Haiyan, the Philippines, Evolution, and HELL!

Greetings True Christians!

I spent today praying with the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit told me that the reason that the Filipinos are being punished is for their support of evolution, the Devil’s damnable doctrine. While they may tell you that they do not have any outward allegiance to evolutionary theory, most Filipinos are either Muslims or Roman Catholics. Muslims are headed straight to Hell anyway, so I don’t have to explain why they are damned. However, the Roman Catholics are a more interesting case. Not only do the Catholics worship false idols and false gods in the saints, not only do they collect indulgences, not only do they molest children, but they also accept evolution! Pope John Paul II was even a Darwinist! One can either accept the truth of the Bible or the lie of evolution; acceptance of one renders it impossible for the believer to truly accept the other. The Catholics have chosen Darwin, but True Christians have chosen the Bible. This is why God hates Catholics. And the Filipino “Christians” are, by and large, Roman Catholics. The reason for God’s anger against them is really rather obvious.

The pope is a Darwinist, and Darwinists have the blood of millions on their hands!

Now God does not JUST hate the Filipinos. He hates all who deny His word and live lives of sin! Why is the doctrine of evolution so evil? Why does God detest it? Why must we keep it away from our children and our schools? Because evolution is a fairytale for grownups! An evil, devilish, Satanic fairytale for grownups! The evolutionists actually believe that over millions of years rocks turned into mud which evoluted into fish that evolved into crocodiles that turned into crocoducks that turned into chimpanzees that turned into cavemen that evoluted into man! There is no evidence for this lie! But what is more disturbing is the cultural phenomena associated with an acceptance of evolution.

Evolution is from the Devil.

In a society that accepts evolution, like the Philippines, Russia, or increasingly America, children are taught that they came from monkeys. They are raised to question the Truth of Christ, and they grow up as heathens. These children not only believe that they came from monkeys, but also that since they did come from monkeys that they can act like monkeys! This has led to kissing in the classroom, bikinis, sex outside of wedlock, strippers, and rainbow parties. It has also led children away from the commandments, and has given them a reason to challenge the authority of their parents, an authority which is Biblically mandated.

reject the evils of evolution. Stop abortion!

The evolutionists also believe that life is worthless and disposable, and so support abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, and other forms of murder. In fact, most of the murderers since 1859 when Darwin published the Origin of the Species were Darwinist! Columbine? Darwinists! The Colorado shooting attack in a movie theater? Darwinists! Stalin? Darwinist! The Nazis? Darwinists! Khmer Rouge? Darwinists! Charles Manson? Darwinist! Hannibal Lecter (the murderer who’s life the movie “Silence of the Lambs” is based on)? Darwinist! Darwinists are servants of the Devil, and God hates the Devil’s minions.

The banana is an atheist’s worst nightmare. God is a sinner’s worst nightmare. Checkmate, atheists. God is a vengeful God.

Darwinists also listen to heathen rock and roll music and rap and pop and funk and other Satanic forms of music. These forms of music come straight from the Devil, and are used to lead our youth away from God. AC/BC has a song called “Highway to Hell”. This is an advertisement about where they want to lead you!

Darwinists accept homosexuality, the killing of the unborn, rape, prostitution, and slavery. The Darwinists believe that sexual slavery is ok from a biological standpoint, and therefore acceptable from a moral one. Darwinists believe that there is no God and that therefore they should live their lives as they please….yet the Catholics have embraced this doctrine as well. Hmm.

Darwinists at play

If the Filipinos were not Muslims and Catholics, then maybe God would have spared them. I can personally guarantee you that no True Christians were killed by the typhoon. God used the typhoon to eradicate sinners from the face of the Earth, as a punishment for their wickedness. They are probably roasting in Hell as we speak for accepting false religions.

the path of evolution

So to all the people attacking me for my criticism of the Philippines, God IS punishing them! Much like he will punish the Vietnamese with the typhoon next! God hates heathens! God hates sinners. And if you are a sinner, God hates you!

dear Vietnam, you are next on God’s hitlist!

The only way to heaven is through Christ. Unsaved unwelcome.

Repent, or burn in Hell.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

11 thoughts on “Haiyan, the Philippines, Evolution, and HELL!

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen Jim.

  2. Franco says:

    What the heck with the banana??? what??!!! seriously, what!!!! i don´t get it, how a banana is an atheist’s worst nightmare???, hahaha that was a good one.

  3. The GodDamn says:

    Who’s the name of your GOD? Call your GOD and to whoever you pray to, I will put in test your GOD! Bring him to me and I will crucify you both downwards!! Dont test the filipinos, we will eat your soul alive! Come here in the philippines and try to preach your homo words, filipinos will circumcise you and your GOD! You deserve it!

  4. Jim Solouki says:

    I am Jim Solouki…I am a TRUE HOMOSEXUAL CHRISTIAN. Bananas are a sign of sin, because like me, I have them shoved up my @$$!!!! Just like how Martin Baker shoved his cock up my @$$!!!

  5. irate says:

    If I should accept this essay from a scholarly standpoint, this would receive an F.

    You don’t have any proper citations for your arguments. Thus, this is inconclusive.

    Should you cast me to hell, which is technically impossible in your belief since you yourself aren’t God but a mere “hand” so to speak, I can also claim hypocrisy.

    You believe you’re doing God’s work but really, do we truly know what God thinks and what God intends to do? Do you claim to? I was taught in Christian Living Education that only God knows that (and I believe this as well). As a living human being with a soul, I can hardly fathom what goes on in God’s head for even one second of His existence.
    So my real point in this comment is: where do you draw the line between blasphemy and simply doing “God’s work”?

  6. Benjamin Relato says:

    Very we’ll said Jim. Sinners should repent for their sins, and accept Christ The Lord. Amen

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