Alex Jones warns us about atheists!

From the words of wisdom by True Christian Alex Jones, the atheists secretly worship the Devil and that is why we see Christianity under attack, today, in America. Richard Dawkins is secretly working with Satan to get evolution taught in our schools, and as creation scientist Kent Hovind pointed out in his doctoral thesis, evolution comes from the Devil! The atheists are also part of the War on Christmas, so we need to fight back and prove ourselves as worthy soldiers of Christ.

Martin Baker

One thought on “Alex Jones warns us about atheists!

  1. Franco says:

    Are you dumb? are you stupid? that is a question without intending to offend but seriously, do you know at least what an atheist is, they don’t believe in the Devil, so how they will worship to somebody that they don’t believe, that is so ridiculous, satan and Darwing, hahahaha, seriously, are you dumb, if you say that this post is legitimate so that means that your stupidity is legitimate.

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