We must stop Jurassic Park 4 from being made!

Dear fellow Christians,

Spielberg is at it once again with the smutty Hollywood corporation that is notoriously known to work for Satan. Spielberg has decided to declare war on Christianity once again by making another Jurassic Park movie so that he can have it distributed in the churches and the public to brainwash Christians from God. He also wants to target our Sunday School children so that they will become followers of the Richard Dawkins cult. We must remember what Christ did for us on the Cross and take a stand for him!

Hollywood is a smutty organisation that promotes sinfulness, heathenism, evolution, drugs, teenage sexuality, homosexuality, sex before marriage, murder, rape, blasphemy, strip bars, rock n roll, and other sins on the films they release. Every ticket that you purchase when viewing such filth is a ticket straight to Hell!

Spielberg is taking advantage of Hollywood’s marketing to target the minds of our children so that they will believe in evolution and not in Jesus. We must stop him from distributing this material in our churches and tell him that it is not welcome in God’s house. As Christians, we must acknowledge the book of Genesis where everything was created in six days, and not billions and billions of years like heathen scientists in the secular media claim. We must also acknowledge that Satan has his view over America, and he is enjoying every moment the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union is working hard to take away the rights of Christians. Remember to take a stand for Jesus and to vote for Rick Santorum on 2016.

Here is a Christian analysis of Jurassic Park and why it is bad. It will give you an idea of what problems the next Jurassic Park film will cause.


Martin Baker

5 thoughts on “We must stop Jurassic Park 4 from being made!

  1. CHESKA says:


  2. Eloise says:

    OMG I swear you’re a fundamentalist. You hate people who are against GOD -_-

    • Martin Baker says:

      No, we love the sinners but we hate the sins they commit. The Jurassic park movies are sinful material that diverts minds from God and preach people to be members of the Darwin cult.

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