The Legend of Zelda, Satan’s playground!

Greetings True Christians!!

Today we are going to be talking about the evils of Zelda! Zelda is an evil Satanic video game series created by the heathen Japanese, and has weaseled its way into the living rooms of good, unsuspecting True Christian families across America. I first encountered the Zelda series growing up, while my neighbor used to play it on his Nintendo Genesis 69. I was immediately struck by the inherently evil and pagan message preached by the series. I will restrict my criticism to the Ocarina of Time, since there is far too much heathenry in the entire series for one blog post!

this is Link, the Satanic, heathen “hero” of Zelda.

Why is Zelda evil? Let us count the ways. Oh, wait. We can’t break down the series into single occurrences of evil since the entire series is brought to you by Satan. Did you know that the Zelda game is played on a Japanese game system? Zelda was brought to America by the Japanese! Do you know what else the Japanese gave to America? Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not prevent the creation of the abominable legend of Zelda. That can be counted as a victory for the heathen Japanese.

these evil Japanese soldiers would be happy to know that American children are now playing Zelda.

Did you know that the Legend of Zelda mocks the Holy Trinity? The game has players interact with a “triforge”. This is an object which any True Christian easily can recognize as a facetious, denigratively mocking representation of the Trinity. The Trinity is holy. The Triforge is of the Devil, and no good will come of it.

Triforge, symbol of Satan that mocks the Trinity!

Did you know that Ocarina of Time also includes fairies? Do you know that fairies are heathen creations? While these fairies in Zelda seem harmless enough, what True Christian has not looked with sadness upon a teenaged girl dressed in a hedonistically revealing and unchaste Tinkerbell costume around Halloween? Peter Pan is also of the Devil, but we will stick to the evils of Zelda in this post. It is sad, but through video games such as the Legend of Zelda, our young children are being raised from an early childhood age to believe in Satanic fairies. Why do Americans tolerate their children believing in fairies but rejecting the One True God? This is disturbing stuff! This rejection of God in favor of heathen beliefs and atheism is one of the many reasons why God is allowing America to be punished every day with wars, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, ice storms, wind storms, flooding, drought, tornados, and other disasters. God has passed judgment on America, and more misfortunes will follow. America needs to return to a state where women are in the kitchen, men are in the workplace, children are in school, and Christ is in the classroom. It is only by returning to our Christian American roots that we will gain forgiveness from God. But I digress. Back to Zelda’s legend of sin.

this is what these fairy worshippers want our daughters to dress like.

it is also a known fact that there is a correlation between belief in fairies and male homosexuality. Thus, belief in fairies leads to sinful behavior.

Did you know that the Ocarina of Time attempts to interest children in a primitive lifestyle? Much like the primitive savage peoples that live in the jungle, the characters in Zelda live in trees and play heathen instruments like ocarinas. This is a form of evolutionary indoctrination! The creators of Zelda are trying to teach our children that civilized people came from these primitive savages. The intent of the creators of Zelda is to suggest that if civilized people came from savages, then these savages came from apes. This is a very subtle form of evolutionary indoctrination, but that should not be surprising. Satan works in many sneaky ways. Zelda even has a character that looks like a Japanese member of the KKK! This is teaching our children to be racist!

this is what the creators of Zelda want our children to believe!

the Zelda Klansman

note the resemblance between costumes. Isn’t it obvious that the Satanic creators of Zelda want us to be racist?

Did you know that the Ocarina of Time also contains witchcraft? Zelda casts spells and uses ritual magic in an attempt to gain healing or inflict pain on its enemies. The game portrays such practices as successful. This, in turn, teaches children playing the game that they can use witchcraft or practice Wicca and gain from it. In truth, if you are using Wicca or witchcraft, you just lost the game, because witchcraft is sin, and the wages of sin is death.

a scene of pagan witchcraft, inspired by, I have been told, fans of the Zelda series.

Reject the Satanic Zelda series! Let us keep Satan away from our children. Let us join together in protest of Zelda’s Ocarina of Sin. Let us remove Zelda from our households. Let us take back our computers for Christ!

My name is Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

35 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda, Satan’s playground!

  1. A human being that uses his brain. says:

    This is a joke, right. No one can be this ignorant.

    • dear friend. This is not a “joke”. I am a True Christian trying to do the Lord’s work and lead sinners away from Satan. I will keep you in my prayers.


