New York State is Satan’s State!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the voters of New York have embraced Satan and are all headed straight to Hell? New York state is nothing less than Satan’s American playground. The state is already infested with atheists, Demoncrats, Hillary Clinton supporters, Catholics, criminals, evilutionists, prostitutes, and drug addicts. So what did the voters of New York do yesterday, on Election Day 2013? They voted to allow casinos to be built in their midst. Prior to this, a sad, dark, and evil day in New York’s history, casinos were only allowed on Native American Indian reservations. This was not a problem because these unwashed heathens are mostly going to hell anyway. What bothers me is the fact that casinos are now legal outside of reservation land, where True Christians might be tempted into lives of gambling and sin. Las Vegas allows casinos, and has morphed into one of America’s most visible gateways to Hell. New York will soon follow in the footsteps of Vegas.

Anthony Weiner, Satan’s toy

God is going to punish New York for its evil and for its sins. He already allowed the September 11th attacks to change the skyline of Manhattan, and New Yorkers didn’t listen. They elected a governor, Eliot Spitzer, who was a well-known client of prostitutes. They elected a congressman, Anthony Weiner, who loved nothing more than to text photographs of his genitalia to unsuspecting young and impressionable women. They elected Hillary Clinton as a senator, and gave safe haven to Jews, Communists, and Muslims. New York voted against Georg e W. Bush, God’s candidate, in both 2000 and 2004 (perhaps the first vote against Bush is what led God to allow the terrorists to actually attack New York, rather than give them heart attacks or making them die on the spot. The state of New York allows its homosexual scum to marry unmolested, yet refuses to lift a finger against the Catholic papist clergy who love nothing more than to molest. New York is ruled by the devil.

A typical New York priest, seen here molesting a child.

some New York strippers

New York, both the state and the city, is overrun by strip clubs, porn shops, and other places that sell sexuality for profit. And now its citizens have voted to allow casinos. Next thing you know there will be children running naked in the streets and strippers dancing in taxis! New York is the heathen hedonistic capital of the world, and may even be the True seat of the Biblical Whore of Babylon. God hates you, voters of New York. The next time a hurricane hits your state, that is a punishment from God. The next time God lets an AIDS-like virus burst into existence from a homosexual man having analsexual relations with a monkey, it will probably be in the heathen state of New York! Repent, New York, or burn forever in Hell.

God’s President, rejected by New York….TWICE! New York must be punished for this!

Join me in praying for the heathens of New York. Join me in the ways of Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki.

2 thoughts on “New York State is Satan’s State!

  1. Well first off… god isn’t real.
    2nd, 911 was done by a bunch of pissed of muslims.
    3rd, sex is not a bad thing as long as you’re not hurting anyone. There are 7 billion people on the planet.. guess how they got here? they all started out as someone wanting to have an orgasm..
    4th, stop using imaginary characters to take credit for what human beings do or to explain why people do certain things. There are good people and there are bad. Just because you’re religious doesn’t mean you’re automatically a good person. Nor does being an atheist make you a bad person. What makes you a good or bad person is your behavior to other human beings and how you treat them. That is a choice. And from what I see both sides have good and bad people.

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