God hates the New England Patriots!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God is punishing the New England Patriots, Tom Bradey, and Bill Belichick for cutting Tim Tebow from their team? The Patriots are not winning games this year and Tom Bradey is not playing like a winner.  The Patriots will not make the playoffs, and Tom Bradey will not throw for fifty home runs this year. Why? Because God is punishing the team for the release of God’s True servant, Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow, winning with Jesus

It is a proven fact that when Tim Tebow is on the field his teams when games. When he is benched (by the evil NY Jets last season), these teams are not even competitive.   Tim Tebow is a true Christian soldier, and the NFL will be punished for holding him back.

Tim Tebow contemplating the fate of unsaved sinners

Jesus is coming very soon, and will destroy all who fight against Him. He is already punishing the NFL for rejecting His servant Tim Tebow.

Look at the NFL this year.  Many many players have torn their ACLs or otherwise had their seasons ended. Why? Because of the Tim Tebow release. Since the NFL has forsaken Tim Tebow, God has forsaken the NFL.

Tim Tebow, True Christian leader

Mr. Bradey, your time will soon come. God will punish you and your Patriots for the release of Tebow.  God hates sinners. God hates all who fight against Him. Therefore, New England Patriots, God hates you.

Bradey and Belichick, Satan’s helpers

 I suggest that all True Christians join a campaign for Tebow to return to the NFL.  Let us join together. We can call our movement the Teabaggers for Tebow. After all, Tebow represents True Christian Republican Americans, and Belichick and Bradey, the evil heathen scum who took his job and cut him, are no better than Barack Obama and the Demoncrats.

Belichick, much like Barack Obama, would take Jesus out of the classroom and out of the hearts of our children

Join with us Christian friends, and reject the evil Patriots!

A True Christian message brought to you by your friends at Creation Science Study,

Jim and Martin

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