God is punishing the Philippines!

Greetings True Christians!!

Did you know that God is punishing the Philippines for their tolerance of homosexuality, prostitution, Catholicism, and other sins? The Philippines are about to feel God’s wrath in the powerful form of a cyclone so great that the world has never experienced one of this intensity. If those of you in the Philippines had repented, you would not need to be punished. But you tolerate prostitution, homosexuality, and adultery, and God will make an example of you, much like he has with Haiti.

God’s hand at work

Pay heed to this coming disaster, True Christians. God can and will punish the wicked. After all, he killed everyone on Earth besides Noah and his family with the Flood. God detests wickedness and hates sin. God will, when He feels like it, bring about the death of sinners by His hand to quickly toss them into Hell. God hates the wicked, and the wicked will die by His hand so that they may be punished eternally in Hell.

the wrath of God is at hand.

The True Faithful in the Philippines will survive this trial. However, sinners will continue to perish unabatedly by God’s hand through this super-typhoon named Haiyan. God has killed at least 1200 heathens with Haiyan, and there may be more to come! Join with me, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray that God’s plan of retribution against the heathens and sinners will be complete. God will bring complete devastation upon the Philippines, and they will be wiped clean.

a sinner unsaved

Do not cry to God for mercy now, you sinful heathens. You have already rejected Him, and now that you face impending punishment, there is nothing that you can do. God will not help you now. God hates the Philippines, as is clear by the impending cyclone. Repent, sinners, or you may be next on God’s hit list!

I will be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

P.S. See my followup post here. Also, I explain exactly WHY God hates the Philippines here.

Also, join me in praying for the Filipinos and other sinners! I talk about it here.

UPDATE: I will be in the Philippines very soon! For more details on my trip to Manila and Passi City, see here! I’m boarding my last flight now!

195 thoughts on “God is punishing the Philippines!

  1. alexpo9 says:

    Dear Jim Solouki, I want to ask you some questions: If God hates heathens, then why did he die for them on the cross (Praise God!)? Why did God give his “begotten” son so that heathens can be saved? Would you die or take the punishment for someone you hate and who makes you really angry so that you think that he fully deserves his punishment? I’m sorry for being impolite but you’re a false prophet. You’re no true Christian! Jesus says that you shall not judge, for otherwise you will be judged. But that’s exactly what you do (suggesting to stone atheist for example). You understand bible verses completely wrong. Jesus means with the sword a mental sword that separates people from their families in order to spread the Gospel. You also don’t understand that it’s Gods task to punish heathens, not ours! (1.Corinthians 5 12-13) You also don’t understand that through Christ’s death and resurrection, we’re liberated from the law, which doesn’t mean that we’re allowed to sin, but that the punishments of Moses are not valid anymore, because God forgives. (The protection of the adulterer by Jesus gives proof for that) The only valid punishment for Christians is the exclusion from the Church in case of f.e. fornication. I’ll pray for you so that you learn the true message of the Gospel and become a real true Christian :).

  2. […] Islands as punishment for their sins. Martin and I covered this in a blog post, available here. The Filipinos did not repent, and now God is punishing them […]

  3. april says:

    I’m not sure you will be welcome in the Philippines once this goes viral.

    • April, we call for the Philippines to repent from their sinful ways. They can either embrace Jesus and stop suffering or continue to reject Him and continue to suffer. the choice is theirs to make.

      I will keep you in my prayers,

      Jim Solouki

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