      • Luke says:

        You really must be joking right? Your post is so convoluted it’s aggravating. You end the post by stating that Zelda is “teaching our children to be racist”, but right beforehand you say “Much like the primitive savage peoples that live in the jungle, the characters in Zelda live in trees”. Saying that people are primitive savages who live in the trees is pretty racist. In addition to this, you refer to Japanese people as “heathens” and say that one of the reasons that this game is evil is simply that it was invented by the Japanese. Again, this is a textbook definition of racism. Moving on, you argue that the “triforce” is an bastardization of the symbol of the Holy Trinity but offer no reason as to WHY it is, you just say that it is. I assume that what you’re referring to is the fact that there are three pieces to it (?), which of course is a ridiculous comparison to make seeing as with that logic you could say that anything that comes in a unit of three is “an object which any True Christian easily can recognize as a facetious, denigratively mocking representation of the Trinity.” With your same logic you could say that a value pack of three cans of tomato soup at Costco is evil and should be boycotted because it is saying that God is a tomato. Please, if you could give any sort of argument to support your findings and views on this subject besides “I disagree and will pray for you” to show me that you actually have a reason for feeling this way and writing this post beyond simply feeling that way or having someone tell you that this game is Satanic, it would be greatly appreciated.

      • You should see what these guys had to say about black vs. white basketball players.

    • Martin Baker says:

      No friend, this site is not a joke. It’s as legitimate as Jesus.

  2. not a homophobic conservative says:

    My brain hurts from the ignorance

  3. Bubba says:

    I recognize that this article is intended to be serious, and don’t get me wrong, I’m an active practicing Christian. I do my best to keep the commandments and I try to attend church every week, but this article and argument is full of logical holes.
    1. I don’t know what Japanese soldiers in WWII have to do with a video game series released in 1994, almost a full 50 years after the war ended.
    2. *Triforce – The Triforce hardly mocks the trinity, it almost stands to exalt the trinity, showing that God who is three is also one, and that he has all power and wisdom and acts accordingly. It you read into the actual subtext of the game however, it’s used to teach us that power without moral restraint or proper use of wisdom and action leads to darkness and hell, and the other two will ultimately overcome it.
    3. Few people these days actually retain a belief in fairies; usually it’s just small children. (I recognize that my word alone holds little weight but as background, I lived in Transylvania for 9 months and when I asked people, few people believed in them. As well, currently living in China, same responses here.) The idea at its creation was really rather comparable to the idea of aliens now, it was just a way for people to explain what they didn’t understand. As for the picture of the scantily fairy clad woman, while I don’t in anyway condone dressing that immodestly, but with current fashion trends, I’ve seen worse everyday wear walking down the street. Also, correlation does not equal causation; the correlation of fairy belief vs. homosexuality is no truer than a correlation between shark attacks vs. the rate of melting ice cream.
    4. Rather than trying to lead children to be interested in a primitive lifestyle, it’s more like they are trying to lead children to be interested in a more advanced lifestyle. You appear to have missed that point of the story. Looking back into the subtext, the Kokiri are a race of beings bound in endless childhood. Our hero, Link, breaks this cycle and throws off his childhood to take upon himself greater and more adult responsibilities. Also, it’s almost explicitly stated that the Hylians, (for the sake of this, humans), didn’t descend from the Kokiri, rather the Hylians have long predated them.
    5. Your KKK Klansman is one of four alternately colored guys with the original being green. The alternate colors were used to distinguish between them and no discernable political statement was intended. Also, fading a picture of, well… anything really, and pasting it on a picture of anything else in order to demean it gives you an unprofessional portrayal and lends you the appearance that you are stretching for an actual argument.
    6. With witchcraft, again, let’s back to the story. While witchcraft does exist in game, it is actually used by two evil witches who are defeated by Link showing that it doesn’t in-fact work. The power which Zelda and Link both use is specifically and directly stated to have come from the Triforce and in turn deity.
    7. I refuse to outright reject anything of moral quality and integrity that teaches anything that is uplifting in nature and in the portrayal of good overcoming evil. In these times, my children will need anything they can get that will pique their interests, which I can use to open doors to teach them more about God, and what he is and why he does what he does.

    Sorry about my rant, feel free to criticize. This response is not intended to offend.

    • Well Bubba, we disagree heavily on a number of things. However, as you do know Christ, I will agree to disagree with you on this, and will keep you, as I do with all people I interact with, in my prayers.


      • Bubba says:

        Thank you for your response, and I will keep you in my prayers as well, and may we be saved at that great and last day together!

      • Amen Bubba, even though we disagree, let us hope that we will both be lucky enough to be graced by the presence of Christ for all eternity!

      • That One Guy says:

        DUDE. This is crazy man I just had this dream like 2 months ago. This “Link” character was in it doing all these horrible things.. the entire time he was telling me to follow him..

        “follow me… follow me”

        I used to play Zeldas every day until then. Something happened and I awoke in a sweat. For 3 seconds the triforce was flashing in front of me!!!!! The walls started to bleed 😦 I was so scared.

