how heathens “do” homework

Greetings True Christians!

While searching the internet today I came across a very strange practice used by heathen college and high school students. There is apparently a “fetish” revolving around the idea of “homework slavery”. Basically, what happens is that a bunch of sexually aroused heathen males that are unable to otherwise interact with women offer to do homework for girls in return for an opportunity to interact with them. There is even a whole website devoted to it, where loser guys beg to do homework for girls!! This is funny but sinful stuff! If you don’t believe me, you can check the site out here.

True Christian friends, this is what our children are learning in college. Our girls are learning to use their sexuality to convince guys to do work for them. Our guys are allowing these whores of Babylon to boss them around and treat them like dirt in order to get a quick erection. Of course, everybody knows that an erection out of wedlock comes from Satan. In fact, the internet is Satan’s playground!

heathen males jump at the thought of doing homework for whores of Babylon like her.

Our society is depraved, screwed up, and headed straight to Hell. God abhors dishonesty, and God hates! Let us pray that these students and heathens one day receive the light of Christ into their hearts and into their lives. Let us take back our classrooms for Jesus. Let us take back campus for Christ. Join me in the fight against homework slavery! Let us free the homework slaves and lead them to Jesus!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!

30 thoughts on “how heathens “do” homework

  1. THE true Christian says:

    You are delusional.

  2. Alejandro says:

    How do you know what God hates? In the Bible I read he supports slavery. Do you think you’re some sort of decider?

  3. Hahahaha, you’re funny

  4. Dan says:

    thanks for the publicity!

    P.S Women have been using their sexuality to get what they want for over 100,000 years.

  5. Tate says:

    I agree, 100% More people should put this out there. So calls puts people on blast too!.

  6. Leon says:

    Maybe the next time you want to write a blog, let me proof it for you. Ill beg you to give me a quick erection in order to break down last Sundays advice from your minister. Here is the main problem with your thread. First, you call internet Satan’s playground, yet you troll pages like this and then pick one hell of a hot chick and post her in your blog.Second, not all the people on here beg to have work done, as a matter of fact I tutor more than anything. Third, this is obviously a bull shit blog you wrote, because it is way too funny! I enjoy your sense of humor.

    • Leon, this is not a “bull**** blog.” I am doing the Lord’s work and preaching to the few True Christians that happen upon the internet. What happens more often is I get accosted by sinners like you.

      what I find way too funny is that heathens like you will be barbecued by Satan in Hell for all eternity for rejecting Christ. It’s not funny because it happens; it’s funny because you make that choice in spite of the light of Christ shining in your face.

      I will be praying for you.


      • Leon says:

        Thanks Jim, and in the meantime keep trolling porn pages and talk about how evil they are…just remember, jerking off is a sin 😉

      • Leon says:

        Who do people like you have to do the “lords” work..I thought he was the all powerful..I guess he has off days as well? Keep up doing his work, slave!

  7. Brian says:

    Lol the Earth is 10,000 years old?!?! LOL LOL LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL.

  8. Stephen says:

    God gave us everything, correct? if that is true, He also gave us the tools and intelligence to use science, create technology, and all the other advances, and to interpret, argue and think through the results of these tools, many of them we created using His gift of intelligence.

    We used these tools to explore the universe He created,and, when we do, we find, using the tools that he has given us, that the tools tell us that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, and the Earth (and the solar system is 4.5 Billion years old) and that life has existed on the planet for more than 3 Billion years.

    What is wrong here, the tools that He has given us? Or is it the interpretation of a translation of an interpretation of the events as a prophet 4000 years ago was inspired to write about?

    • Were you there when the world was created? NO! God was there. And God has told us how the world was created in the Bible. It’s as simple as that Stephen. God said it, I believe it, that settles it.

      I will pray that you will one day come to see the Truth of the Holy Bible.

      Yours in Christ,


  9. Stephen says:

    I did not dispute that He created in 6 days, as you say, I wasn’t there, but every tool He has given us tells us it was a long time ago. So, why would He want us to think it was only 10,000 years ago?

    • I trust the Ussher Chronology. While some Christians try to reconcile the apparent old age of the Earth with the Gap Theory, I believe that the gap theory is flawed. Great scientific work has been done by the Institute for Creationist Research and Answers in Genesis, among others, to show that the Earth is very young in age.

  10. Stephen says:

    If you believe the pseudo-science that is created based on this, that is your belief. However, there is one Judge, and Him and I, we talk, and I got my deal with Him. I do things well, I be a good person, and try to enlighten all those I meet to think for themselves, and I’ll be fine.

    I think you are just totally wrong. Even most creationists (over 70%) are OK with the accepted age of the Universe and Earth. (Mostly they believe that Humans have only existed less than 10,000 years and that God’s days are quite a bit longer than our days, He is timeless, I doubt He watches the clock.)

    I hope your God will open your eyes to modern science, which He gave us to use, since you shut them pretty tight. I know when someone has been lost, and you, my friend, are lost. I hope you will be saved one day by the wonderful gifts of Science and Technology, reasoned thought, and Medicine, both physically and spiritually.

    Anyway, this has been extremely stimulating, but I have someone’s homework to do.

  11. Franco says:

    Good man, continue posting that hot pics as you always do that, I come to this site principally for that pics.

  12. Franco says:

    Hey Jim don’t let Satan deceive you, your blog is cursed by that sinner pictures, if you don’t repent in time and delete the blog God will punish you for that pictures, anyway if it is an example you are putting that, you are committing the sin, SINNER SINNER SINNER pseudo religious. CHECKMATE!!!!!

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