Turmoil in the Textbooks

I have a dream that one day our children may one day be free to believe in Christ and the Bible, and not have those beliefs challenged within the classroom!

Greetings Christian brethren!

Did you know that the biology and other science textbooks that your children use in the classroom are an atheistic tool used to indoctrinate them into believing into evolution and an old Earth? In the early 1900s, True Christian school boards in states across America all taught the real science of Creationism instead of that evil fairy tale for grownups, evolution. After the Soviets launched Sputnik, the Atheist Communist Lawyers Union and liberal atheist scientists used that as an excuse to challenge the teaching of Creation Science in schools! Ever since the 1980s, a decade wrought with many ungodly attacks on our culture, Americans rejected Christian science in deference to atheism again, and again, and again. Edwards v. Aguilard, McLean v. Arkansas, Kitzmiller v. Dover. The end result of all these cases was the same. God was taking out of the classroom, and Darwin’s dangerous dogma was put into our children’s textbooks.

evolutionists in the process of making the fake Piltdown man fossil!

Christian scientist Jonathan Wells has done a wonderful job of documenting the myths that our children are taught in science textbooks. In his True Christian book, Icons of Evolution, Wells discusses a list of false icons of evolution that our children are taught as truth in all American high school science textbook. These icons include the Miller-Urey Experiment (which has been proven to be fake), Darwin’s Tree of Life (which is a Darwinian fairy tale imbued with Victorian ideas of “progress”, not science), homology in vertebrate limbs (which is proof of common design, not common descent!), Haeckel’s embryos (which even the Darwinists admit are faked!), Archaeopteryx (which wasn’t a “missing link” at all, but rather a True Bird of the bird kind), Peppered moths (which were glued to trees to supposedly “prove” that evolution is true), Darwin’s finches (which didn’t evolve at all, but rather showed very minor microevolution within a kind, and then stabilized back to their original forms), four winged fruit flies (which prove nothing at all except that a designer messing with DNA can have an effect on the blueprint of life, an obvious proof of God), the tree of horse evolution (which was an obvious fake and misrepresents the fossils), and finally, the purported evolutionary tree for humans (of which, the only evidence that scientists could find for evolution, Piltdown Man, was an obvious hoax, proving that humans obviously didn’t evolve if the evolutionists have to fake the evidence!

All these icons are taught to our children as truth, and used to indoctrinate them into an evolutionary atheistic system of faith and belief. Our schools are using these icons of evolution to teach our children to love Darwin and to reject Jesus. No wonder many students that go to university return home as atheists! The education system, which was developed by atheist heathen John Dewey, strives to challenge the faith of our young people! I believe that our children are best kept from going to college at all, unless the college they attend is a good Christian college! The faith of our children is too precious an asset to sacrifice for so-called education.

our schools and colleges have become a bastion of indoctrination and atheism!

Even worse, my brothers and sisters in Christ, is the fact that your tax dollars are being used to indoctrinate our students! The National Academy of Science claims that evolution is true and Creationism is a myth. This is patently false. Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups created by Satan and taught to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by the devil in serpent form. Evolution is a tool of the devil. It is a tool that the devil uses to destroy faith in Jesus the Christ, to challenge faith in the Bible, and to imbide our culture with Communism, Atheism, Nazism, homosexuality, heathenism, agnosticism, rock and roll, suicide, school shootings, masturbation, adultery, pornography, and other evils. The senators and representatives that you put into office are allowing this abomination to continue! We must elect new representatives and a Christian president like Rick Santorum the next time we visit the polls and keep evilution out of our classrooms!

Rick Santorum is a True Christian politician that loves life and hates abortion and Satanic ideologies like Darwinism

Did you know that high school and college textbooks are used to indoctrinate our children into the billions of years mythology? Children are taught that the world is “4.6 BILLION years old”, and that the universe came into existence “13 BILLION years ago.” The next time your child is taught that by a teacher in school, have them raise their hand. Have them ask their teacher “were you there?” The teacher, if he or she is not a liar, will of course say no. Then your child should ask “then how do you know the world is that old?” The teacher will likely talk about radioactive dating (which is fake) or some other method. Don’t let your child accept that answer. The correct response to such an approach by the teacher is as follows: “excuse me teacher, but I know somebody that was there when the world was created, and his name is God. In the Bible, He tells us exactly how the world was created, and that account proves that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old.” If your child’s teacher is a True Christian, they will embrace the wisdom of the child’s words. If your child’s teacher is an atheist Darwinist, they will ignore your child’s question and blow it off. These teachers should be removed from the classroom in favor of True Christian teachers.

proof that humans and dinosaurs lived together. Proof that the Bible is true and evolution is a lie.

