you can email us!

Greetings readers!

Do you have a question or comment you’d like to share personally with Martin and I? You can email us at   Please put the topic you wish to discuss in the subject line of the email so we can weed out spam, and note that we may publish some of our best emails on the site. We will, of course, keep them anonymous, so your identity will be safe.

Yours in Christ,


Jim Solouki

4 thoughts on “you can email us!

  1. dabomb48 says:

    are you retarded? I mean seriously just an idiot without a brain? Christmas is a time of joy not a religious holiday. You need to know that you are ignorant of the fact that muslims are not ‘heathens’ and that they are really nice people. Have you ever met a muslim?

  2. jina says:

    I am quite disappointed at ur racist comments aimed at Africa as a whole. I am a true believer and follower of christ, I dint just bump into him by mistake. I grew up knowing and loving him. Your hate is pure and if you don’t stop hating and condemning us you will be very surprised where you end up a word is enough for the wise repent and spread the gospel without prejudice may God grant you the strength to do that Amen.

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