God hate Bangladesh, too!

Greetings True Christians!!

Did you know that Bangladesh recently executed 150 of its soldiers for mutiny? The Bangladeshi government has done its part to remove heathens from our midst, and should be applauded for the execution of non-Christian heathen scum. These 150 soldiers, if they all died unsaved, are in Hell as you are reading this. It’s a sad, sad fact, but it is a True Fact. No prayer will save them now. They are burning in Hell.

Bangladeshi heathens at play

However, Bangladesh, you must take the word of the Lord seriously. Just as you executed your own soldiers for mutiny, the Lord our God will cast all who mutiny against Him into that eternal death in Hell, where you will suffer for all eternity. Bangladesh is a cursed country forsaken by God because of its heathen beliefs. This is why God allowed a factory fire to kill hundreds of seemingly innocent workers. None of these workers were actually innocent. They were all sinners, evil heathens that God hates.

the Bangladesh factory collapse…a punishment from God!

Bangladesh is made up of Hindus, who God hates. These heathens are about to go on an 84 hour National Strike after fighting against their government. This is what the heathens do. In the United States, the government is shut down because of jerks like Obama trying to force Obamacare upon its citizens. In Bangladesh, the government and nation shuts down because the heathens do not feel like working, even though the Bible tells us that good work and the truth will set us free.

a Bangladeshi barbecue!

Did you know that God is punishing Bangladesh with malaria for accepting a heathen faith?

God uses these little guys to spread Malaria to punish the heathens!

Did you know that God allows poverty to ravish Bangladesh because its citizens reject Christ?

Did you know that in Bangladesh, people worship cows? This is even worse than the Jews worshipping a golden calf!

Did you know that tornados kill 179 people in Bangladesh every year? That’s more than anywhere else in the world! Why? Because God hates Bangladesh!

the hand of God at work

Did you know that Bangladesh is headed straight to Hell if they do not repent?

the statues in Bangladesh are blindfolded because of heathen religious beliefs!

Bangladesh is a nation of sinners, and an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

Fix it Bangladesh! Fix it!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

2 thoughts on “God hate Bangladesh, too!

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen Jim!

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