Less than a quarter of Americans actually believe in atheistic evolution. Yet we are allowing them to control our children’s educational curriculum! That doesn’t seem fair to me, especially in a Democracy! We are paying for the school system, so the schools should teach our children what we believe in. And it doesn’t take a monkey to understand that evolution is such a stupid idea that even a caveman could refute it! Call your school board. Call your representative. Ask them about the icons of evolution. Ask them why they’re using a textbook (if they’re using Kenneth Miller’s book for high school biology) written by an atheist posing as a Catholic. Ask them why they’re teaching our children to be atheists. Ask them if they were there when the world was created. Ask them why it’s so important to take God out of the classroom. Ask them all these questions and more.

Of course, the schools will probably say that the Constitution necessitates a separation of Church and State. This is a lie created by the heathens to try to force God out of our schools. Check out the book Myths of Separation. It turns out that the founding fathers always meant for America to be a Christian nation, so any argument otherwise is an utter and complete lie. If the schools refuse to repent, I suggest homeschooling your children and picketing outside the schools. We must stop teaching our children that they came from monkeys or else they will act like monkeys! We must stop teaching our children that the Bible is false or they will believe that the Bible is false and they will reject Jesus and embrace Satan’s fairy tale of evolution. Two thousand years ago, somebody died on a Cross for our sins. Isn’t it time we took a stand for Him?

man and dinosaurs did not evolve, but were created and lived together in the Garden of Eden. Christ loved all of God’s creation, including the dinosaurs.

It is time to reject Satan’s myth of evolution and cast it out of our textbooks! Remove Darwin’s dangerous dogma from our classrooms and from the minds of our impressionable young students! We should burn all the Darwinist textbooks and barbecue the atheist’s favorite idea. Let us expose evolution for the false science that it is, and let us replace it with the Truth of Creation. Let us pray for our leaders, and if they refuse to stop the teaching of evolution in schools, let us replace them with True Christian leaders that will. God loves us. Isn’t it time we loved Him back? We will end this post with a sample letter for you to use when writing to your school board or representative, and will ask that you will send many of these to all of your representatives. Letter below:

Dear [Mr./Mrs./Sir/Madame/etc.],

I am one of your constituents, and am extremely concerned with what is being taught to our children in our classrooms. Did you know that American classrooms throughout our True Christian nation are being used to indoctrinate our children into the false doctrine of Darwinism, an atheistic fairy tale for grownups? As a taxpayer, I believe that my money should not be spent to undermine the Truth of the Bible and to teach my child to be an atheist. I ask that you defend the Truth of the Bible in our classrooms. Jesus died for you too, and you should show some gratitude. Otherwise, you will be voted out of office next election.


(your name).

May our letter writing campaign completely destroy the teaching of Darwinism in America! Join us in the war on Darwin and on atheism!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

6 thoughts on “Turmoil in the Textbooks

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Santorum 2016!

  2. Franco says:

    That is because evolution is TRUE despite your pointless posts the doesn’t change the fact of true but you are going to say the same things that you say the bla bla bla heathen, bla bla repent, if you don’t like go to another country, write all the letters you want you will be seen as a ridiculous man, do something productive in your life deleting this blog, by the way; Is Martin Baker your husband???

    • Dear heathen,

      Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups! It’s not a fact you stupid heathen.

      Martin Baker is NOT my husband. We are both True Christians, heterosexual in the purest since of the word. In fact, I have a beautiful Christian wife who knows her place, and that place is in the kitchen and in the home.

      Yours in Christ,


      • Franco says:

        Your wives need to divorce from you, are you cheating your wife with Martin?, wow, and how you dare to call me stupid, I have never insulted you like that,but as you started I have the right to continue you dumb stupid idiot, الأبله, 馬鹿, મૂર્ખ માણસ, idiota, идиот, ergel, go and kiss Martin maybe is not your husband but by sure is your lover.

  3. Stephen says:

    Best thing about science, its true, even if you don’t believe it.

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