as an agent of Satan as we speak, the Holy Spirit has told me that he can be saved through prayer and through being introduced to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sefus and Siggers, we are praying for you. Fellow readers, join us in prayer.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, the immortal word, the Good Shepherd who died for His sheep. Please fill Siggers and Sefus with the Holy Spirit so that they might not be cast into the fires of Hell. Please lead them away from the fires of Hell and to you. Please give them a chance to repent. Show them the light oh Lord, because they have clearly never experienced Your Holy Light, the Light of Christ. Amen.

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