A great video on Creation Science

Edward Current is right! We need to reject the Intelligent Design delusion and bring back Creation Science, the True Science!

Let us follow the lead of Current, and win the war on atheism!

Checkmate atheists!

4 thoughts on “A great video on Creation Science

  1. Martin Baker says:

    God Bless Edward Current! It’s time we win the war on atheism and take back America for Christ!

  2. NotoriousPyro says:

    I stumbled upon this site searching about information on Fred Phelps to try and understand why he is such a bigot.

    I find this site quite hilarious, for one, Edward Current is an Atheist comedian whose humour involves playing the role of an ignorant Christian and satirises religion.

    Then I also saw the post about 101 reasons why people laugh at Darwinists. Not one single post had any rational argument to disprove Evolution. Evolution is a theory backed up by a wealth of data and research and can be observed. PS: If you say “it’s just a theory,” gravity is also “just a theory.” You need to find out what a theory is before you use the term to mock the theory itself.

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