our True Christian blog featured by the International Business Times, an Australian news site!

Greetings True Christians!

I am excited to tell you that our blog is taking off! In fact, our blog was just featured on the International Business Times webpage!

I will address the article here. The author has done a good job of being fair and even handed, unlike the heathens that commented on this page! I will address the article paragraph-by-paragraph below (article in quotes and italics):

“Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest tropical storm to ever hit the Philippines, is a devastating form of God’s punishment to the country because of its people’s sinful acts, according to True Christian blogger Jim Soulouki.”

This is a valid description of our post, and a good short synopsis of my point in the post. I would like to thank the author for not questioning the fact that I, Jim Solouki, am indeed a True Christian. I have prayed to the Holy Spirit about the author of this post, a Mr. Lou Ramon Aquila, and the Holy Spirit has told me that Aquila is going to have a special place waiting for him in Heaven. So congratulations Mr. Aquila! God loves you!

“With the entire Philippine nation in grieve sadness after losing thousands of lives to Yolanda’s might, an article claiming the Philippines is punished by God went viral in the Internet and certainly drew uproars from netizens, especially Filipinos.”

Well Mr. Aquila, the heathens hate being told that they are being punished by God. The Americans hated it when Pat Robertson said that Hurricane Katrina was a punishment from God, and what I am saying here is no different. I, like Pat Robertson, Jerry Faldwell, and my fellow True Christian blogger Martin Baker on this site, embrace the Truth of God’s word, but we also accept that our God is a vengeful God. I know this offends people, but somebody has to take a stand for Christ. Might as well be me!

“A day before Haiyan made its landfall in Central Philippines, Solouki published the controversial article entitled ‘God is Punishing the Philippines.'”

They had to be warned before it happened so that they would know that it was a punishment for their sins. I hated having to share the message, but it is what God told me to do. I am merely a servant and messenger of God Mr. Aquila, and I am only sharing the Truth as given to me by the Holy Spirit.

“In this short piece, the writer talked about the Philippines’ sinfulness by tolerating homosexuality, prostitution and other forms of sins. He then tackled that Catholicism itself as another reason why the country suffered the calamity in cataclysmic proportion.”

I would like to thank Mr. Aquila for accurately describing my points in this post. He also quotes me after this passage, and does it in a respectful manner. Thank you for that.

“Solouki went on to tell everybody that God hates the Philippines, and at the time, asked Filipino to repent for their sins.”

Actually, my point was something rather deeper than that. God hates all sinful people, not just the Philippines. We all should repent, reject sin and Satan, and embrace the Truth of Christ. So while Mr. Aquila did describe a part of my point, my argument as a whole was something rather bigger than that. Thankfully, he offers a quote highlighting this exact fact at the end of his article.

(he again quotes my post before stating the following)

“After receiving tremendous backlash from netizens, Solouki attempted to clear the air by posting an article defending its stance that God is indeed punishing the Philippines for its sins.”

We did get a lot of angry responses, but I didn’t post to be loved. I posted to spread the Truth of God’s Word and God’s wrath. Jesus even told us that we would be hated, spat on, and rejected all because we bear Christian witness, and this is exactly what I believe is happening here. I would, however, love to arrange an interview with Mr. Aquila or write a post for his website further explaining my views.

Thank you for a well-written, rather fair description of my points! I will keep you in my prayers, Mr. Lou Ramon Aquila!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

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