        Zeldas truly are the Satans. The Japanese are out to corrupt are children.

        If you read into the manual of the game, it is FILLED with filth of pedophilia and sorcery!! Do not ever touch another Zeldas again!

        Thank you for you warning to the public! You TRULY are a man of God. I will keep you in my prayers. May Jesus save us all from this world.

        Fuck you.

      • Amen! The Zeldas are from Satan and must be destroyed. Thank you my brother in Christ! I haven’t seen the ungodly manuals but thank you for the warning!

        Yours in Christ,

        Jim SOlouki

    • Well Bubba, we disagree heavily on a number of things. However, as you do know Christ, I will agree to disagree with you on this, and will keep you, as I do with all people I interact with, in my prayers.


    • James McIver says:

      Honestly I wanted to say something on this,i used to be a Legend of Zelda player,i am a Christian and since i have stopped i have not played since.If you all would simply look at the Title from this series “The Legend of Zelda,Majora’s Mask” you will see that Ocarina of time’s sequel got so demonically twisted it turned Gothic,Pagan, Satanic & Celtic all at once in one game.The signs are all there,the festivals on the Sun & Moon like Pagans did (which Roman Catholics derived from to invade & twist the early Christian church into what it is today),and Sunday worship is actually worship of the Sun God in Pagan Religion not the true Sabbath of the Lord God which is actually on Saturday according to many Biblical scripture in the Bible going all the way back to the First book in Genesis.

      Something else i wanted to say,The witches,Zelda & other people don’t just use witchcraft,Link does it too in many of his items,such as in Ocarina of Time,the three jewels of the Goddesses,Dins Fire,Nayru’s Love, & Farore’s wind and many of the arrows also use magic such as fire,ice & light arrows. Those were just a small example,but in Majora’s mask,the witchcraft is everywhere & you use it for literally everything,The masks,tools,Mask creature forms & the list could go on and on to where i could make references in the Zelda series.

      Another note on the Triforce,it absolutely does mock the Holy Trinity of God,The supposed cult Illuminati is obsessed with triangles,they use it in lots of stuff you see today such as one of the performances at the Superbowl for example.The triangle idolatry is symbolized to represent Satan & his Illuminati cult.Another note is that in Ocarina of Time there is a talking Owl guiding you through the quest which as i have done many studies in the Illuminati cult (note that they are not free masons i come from a family of them and what the Illuminati does is falsely impersonate Free Masons to make us look bad we actually worship God & Jesus in there not Satan) and the Illuminati actually worships Owl Statues & owls themselves giving human sacrifices to them (Don’t believe me?Look up “Alex Jones Bohemian Grove” on the internet you will actually pick up a ritual he witnessed & attended & even got to hear Satan’s voice projected to that location by his demons and his then his demons spit fire down on the location.).

      The Holy Trinity itself is a representation of three separate beings,The Father,The Son & Holy Spirit which scripture also tells us that they are all One together at the same time (Hard to believe for many but what us Christians do believe is in this & it even mentions the trinity in Genesis if you study and look hard enough in the beginning).

      I myself am getting into Biblical Literature study and just this morning me and my wife found a discovery on Samson & his hair being cut off to a link of what God orders us in Leviticus to not cut our hair.It turns out when it is fully grown you could have more strength than normal humans like Samson did in the Bible,the Government has covered up this study and discovery since the Vietnam War when they were trying to recruit Indian Reservation trackers into the military for their supernatural abilities and then cut their long hair & beards to find that they lost their supernatural tracking,hunting & survival abilities mysteriously.

      Now i could go on for many more sentences and paragraphs but my last part of my writing is to the editor of this article,No Christian would mock or call other people names,killing with words is considered a commandment as well according to Jesus Christ.Please refrain from calling others names on threads and be polite and maybe you will have people take you more seriously.Jesus Christ had told us to turn the other cheek when things like that are done to us & also when people hurt us as well.Now there is something else to note for the editor,if you are calling it heathen its not its actually Pagan worship,look into it more and you will see.

      Kind Regards,James McIver.

  4. Dear Creation Science study – thank you for bravely bringing this so-called “game” to the attention of fellow parents.

    As a Christian home-schooler I feel that it’s important to become aware of the dangers that worldly culture pose to our impressionable kids. This Zelda is obviosuly nothing but deviant filth, the product of an insane pagan culture. I can see no value in allowing children to play this sort of thing. I’m aware that some adults play these games – I strongly suspect that these adult game players may be paedophiles.

