God hates Japan!

Greetings True Christians!

Today is December 7th, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing, a day that will live on forever in infamy. On December 7th 1942, the Japanese bombed the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, decimating the American fleet and killing many True Christian Americans. In doing so, the Japanese, who have tortured Christians since the first Jesuit missionaries visited their nation in the 1500s, enraged the Lord, who ultimately punished Japan with defeat in WWII, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which were sanctioned and inspired by God), and later, tsunamis and earthquakes. The Japanese are going to burn in Hell. Why? Let us count the ways!

First, the Japanese went out of their way to reject Christianity in all its forms! The Japanese are a bunch of Buddhist kamikazi suicide bombers that would rather commit seppuku and watch tentacle porn than to pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In fact, the main reason that the Japanese invaded the Philippines during WWII was to kill the so-called Christian Catholics living in the nation! The Japanese, much like the Jewish and Roman Christ-killers, loved to torture people, especially Christians.

an ungodly Japanese “temple”

The Japanese also have ungodly “temples”, which are a mockery of the True God. These temples are a Japanese attempt to implicitly defy the first commandment, and worship the winds and oceans rather than the Lord our God. They will roast in hell for their pagan beliefs, but even without their pagan beliefs, they have given God plenty of reasons to reject them.

a geisha and a customer, both are headed to Hell

A prime example of the hedonistic nature of Japanese culture is the Geisha Girl. The geisha girl is nothing more than a “high class” Japanese prostitute. Prostitution is a sinful practice that leads both men and women into adultery, and all that engage in it either as a prostitute or as a customer are cursed by the Lord. The Geishas paint their skin extra white in an attempt to look like demons. God hates Geishas!

the underwear of young women on sale in Japan

The Japanese also have a school girl culture in which the used underwear of young girls is actually sold in vending machines. This is sinful stuff! Who really wants to buy a young girl’s underwear anyway unless they are a Catholic priest or other sort of pervert?! Japan is a nation forsaken by God, because they rejected God and cast the Lord our God out of their nation. God will continue to punish them, every chance He gets.

As Christians, how can we help? The answer is simple. We need to give our leaders the authority to use nuclear weaponry yet again. The end times are near, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and God will smite all of His enemies in time. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings are mild compared to what the Lord has in store for sinners! He will destroy Japan, He will bury the Japanese, and He will have His vengeance.

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, and He will reap even where He has not sown. Be warned Japan. Repent, or face God’s wrath very soon. God punished you for Pearl Harbor, and you will be punished again unless you become a Christian nation. Consider yourself warned.

A True Christian message from http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

13 thoughts on “God hates Japan!

  1. Neji says:

    Yes vengeance is of the Lord but he said he is also a merciful hence the still present existence of Japan,if God is as harsh as to put him to be,they would have been wiped off the earth but for his mercy so despite what they might have done gave Christians the charge to go into all nations & preach the gospel & by all nation include Japan. They can be saved

  2. bitch says:

    I have never come across anyone with such hateful and extreme views as whoever writes the articles on this blog… who r u to judge people? You people are going straight to hell… this is bullshit

    • Martin Baker says:

      No, you are the one heading straight to Hell! Accept Christ and repent!

      • P says:

        Besides the hell part since only God knows where we’re going, bitch speaks the truth. And condemning a man to eternal torture for standing up to unjust bigotry is not holy.

  3. girl says:

    I can see dat u authors on dis page are xtremist
    God help u guyz

  4. With so much hate in your heart, how could there be any room for love?

  5. Larry says:


  6. faith says:

    can’t believe just how full of hatred you are
    the WHOLE world condemns any use of nuclear weapons
    God does too

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