The Morsi Trial. A Christian perspective.

deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is facing trial in Egypt.

Since former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is about to be put on trial for his heathen Muslim crimes against humanity and against Egypt, I think it is time to discuss Morsi from a Christian perspective. The United States and the world has become a safe haven for atheists, pastafarians, for Satanists, and even for Muslims!! Even after these Muslims tried to destroy American culture and did destroy American lives on September the 11th, 2001, they are tolerated. The skyline of New York City was forever changed by Muslim violence. Morsi incited acts of violence against innocent protesters, many of them lashing out against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, and Islamic view. We must not allow these Muslim pigs to remain in power. Egypt is doing the right thing by putting Morsi and his Muslim “brothers” on trial. These sinful heathens deserve all punishments that come to them, and even more. God will punish them greatly in Hell, perhaps in a special chamber of Hell lined with pigs, Whoppers, sandpaper, and syphilis with a soundtrack of polka music and heavy Satanic metal provided by the Devil. Satan will enjoy tormenting these heathens for all eternity.

this is Hell, where all the unwashed unsaved go.

Did you know that Mohamed Morsi was named after the false prophet Mohamed, and raised as a Muslim? Morsi is a heathen sinner that needs to accept the Christian faith and reject the myth of Islam. Mohamed Morsi attempted to turn Egypt into a Muslim nation, and wanted to relegate Christians to a status lower than that of Muslim women. And we all know how Muslims treat their women. Muslim women are treated as property, as sexual slaves, as victims that may be raped repeatedly by their husbands if they do not adequately fulfill their husband’s sexual desires. While the mentality that a woman should be obedient to and serve her husband is a teaching which is consistent with True Christian values and belief, Muslim women are beaten and forced into obedience while Christian women serve their husbands willingly. This difference exists because Christianity is the One True Faith and its followers obey God’s laws willingly. Islam, on the other hand, is an abomination and its followers will obviously rebel repeatedly against what they believe to be God’s law…especially since this “law” is given to them through Mohamed by Satan the deceiver.

Mr. Mohamed “Christ-less” Morsi faces either life in prison or the death penalty. While if Morsi spends his life in prison there is a slim chance that he might come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, if Morsi is executed, he will most likely be tossed straight into Hell and be greeted by Darwin, Nixon, Carl Sagan, Mother Theresa, and the other denizens of Hell. Unlike Christopher Hitchens, who repented and embraced Christ on his deathbed, Morsi will most likely not repent. Why? Because the evil heathen Muslims bribe their faithful with promises of 72 virgins in paradise.

Mohammad, false prophet of Islam

Did you know that the United States provided 1.3 BILLION dollars a year to the Egyptian government under Morsi? They provided 1.3 BILLION dollars. Every year. To Morsi and his Muslim heathen cronies. Yet here in America, we are seeing “Under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, “In God We Trust” potentially being removed from our currency, the Ten Commandments removed from courthouses, and Christ removed from Christmas. God allowed the September 11th attacks to occur as a warning to this formerly Christian but now godless nation. The United States was founded as a New Jerusalem, built on Christian virtue. Much like the Jews in Israel that God led into slavery, exile, and other punishments, God will unleash his anger on the United States. And indeed, He has done this with hurricanes, earthquakes, and by allowing terrorists to attack this once great nation. America needs to stop mocking God, stop electing Muslim heathens like Barack Hussein Obama to public office, and provide monetary aid to Christian churches and organizations in America, NOT to heathen Muslim governments in the Middle East that hate America and would like to see us all dead.

a monument featuring the 10 Commandments being removed from a courthouse in America

the Atheists even use hole punches to remove God’s name from American money!

the Egyptians get it…why don’t we?

the Demoncrats even forced REAGAN to deal with the mujahadeen. These are the people that your tax money supports, boys and girls.

Kent Hovind, True Christian scientist, was jailed by the Federal Government on fake charges because he dared question the doctrine of Darwinism and support the Truth of Creation.

From a Christian perspective, the Morsi trial offers signs of progress. The Muslim scum are losing their grip, at least a little bit, at least in Egypt. Perhaps there is hope for the Christians living in Egypt, that they might one day receive their freedom to worship with no harassment from the Muslim pigs. Islam is a lie created by the devil; even Islamic pseudoscientists know that. Unlike Christian Creationists, who are true scientists, Muslim “Creationists” are liars and frauds.

the evils of evolution and atheism

this photograph of the remains of Noah’s Ark proves the Bible is true.

every atheist’s worst nightmare

Did you know, for example, that Muslim Creationists, much like Darwinists, use fraudulent images in their textbooks? While the Darwinists present Haeckel’s embryos, peppered moths, Archaeopteryx, and the fake but popular whale evolution model as evidence of evolution, the Muslims use pictures of fishing lures as insects. The Darwinists and Muslims are both frauds, and both should be kept away from our classrooms and our children.

the Islam “Creationists” use this fishing lure image as a photo of a “caddis fly” in their textbooks. They are not true scientists, unlike honest Christian Creationists. Do not let their shoddy science deceive you! Trust only CHRISTIAN scientists!

