Why Muslims are better than atheists!

Dear friends,

Are you tired of the Atheists making claims that they are better than Muslims? Atheists claim that they are morally superior than Muslims, but let’s look at the facts below:

1. Atheists want to force homosexuality and gay marriages, especially in America, but Muslims are doing a good job by preventing it from spreading in Iran and other Muslim countries. After all, Muslims know the importance of family values and they know that homosexuality is wrong and evil. You also never hear Muslim men talking about killing themselves for 72 male virgins.

2. Atheists don’t believe anything! Muslims believe in the false god, Allah, and they also believe in Jesus and that Satan is real. However, they don’t acknowledge that Jesus was actually the son of God, but as a perverted prophet!

3. Muslims are against pornography, strip-bars, and other forms of adultery. They know this is wrong, but atheists say it’s okay to commit these acts of adultery!

4. Atheists believe in evolution and worship Darwin. Muslims are against the teaching of evolution, and they do a good job at preventing others from believing it.

5. Atheists killed way more people than Muslims did! Look at the actions of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler and try telling me that 9/11 killed more people than the atheists!

6. Atheists are trying to destroy marriage by wanting gay marriages to happen, but Muslims don’t want the gays to ruin marriage.

Whatever claims the atheists make about being better than the Muslims, simply do not believe them. Also do not forget that the Muslims, just like the Catholics and the Mormons, are misguided by what they believe in, and they need to be preached about the real word of God. Once the Muslims know the Gospels and the real Jesus, they shall be set free and will live everlasting salvation!

Your friends,
Martin and Jim

9 thoughts on “Why Muslims are better than atheists!

  1. aevitaslp says:

    Which means the same as ” Fake as Jesus!” Glad you clarified!

  2. aevitaslp says:

    You do know, that I am talking about mythical Jesus. The one who walked on water, made water in to wine, resurrected, and all that. I’m not saying Jesus wasn’t a real person. I like to imagine Jesus as a hippy, not white as depicted, more you know, middle eastern. Like where he was born ; same with the “virgin” Mary. He had an awkward childhood, since everyone knew his mother was a cheater and a liar to her husband. He grew up trying to maintain a good life and repair his mothers reputation. While trying to get people to be good people. Using a variety of tricks made the people in the past believe he was the son of god and it worked. And here we are today, having this talk on a blog, about a guy who was a damn good liar.

  3. aevitaslp says:

    Also Hitler was a God fearing man. In other words, he was not an atheist. Which leads me to question, do you even do research, like actual research on subjects, before you talk or do you just speak before the “bullshit blocker” in you brain stops you?

  4. Abdul Ahmed says:


    1. Joseph Stalin:
    This is sure a communist leader but unlike others, Joseph was a extremist. His hatred for Religion and Theists and his admiration for domination of Atheism in Russia had him target and kill as much Theists all over Russia. During his time, Churches and Temples in Russia were destroyed because he wanted to stop the practising of Religion. Joseph Stalin is the reason why Russia broke into small Religious states.

    2. Dugan Revolt:
    Between 1648 and 1878, around twelve million Hui and Han Chinese were killed in ten unsuccessful uprisings. Hui and Han Chinese were the Muslim races in China who were killed in an internal offence massacre by Atheist communities.

    3. Caucasian War:
    This was a Russian war handled against Muslims. It killed about a million in Russia and 50,000 in Turkey invasion of Russia.

    4. Toyotomi Hideyoshi:
    The Atheist Japanese leader who banned Catholicism and Christianity in Japan. Catholics showed no reaction. A Christian boy named Amakusa Shiro Tokisada led a huge campaign for Christian rights in Japan and as a result, Japanese killed about 40,000 Christians.

    5. Denmark:
    Denmark is an 80% Atheist country, and for the few last years, killings of Muslims in Denmark has been done in public. An amount of Muslims is killed in Denmark on routine basis. A very big amount of Muslims is killed every year in Denmark. Last year, on the occasion of Eid, Muslims were hijacked in Mosques during Eid prayers and shot in the mosques. Denmark is one of the modern countries in which killing of Muslims by Atheist population is very common and international media is silent.
    Sweden, France and some parts of United Kingdom are also examples of modern Atheists killing Muslims without the fear of law authorities.

    And still u’re not ashamed!

    • I see that you are knowledgeable about what the atheists caused, but I fear you are a Muslim because your name sounds Muslim and not Christian. You need to repent and be Born Again, and you will be a true soldier for Christ!


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