Dear Filipinos

This post is a followup post, initial post is here.

Dear Filipinos,

Do not get angry with me for sharing the Truth of God’s judgment with you! I would love to one day visit your nation and preach the Truth of His Gospel with you. I am getting many personal threats and attacks on my blog, but I am merely informing you that this typhoon is, in fact, a punishment from God. You cannot argue with Truth. You cannot argue with the fact that God punishes wickedness.

A Glimpse of Hell, where all unsaved are headed

God has punished the United States with the 9/11 attacks, hurricanes, and other disasters. He has punished Russia with meteor impacts and nuclear meltdowns. He has punished China with landslides. He has punished Japan with Tsunamis.

Filipinos, you are not the only people God has passed judgment on. Repent and your nation shall be saved. Continue sinning, and God may unleash more natural disasters on you.

I pray that you will repent and accept Christ as your Savior…in the TRUE CHRISTIAN WAY.


I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian

12 thoughts on “Dear Filipinos

  1. Devout Catholic says:

    Youre a true catholic? Oh yeah? Who are you to say that God is Punishing the Philippines? The Typhoon is on its way to Vietnam, so don’t tell me your next post will be about God punishing Vietnam? What is this blasphemy that you speak of? I am already praying for your soul, Jim.

  2. Jim Solouki says:

    To all those reading my shitty, self righteous, egotistical blogs…behold, the glimpse of hell with my pictures in it.

  3. You are one heck of liar says:

    God doesn’t punish. God forgives. How dare you sir speak of such things. You claim to be a True Christian but here you are spreading such twisted words. You cover lies with bent Christian beliefs. No one knows and will never know what God thinks. What happened to my country is not punishment but a trial. I believe that God gave us this phenomenon to test how faithful we are to Him.
    I won’t deny that some of my fellow countrymen have sinned. But in this world, is there someone who hasn’t sinned at all? You yourself are a sinner. Jesus Christ came down and sacrifice Himself in order to cleanse us. In that way the Almighty Father will be able to forgive us.
    If you are a True Christian, you will speak of Love and and will spread prayers for healing.
    I don’t need a prayer from someone like you (a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.) Take it with you. But I will send a prayer to God for my countrymen and another prayer for your soul. You are the one who will burn in hell if you won’t stop your lies, your assault and your false claims. Clearly, you are using God’s name wrongly.

    PS I’m a Catholic and I’m very much offended. We worship and love God just as much as Born Again Christians do. This is another reason why I won’t believe you since obviously you’re dissing our religion instead of respecting it.

  4. Oliver Bicaldo says:

    i am a sinner!!

  5. Thea says:

    You’re not a true Christian, Jim. And I don’t need prayers from a hateful man like you. I can’t believe I wasted my whole Monday morning viewing all your hate. Calling people “heathen” after saying you’ll pray for them isn’t merciful. It’s condescending and it makes you a hypocrite. Christ our Lord taught mercy, love and faith instead of “GOD HATES _________ AND YOU’RE ALL GOING TO BURN IN HELL HAW HAW HAW”.

    I wish you’d close this blog because you’re making more people turn away from Christianity. It’s because of people like you who make them think we’re all about hate and thinking we’re better than everyone else.

    Remember, Our Lord Jesus said:
    “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” -Luke 5:32
    Which is why he was merciful.

    But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” -Jude 1:9

  6. SILENT says:

    well, i’ve read your first post and I let it passed by. but this time,,you’re speaking ill of all Filipinos again. How dare you????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’re proud were Filipinos. yes we are divided when it comes to religion, but we know how to set these out. YOU DON’T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO SAY THAT GOD IS PUNISHING FILIPINOS. !
    There will be one moment in your life when you’ll feel what we feel right now. just wait for it! you’ll know how it feels.

  7. go-to-hell-jim! says:

    I think you are suffering from the sickness called schizophrenia.. Be careful.. It’s an uncurable disease.. You have a symptom called ‘Grandeur delusion’.. How pathetic.. Claiming yourself a ‘TRUE CHRISTIAN’ oh please..

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