Archaeopteryx is, was, and will always be a true bird, of the bird “kind.” This is not evidence of evolution, at all. Do not let the evilutionists lie to you.

these are in every Darwinist textbook even though Darwinist agnostic Stephen Jay Gould says they are fake. Lying for atheism and evolution yet again!

The Darwinists and the Muslims both believe that Jesus was not the Son of God. The Darwinists and Muslims also both believe that polygamy is natural (since Muslims believe that they get 72 virgins in paradise and Darwinists believe that men should be able to have orgies and engage in extramarital sexual relationships with many women). However, the Darwinists are still far worse than the Muslims. While the Darwinists and atheists embrace homosexuality and gay marriage, the Muslims stone homosexuals. This is one place where I agree with the Muslims. Homosexuals and homosexuality should be destroyed. However, while I believe in the True Christian God and will spend eternity in the presence of God our Creator and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my True Christian faith, the Muslims are still going to Hell for their flawed, Satan-guided beliefs.

two of the 72 virgins that Muslims will encounter in hell. These virgins have syphilis and are only attracted to each other.

If the Egyptians do execute Morsi, Satan will be waiting with open arms to welcome his friend and servant into Hell. Let his eternal fate serve as a lesson to you all. Reject Christ and go to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars or seventy two virgins. Go straight to hell. There is nothing that Satan loves more than a non-Christian. Reject Satan. Accept Jesus. Worship the one True God, because God is a jealous God and abhors heathens. Let us reject all heathens. Let us take back America for Christ. Want to go to heaven? Unsaved unwelcome. You must be born again. Accept Him and save your soul.

Ask in prayer with an open heart and open mind and Jesus, who was a carpenter by trade, will rebuild your heart of stone into a heart of love alone.

this is your Savior. Embrace Him.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Jesus has dominion over all Creation, even dinosaurs.

14 thoughts on “The Morsi Trial. A Christian perspective.

  1. A REAL Christrian says:

    With all due respect, my oh so good friend, you are not the smartest person in the room.
    -A Christian

    • Dear friend, I never claimed to be intelligent. I am doing the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ and trying to warn our fellow Christians of the evils in society that face all of us every day.

      Your Christian friend,
      Jim Solouki

      • Jar jar from hell says:

        Dear asshole
        I am a Christian who supports God and Jesus and The Holy Sprit
        How dare u fucking accuse of me hating Jesus. I follow Jesus. I am a democrat so kiss my ass

        One u accuse of being evil on the star wars shit u posted
        Two u accuse me of hating Jesus

        So u committed some sins.
        So good bye and may u and martin burn in hell with Hitler.

      • Dear Unwashed Unsaved Demoncrat, all Demoncrats hate Jesus! Hell, they even have abortion parties and eat fetuses! I read an article about that on the internet, and I do not trust anyone that would proclaim themself a Demoncrat. I cannot believe that you would align with the party of Hillary Clinton and yet have the gall to proclaim yourself a True Christian.

        Also, if you were a True Christian, you would not swear repeatedly. For every non-Christian phrase, Satan adds one more nail to your coffin.

        I entreat you to repent, and you are likely going to be barbecued in Hell if you do not give up your sinful ways. Martin and I will enjoy watching you from Heaven!

        Yours in Christ,
        Jim Solouki

  2. bob says:

    The first amendment of the constitution allows freedom of both speech and religion. So while you’re protected to preach this hateful rhetoric, I am also protected in my ability to be a Luciferian.

    • so you support the US funding terrorists in the Middle East while assaulting True Christian belief. Sad.

      • bob says:

        I said no such thing…I don’t support the killing of my fellow man in any way, shape, or form regardless of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation. I’m sure Jesus preached of love and tolerance. Or am I mistaken in that assumption?

      • Bob, you argued against Christian belief being displayed in America, which is a True Christian nation based on True Christian beliefs.You must be a demoncrat.

  3. aevitaslp says:

    So you have been gone for so long, and this is what you return with? no cool man, not cool. I really want to know where you can get all this hate; when the teaching of Jesus were all about Love and peace. Really. where can you get all your rage from? Makes me glad I am atheist, because that makes me different from you. Surprisingly I value life more than you a “True Christian”, whose prophet specifically healed and forgave EVERYONE even the guys who killed him. I am thinking you have a long way to go before you can really call yourself a christian, “True” or otherwise.

    • Hello heathen. I have spent a few months in Africa living with the unwashed unsaved, and managed to bring an entire village to Jesus. The Bible tells us that the only way to heaven is to be born again in Christ. Where do I get my rage and hate from? I detest sin in all its forms and hate all allies of Satan.

  4. Batman says:

    God isn’t real, dude.

  5. danny wahl says:

    I love the picture of gay jesus the carpenter

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