the Truth about the Titanic

Greetings readers!

Did you know that God sank the Titanic? When the Titanic was built by the British, it was heralded as an unsinkable ship, immune even to acts of God. This obscene lack of respect offended and angered God, and God looked with anger upon the Titanic. Let us, for a moment, step back to Genesis 11, and consider another moment when God acted against humanity with anger. In Babylon, some people tried to build a tower so high that its peak would reside in Heaven. God saw this as an affront to His divine authority, and destroyed the tower of Babylon. The ruins are still visible today.

the remains of the Tower of Babel today!

The Titanic is nothing more than a modern day Tower of Babel. Mankind is an arrogant, selfish group that believes that they are somehow better than God in some cases. The atheists even go so far as to claim that man created God in our image, rather than the other way around! God hates our lack of faith and our utter disregard for His Word, and so he deems it necessary to act with vengeance against man. So it was with the Titanic.

When the Titanic set sail for New York from England, it was launched with a huge amount of fanfare. It was the most luxurious, most expensive, largest passenger ship ever built. And it was supposedly unsinkable. Its individual compartments were designed so that even if one was flooded, the others would not flood. However, as we should know from the Genesis narrative, if God wants to make something flood, it floods! Heck, God flooded the entire Earth in the time of Noah! But I digress, and will restrict my discussion to that of the Titanic.

the Titanic, before sinking

So anyway, when the Titanic set sail, the poor were kept below decks while the rich people were kept in luxurious quarters. This angered the Lord, who teaches that all are equal in His eyes. We will be ranked by our faithfulness and by our good works, not by our money and our possessions! In fact, Jesus tells us that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Many rich people, I assume, learned that lesson the hard way the night the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic.

In sinking the Titanic, God issued a challenge to mankind. God, in the form of Jesus the Christ, died on the Cross at the hands of the Jews and the Romans and rose from the dead in three days. Jesus did not say that He was un-killable. However, He came back from the dead after His crucifixion, and through that divine act, finalized our salvation, and showed us that life can only come through Him. The Titanic, on the other hand, was claimed to be unsinkable, and when it sank, there was no bringing it back. Jesus came back from the dead, and the Titanic still sits on the bottom of the North Atlantic. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Jesus and God are far more powerful than mankind ever will be.

Did God place the iceberg in the North Atlantic? I believe He did. There were an inordinate amount of iceberg sightings around that time, far more than normal. And the one that hit the Titanic appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, I believe that the sinking of the Titanic was an act of God intended to teach us a lesson and warn us of the evils soon to come. Only a few short years later, the First World War broke out in Europe, largely as a result of the failures of human political systems not governed by God.

the Titanic under water, or God’s power in action!

The sinking of the Titanic was also intended to teach us that we needed to have better safety provisions on passenger ships. There were not nearly enough lifeboats on the Titanic, and many people drowned because of this. The deaths resulting from this fact served as a warning to ship builders, who later put many life boats in their ships. This development saved many lives during the First World War, when German U-boats sank many passenger ships.

What lessons can we learn from the sinking of the Titanic? First, God loves humanity but hates human arrogance. The arrogant builders of the Titanic lost huge amounts of money with the sinking of the Titanic! Many people that believed in the unsinkable nature of the ship died for their misplaced faith. If these people trusted in God instead of in the lies of man, then they would have never drowned.

Jesus is the only thing unsinkable in this world or in the next.

Let us reflect on the lessons of the Titanic and end in prayer. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for blessing us and for keeping us or our ancestors off of Satan’s ship, the Titanic. Please be merciful with us and not send us to Hell but rather accept us into Heaven if we are Truly saved. We know that the Father loves True Christians, and we pray that You will be ever vigilant against heathens and false Christians, and that You will cast the unsaved into Hell so that they might not taint Heaven. Amen.

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9 thoughts on “the Truth about the Titanic

  1. A human being that uses his brain. says:

    You people are mental ill and your god sounds like a perverted deranged child.

  2. Patrick says:

    I’m still trying to figure out if this page is really sarcastic satire or if you people really belive in the shit you’re writing.

  3. God's Face Palm says:

    Did you know about the priest who was on board the Titanic at the time? He was blessing the passangers and crew up till the moment the ship sank.

    Or what about the string quartet that played even till the last moments to keep the passengers calm?

    The Captain himself, instead of fleeing the ship, took upon himself the blame and went down with the ship? A true gentleman if I ever saw one.

    It isn’t so much a punishment from God as it is a challenge, to bring out the best in those he knew who could save others or comfort them in their last moments.

    Besides, you’re flogging a dead horse. The Titanic sank more than a century ago. May I know why you’re flogging this proverbial horse?

  4. Your God says:

    “word of God” my ass…

  5. Larry says:

    “There were an inordinate amount of iceberg sightings around that time, far more than normal” – it was springtime you genious!

    “the one that hit the Titanic appeared, seemingly out of nowhere”
    it happens when there’s no moon, the ocean is calm and there’s fog preventing you from seeing

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