Help us reach more True Christian readers!

Greetings True Christians!

Martin and I are feeling very blessed due to the wide-reaching readership we have reached on this blog so far. We have had over 145,000 views on 6 continents. We have had readers in almost every nation imaginable, other than North Korea, some island nations, Iran, and a few African nations. Martin and I would like to ask you, the silent majority of readers, the True Christians that follow our work on this blog, to help us spread the Truth of Christ. Share our blog with your friends! Send it to members of your church! Share our good Christian message with your family over dinner. Help us combat Satan’s grip on the world.

Martin and I are True Christians that receive no monetary compensation for our work on this blog. We merely want to reach the world and share the light of Christ with those who may not have received it. Share it with your heathen friends and use our clever questions for atheists in debates. Use our lessons on movies and video games and books to help your family avoid evil Satanic cultural fabrications. Help us spread the message of Christ to new readers!

How can you help us? If you are the author of a blog of your own, discuss us in a post. We will gladly return the favor. “Share” us in a facebook post. Put us on your twitter or on your Tumblr. In fact, I have just spent an hour in prayer, and the Holy Spirit has told me that every person that shares this page with their friends will receive a special reward in Heaven…that is of course, if they get to heaven.

How do you get to heaven? You must be born again. Heaven is the special playground that God Created for True Christians who detest the unwashed heathens. Heaven is a wonderful place, where the unsaved are unwelcome. It is a place where little children are free from a society which seeks to destroy them and where the poor are poor no more, where the hungry may eat their fill, where we can bask in the glow of Christ, kneel before Him, and feel the bright warm glow of His clemency and divine forgiveness upon our faces as the angels sing.

Don’t you want your loved ones to go to heaven? Don’t you want to fight Satan and all his works? Don’t you want to avoid eternal punishment and spend an eternity in paradise? Share this blog.

I can personally guarantee that all True Christians who share this blog will go to heaven after death, so it is worth the moment of your time that it will take! Thank you, and God bless!!

A message from your True Christian friends at

5 thoughts on “Help us reach more True Christian readers!

  1. Franco says:

    That was the worst publicity I have ever seen, anyway what is the name of your church?

    • Franco, I am a Born Again. I go to Church services at every TRUE Christian church that I can each weekend. I avoid the heathen Papist Catholic houses of molestation and idolatry and also the Mormon houses of polygamy, but I do visit most other churches from time to time.


      • Franco says:

        You didn’t answered my question, tell me one specific church that you often visit or do services, it’s because your identity is a mystery, you don’t have more links to your church in this blog or anything like that readers only know your name but not a picture of you, more info about, so your think of “bla bla bla Born Again” doesn’t answer my question.

      • I go to Southern Baptist services most often.

  2. Franco says:

    Well, but your identity is still a mistery for most of the readers, you never posted a picture of you, you don´t even put external links, I know that you live in San Antonio, Texas but there are a lot of the Southern Baptist Churches there.

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