God Hates Walmart!

Walmart’s thoroughly UnChristian ad campaign.

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Walmart is one of God’s forsaken places? Walmart is full of Godless, sinful heathens who wear slutty clothing, live off of welfare, drink beer, and watch NASCAR. The denizens of Walmart are like vermin who have crawled out of the very depths of Hell to shop there. They are mindless slaves to capitalism, and are often Godless rednecks that pray to the “sweet dear baby Jesus” rather than Jesus the Christ, our True Lord and Savior. These heathen scum wear unchaste clothing, smoke marijuana, defecate in public, and engage in hedonistic acts, right in public! Don’t believe me? Here’s proof!

a “phallic fruit” on sale at Walmart. Brought to you by Satan himself!

a whore of Babylon shopping at Walmart a flaming homosexual heathen shopping at Walmart!

Not only does is Walmart the American center for white trash and Godless NASCAR-loving heathen rednecks, but Walmart also takes advantage of workers. Walmart pays its workers ungodly low wages, almost at a slave level, while the owners of Walmart are practically showering in cash. The executives and management at Walmart are headed straight to Hell for their sinful practice of taking advantage of and abusing their employees. Not only do they force employees to work ungodly hours, but they even take away holidays that should be spent with family worshiping the Lord!

Did you know that Walmart is actually an agent of the AntiChrist as well? Here’s proof! Look at the price on these Jesus T-Shirts! Surely this is the number of the beast:

There you go. You’ve seen it with your own eyes. Walmart mocks Jesus with their pricing and with their displays, and when Jesus the Christ returns, He will smite the heathen leaders of Walmart. Who are these heathen leaders? Here’s the head heathen, Michael Duke, agent of Satan. Satan is going to enjoy torturing him for all eternity in Hell after he dies!

Mike Duke, agent of Satan

Not only is Mike Duke abusing wage earners, but he is also responsible for taking Christ out of Christmas! Walmart celebrates Black Friday, a heathen celebration of paganry and capitalism unlike any the world has ever seen. Walmart has replaced Christ in Christmas with capitalism. On Black Friday, thousands of sheeple storm the gates of Walmart in an attempt to buy cheap televisions and Godless drivel. In fact, they even fight each other for them! These people are clearly deluded by Satan or the anti-Christ, and are as backwards as the Romans that Christ spoke so strongly against:

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the antiChrist is clearly among us, and he is allied with Walmart. Let us reject Walmart in favor of small family-owned Christian stores. Walmart supports Islamic and Buddhist Communist countries like China, Iran, and Indonesia, nations that are no friend of America! Walmart supports low wages and the destruction of the family. And most important, Walmart hates Christ and Christianity! Let us reject Walmart! Let us shop only at True Christian stores!

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3 thoughts on “God Hates Walmart!

  1. Nicole Dela Cruz says:

    Can I ask the name of the author of this article?

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