    One more thing, do you have a private contact address: I’ve been inspired to write my own pro-family values christian-parenting site. My humble offering can be found here:

    I was hoping that I might contact you, perhaps we could work together to glorify Christ’s name by fighting liberal filth together.


    The Nevada Patriot.

  5. Franco says:

    Hahaha, keep working man you made me laugh Jim, you Martin, nobody asked your opinion, you ruin the fun Martin, but now regarding to this post, that was so funny, I liked the part of the “Nintendo Genesis 69” hahaha.

    • Franco, you may mock us now, but you will burn in hell later. Then we will mock you.

      Yours in Christ.


    • Franco, you may mock us now, but you will burn in hell later. Then we will mock you.

      Yours in Christ.


      • Franco says:

        Hahaha why? only because I am mocking you for the “Nintendo Genesis 69”? hahaha you are still funny with that reply keep working you bring me a smile, please can you analyze that band “One Direction”? I want to listen what do you think about them, because I am pretty sure it will be funny.

      • Caleb says:

        Excuse me Jim, I wanted to make a few statements. First off, Im a teen that lately has found an odd attraction to “The Legend of Zelda.” The first and only Zelda game I have played was “The legend of Zelda Phantom hourglass.” Heard of it? Well I got it when I was 7 on Christmas. By the way it was a bundle ds lite pack, I didn’t even know what the game was. I played it for like 5 minutes then I stopped and played with the games I asked for. Well, later I started playing more and more. About a year ago I played right from the start and beat the game and… I loved it. I even thought about playing it again. Then I started feeling odd attractions to want to buy two more games, “Wind Waker” and Spirit Tracks.” I didn’t really feel right about it so I looked up some things on the Internet and found this website. It was so Eye-opening. I truely believe god guided me to find this website. I am so thankful there are still people in the world who care about this stuff. Thank you Jim. I hope that these nonbelievers will soon find the way to god.

      • Thank you for reading and taking the time to write! I’ll keep you in my prayers! Jesus loves you Caleb, and continue to follow Him!

        Jim Solouki

      • Also, I haven’t seen Phantom hourglass. thanks for the warning though

  6. Franco says:

    Nintendo Genesis 69, what a cheap console buy the Wii Station 360 hahaha

  7. fowler90 says:

    I have a headache after reading this. Everyone else, read my article to help heal the pain

  8. A Guy who uses intelligent thought and sees that this article has to be a joke says:

    This has to be a joke. Play one of the games for CHRIST’S sake. By the way I am an Atheist.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Wrong, this is not a joke. It is legitimate as Jesus, and you are headed to Hell for being an atheist.

      • your friendly neighborhood hoodie says:

        let me just say… it doesnt matter whether or not you find these so called “satanic signs” in the game, it makes no difference whether or not they are there unless the creator of the game put them there for satanic purposes, and i doubt that zelda has made anyone a satanist yet.

      • Are you a Satanist? You’re certainly a heathen.

  9. Ignorance is bliss says:

    Well, this is at the top of my list of most ignorant rantings on the web. First off, the Japanese surrendered. But, of course out America being the evil, power hungry nation full of godless leaders it is, they kept this out of our history books. Secondly, your great country here funded the nazi’s. That’s not in our history books either. Point being, you clearly aren’t very well educated. Before you make stupid claims without any support bashing on other races, remember, you are supposedly a Christian, and Christians don’t judge, that’s God’s job, correct? You sound more like a Catholic with your ignorant name calling. Good luck going through life completely blinded by your ignorance. This is not a judgement, it’s a truthful observation based on the horrible writing you’ve decided to post on a public forum for all to see and comment on. Children and adults can still play Zelda, as long as they don’t take it’s message to seriously and remember it’s just a game. Much like candy land was when I was growing up. Oh, but I’m sure Candyland is for heathens as well. Oh well, off to play my Wind Waker game. I’ll pray for Jesus to help infuse you with some accurate knowledge. Remember, true Christians don’t pass judgement, you may need to work on following and being more true to your faith. Maybe spending more time spreading the love of thy lord rather than produce pointless articles as this. Just goes to show what a classroom education without any experience brings. Complete ignorance. One more thing, those things you believe written in those books in school and in the newspapers you believe or wherever else you et your info, those sources are controlled by the people that want you to believe all the ridiculous things you think to be correct. Just because you learned something in a classroom doesn’t mean it’s right. In fact, 95% of the time I would bet it’s the exact opposite. But, it’s the way the evil elite of our country brainwash. And judging by this article, they seem to be doing a fantastic job.

  10. 10bacon says:

    You guys are so stupid. The fact that there are two of you is amazing.

  11. “Nintendo Genesis 69”?!?
    WHAT?!? What system is THAT?!?

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