Dubstep is from the Devil!

Did you know that Dubstep is a Satanic form of music along with Rock and Roll, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, pop, rap, hip hop, and trance?? Dubstep is played in ungodly clubs where young men and women go to grind against each other, get stoned, smoke opium, eat marijuana brownies, and commit ritualized public sexual acts. Dubstep is a tool used by Satan to lure our children deeper and deeper into sexual deviancy, and must be avoided at all times! In fact, Dubstep is loved by some of the greatest criminals of all time, including Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein, and Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof!

Kim Jong Il with a dubstep DJ, listening to the Devil’s music!

People that listen to Dubstep also often commit flagrant rampant homosexual actions in public! This is because Dubstep uses Satanic beats to hypnotize our young ones into acts of sin! God gave us free will, but Satan can use the power of temptation to take it away. Satan often uses Dubstep as a tool to control our young people, much like he uses rock and roll, drugs, sexuality, alcohol, and HBO. Girls that listen to Dubstep often dress like whores of Babylon and touch each other in inappropriate ways in nightclubs!

Typical dubstep fans

Did you know that Jesus hates Dubstep and loves good Christian music like Gospel and Country? Don’t listen to Dubstep! Don’t listen to Rock and Roll! Listen to Johnny Cash, because God’s gonna hunt you down! Listen to Tamela Mann, and be led toward Christ. Jesus died for our sins, and yet our society is listening almost solely to sinful music! We are rejecting God and we will be punished!

Dubstep is also a popular music amongst the evolutionists. PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, Will Provine, Stephen Jay Gould, Robert T. Bakker, Michael Shermer, Eugenie “Satan” Scott, and Carl Sagan! Sagan used to smoke marijuana while listening to Dubstep and talking with Annie Druyan and Lynn Margulis about the Cosmos. Sagan, Druyan, and Margulis would then proceed to engage in Satanic rituals and the ritualized brainwashing of children into Darwinism. This is sinful stuff!

This is the Satanic dubstep cat. It’s owners are headed to Hell for forcing a formerly innocent animal to engage in godless hedonry. Its owners are the tyical type of Satanic heathen, who abuse animals and believe that they can be treated as human and forced to do human things. They are going straight to hell. See below.

Don’t be a Satanic stooge like the owners of the Dubstep cat! Reject Dubstep and other Satanic forms of music and listen to Gospel, Classical, and country! God loves you, and hates it when you listen to Satan’s music! So reject Dubstep now! It’s time to take back the radio airwaves for Jesus!

From your friends at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “Dubstep is from the Devil!

  1. Franco says:

    Dubstep from the devil? seriously?, dubstep is only blender and modem noises, do yo want to make dubstep?, turn on your blender, that´s all.

  2. OverStride says:

    Wow. So many wrong things on this whole entire page, I don’t even know where to start. First off, dubstep, and all other forms of EDM, is made with computers, MIDI keyboards, soundboards, VSTs, MPCs, and all that music production equipment/instruments. Secondly, I’m pretty sure it’s not of the devil. Your pretty much saying that all the genres of music you like are of God, but everything else is satanic. Really?

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