Saudi Arabia, a Sinner’s paradise!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you about the heathen Muslims in Saudi Arabia! The Saudis are one of America’s biggest supporters in the Middle East, yet they are also an ungodly, heathen people. There are unsaved, unsavory, and unenlightened. The Saudis rejected the True God in the form of Jesus the Christ and embraced Islam, a religion created when Satan talked to the false prophet Mohammad while Mohammad was in an opium induced trance. Islam is a false religion that spreads hate and causes terrorism, and it is also the state religion is Saudi Arabia. Do we really want to ally ourselves with these heathen Muslims? I think not!

everyone knows that Mohammad was on drugs!

What is wrong with Saudi Arabia? I have already established the fact that they practice a false heathen religion. But wait! There’s more! When Saudi males meet each other, they kiss each other in greeting! They do this in celebration of the kiss of Judas that sealed the fate of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every single time a Saudi man kisses another man, he is not only engaging in a homosexual abomination, he is also mocking Christ and celebrating His execution. The Bible tells us that a man must not lie with another man, lest he commit a grave, grave sin. However, the Saudi men practically make out in public! This is sinful stuff!

Saudis engaged in the Kiss of Judas

A typical Muslim, molesting a child

The Saudi regime also supports terrorists! The Saudi royal family put money in the pockets of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida. Do you know what bin Laden did with this money? He financed the September 11thterrorist attacks in 2001. Why did God allow these attacks to occur? As a punishment for America’s wickedness. Why Al Qaeda and why Muslims? Because Satanic religions such as Islam seek only to kill. The Saudi royal family may not be so comfortable when their minions turn on them.

Osama bin Laden..where the Saudi money went to!

Did you know that the Saudis obsess over oil and gas when they should be instead worrying about Genesis and the New Testament? These heathen Muslims would rather spend their time manipulating global oil markets and starving children than embrace God and repent. Their “god”, Allah, is a mere mockery of the True God that they claim to worship. They follow the heathen, demon-guided false prophet Mohammad rather than Biblical Truth. Did you know that Jesus says it is ok to eat pork since food cannot defile a person? Yet the Muslims would rather not eat pork and stand in solidarity with the Jews that killed Jesus. Hmm. I wonder why. Oh yeah, that’s right. Because they hate the Truth and live to spread death and do Satan’s bidding.

the Muslims believe that pork is unclean, yet constantly portray their false prophet as a pig!

Did you know that the Saudis reject Israel and support Palestine? Everybody knows that the state of Israel is necessary for Christ to return to Earth. That’s why God allowed the nation to be rebuilt! That land is the property of God our Father, but the Palestinians think that they deserve a claim to that land. They don’t. They’re Muslims and deserve nothing unless they convert and accept Jesus the Christ. The Saudis will be punished by God for these failures. Even worse, the Saudis made deals with the Ungodly Demoncrat American president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who rejected Christ and had affairs!

FDR dealing with the devil

However, the Saudis are not ALL evil. They do some things right. For example, the Saudis do not allow their women to drive! This is a True Christian approach that should be adopted in all True Christian countries. Women should not be in a man’s place. Women should not be allowed to drive. Women working and driving can lead only to moral failure and decay, as happened in America after the Second World War.

this woman should not be driving and will likely be properly beaten for it.

The Saudis also effectively cover their women. While the burka is an ungodly and Satanic Muslim garb, its intent is Christian to the core. Women should be dressed in chaste outfits rather than in ungodly miniskirts or pants. God hates unchaste women and women in men’s clothing! Women were created by God to be submissive to their men, and they must accept that position freely. As a True Christian nation, America must follow suit and return women to the kitchens and to traditionally female garb.

these women are covered like all women should be!!

A typical male Arab

In conclusion, the Saudis are an evil race living in a Godless nation. They are Muslims and reject the Truth of Christ. They are so bad that even Mormon minion George Lucas made fun of them in the Star Wars, portraying them as Sand People! These people must repent, or God will punish them.

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