God Hates Haiti

Dear Christians (and heathen scum who may happen upon this page),

I want to talk about an important fact with all of you today. Our recent posts on the Philippines have drawn lots of attacks and hatred towards our True Christian blog and mission. People act as if we have stated that the Philippines is the only nation that God hates. We have not said that at all. God hates all nations where heathens and sinners dwell. God hates sinfulness in all its forms, and hates many countries across the whole world! For example, God hates Haiti!

these heathen Haitian children are being justly punished by God for their sins.

How do we know that God hates Haiti? God has punished Haiti with hurricanes and with extreme poverty. Haiti is one of the poorest nations on the planet. Why? Because God has forsaken Haiti for their sins. And still they did not listen, so God later punished them with an earthquake. Still, this didn’t work, so the Haitians are sinking deeper into poverty. God is allowing this as a way to break the Haitians away from their sinful practices.

these uncivilized heathens don’t even build houses! This is the power of Satan, friends. Haiti is a gateway to Hell.

How can we help the Haitians? Stop sending them aid until they accept the Truth of Christ! Stop sending them money to be funneled into their witchcraft parties and voodoo witchdoctors! God wouldn’t have punished Haiti with poverty, disease, and natural disasters if the Haitians did not deserve it! We can pray for them to change their evil ways, and stop sending them money until they do.

Haiti. A victim of God’s wrath.

But why, you ask, does God hate Haiti? The Haitians practice witchcraft, voodoo, and black magic! The Haitians broke a commandment by stealing both the land and the slaves from the French when they rebelled, and still live in sin since they have not repaid the French for their losses! The Haitians are a heathen people that do not follow the Gospel, and should not receive aid until they accept God and become civilized. If they refuse, let them suffer so that they may be prepared for the fires of Hell.

Haitians practicing voodoo and worshiping the devil

The Creole Haitian culture is a heathen culture and must be stopped! Repent Haiti! Repent!

God hates Haiti, and we do too.

From your friends at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “God Hates Haiti

  1. Martin Baker says:

    We need to send missionaries to make sure they are Christians. Praise our all good heavenly father!

  2. Sinner says:

    i LOve God and Jesus! but because of persons like you, it seems that i dont wana be a christian anymore! you peaple suck!

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