Dear Filipinos

This post is a followup post, initial post is here.

Dear Filipinos,

Do not get angry with me for sharing the Truth of God’s judgment with you! I would love to one day visit your nation and preach the Truth of His Gospel with you. I am getting many personal threats and attacks on my blog, but I am merely informing you that this typhoon is, in fact, a punishment from God. You cannot argue with Truth. You cannot argue with the fact that God punishes wickedness.

A Glimpse of Hell, where all unsaved are headed

God has punished the United States with the 9/11 attacks, hurricanes, and other disasters. He has punished Russia with meteor impacts and nuclear meltdowns. He has punished China with landslides. He has punished Japan with Tsunamis.

Filipinos, you are not the only people God has passed judgment on. Repent and your nation shall be saved. Continue sinning, and God may unleash more natural disasters on you.

I pray that you will repent and accept Christ as your Savior…in the TRUE CHRISTIAN WAY.


I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian

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