17 thoughts on “Here is why evolution fails. Questions you can ask to the atheists!

  1. Edgar Slivers says:

    Hi, I don’t want to be nasty, I just want to ask a very sincere question. Is this a joke? This entire website?

    Because if it is, it is superbly brilliant on the level of Andy Kaufman and you should be applauded.

    If this is in some amazing, twisted world your true beliefs then very thorough answers can be found with simple research. Like, you can’t evolve wings, because that is not how evolution works. How can you disagree with something you don’t understand the basic tenets of?

    Please don’t come back and say, “well it’s not in the bible.” You do understand that the bible you have in your house is a translation of a translation of a translation (x50-100) of various books that was hand chosen from over 200 and edited and selective transcribed from dead languages. The original texts are 2nd hand accounts of oral stories that existed only in oral form for 100 years before documentation. You understand that this isn’t — there is no actual ‘word of God.” Please tell me this site is a brilliant joke.

  2. LeeMrk says:

    I hope Edgar is right, and that this is a joke site; sadly, I fear that the stupidity actually goes bone deep and you really believe this crap that you write.

  3. argent47 says:

    (supposing that this set of questions is meant seriously)

    1. If Evolution is true, then why do scientists call it a theory?
    —Because “truth” and “theory” don’t mean what you seem to think they mean. A theory is a well-supported system of ideas, based on physical evidence, that describes a natural phenomenon. It is able to make logic- and evidence-based predictions about the subject matter, and is subject to testing and revision (and even discarding) based on further information.
    Evolution is true–we see it happening. We describe it as best we can via our theories.

    2. If evolution is true, then why can’t I evolve wings when I want to?
    —Because evolution does not work that way. You can’t just will your DNA to change.

    3. Have you heard of the man prints that have been found with dinosaur tracks in Texas?
    —Yes, we have heard of the Paluxy River tracks. We have also heard that the notion has been debunked.

    4. If the T.rex was a meat eater, then why do its teeth look as if they were created for crushing coconuts and raking leaves?
    —You don’t need dagger-like teeth to crush coconuts. (The shells would get caught in such teeth.) You do need penetrating teeth for biting into meat.

    5. Why has Richard Dawkins become afraid to challenge Ray Comfort and other Christians in debates?
    —Is this truly so? Is he actually afraid? Can you document this from unbiased sources?

    6. Should we stop going to church, steal, rape, go to strip bars, and do other sins if it is true that we came from monkeys?
    —(1) We did not come from monkeys; there was an ancestral form that gave rise to us and to monkeys. Monkeys are our cousins, not our grandfathers.
    —(2) Not going to church, and going to strip bars, are not generally held to be sins — unlike stealing and raping.
    —(3) We have advanced *beyond* what monkeys can conceive of, in terms of morality. (However, note the moral behavior among bonobos; interestingly similar to ours.)

    7. Why are there still monkeys today if we came from monkeys?
    —Because *some* of our mutual ancestors changed in our direction; *some* changed in the monkey direction. (As noted above, we did not “come from monkeys”; we are their cousins.)

    8. Why can’t we see monkeys give birth to humans in the zoos?
    —Because monkey DNA is not the same as human DNA, which is necessary to make a human.

    9. Did you know that the Piltdown Man was a hoax?
    —Yes, it has been known since 1953. This is a good example of the self-correcting nature of science. (The realization took a while, unfortunately, but humans are fallible. But we can improve, too.)

    10. If the birds came from dinosaurs, then why have we not seen any fossils that prove that Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and T.rex flew? After all, how could the T.rex take off to the air with those tiny arms?
    —Because birds’ ancestors did not include the greater dinosaurs. They came from much smaller ones, so the mention of the big ones is irrelevant.

    11. Why was Richard Dawkins stumped by creationists when he was asked a simple question?
    —Here’s a comment posted at the YouTube version of this:
    “What a moronic question. Do you believe in mutations? Good. Do you believe in duplication and translocation of genes (it has been observed in experiments many times)? Good. Now, imagine that a gene is duplicated, and perhaps translocated to a different location on the chromosome. Now, imagine that this gene undergoes base pair mutations over time. There you have it–a new gene that has increased the size of the chromosome.
    “I don’t know why Dawkins had trouble with this, but everyone messes up.”

    10. How did the Grand Canyon form?
    —By many years’ (not weeks’ or months’) work of the Colorado River, eroding a lifting landscape.

    11. Have you seen a pocketwatch, a painting, an airplane, or a soda can spontaneously form by itself from a junkyard?
    —No, but the question is foolish to begin with. That’s not how entropy works. (Life is contra-entropic; that’s part of what makes it special. But that does not make it magical; life must still follow the rules of chemistry. Note that, under these rules, various atoms and molecules have a *tendency* to react and combine. Systems with tendencies are not random, so the “tornado in a junkyard” analogy is useless.)

    12. Are you aware that there are gaps in the fossil record?
    —Are you aware that fossilization is a rare event, so that “gaps” in the record are expectable rather than mystifying?

    13. How could a dog-like creature that was swimming all of a sudden turn into a whale?
    —It was not “all of a sudden”; it took millions of years, which is a time span that you (and everyone else) cannot directly comprehend. You can appreciate it, though, if you’re willing to try. Are you?

    14. If the scientific community agrees with everyone about evolution, then why are they divided? For example, many scientists claim we came from monkeys, but people like Lawrence Krauss and Carl Sagan claim we came from star stuff.
    —You are talking about different things, which cannot be rightly combined.
    (Again: we did not come from monkeys. We came from an ancestor common to us both.)
    Coming from a proto-simian ancestor does NOT mean that we did not also come, ultimately, from star stuff. Everything on, and of, and in, Earth is leftover star stuff; some of it has developed and complexified since the beginning, that’s all.

    15. How can evolution be true if Ray Comfort demonstrated it to be false with a banana?
    —He did nothing of the kind. He observed various coincidences of form, that’s all. Note that some other foods that we enjoy are also approximately hand-shaped and -sized, such as carrots; and some are not, such as watermelons.

    16. How did some fish all of a sudden decide to walk on land?
    —As with the whales’ ancestors, it was not sudden. To claim otherwise is to display ignorance and foolishness.

    17. If evolution is true, then how can it explain our human emotions, gravity, angular momentum, sunsets, or other phenomena we see everyday?
    —Emotions are a development of organisms’ ability to react to their environments via internal chemical changes.
    Evolution (in the biologic sense) has nothing to do with gravity, angular momentum, sunsets, or other non-biologic phenomena. The term “evolution” is also used to describe the developments — NOT the origins — of cosmic phenomena; did you get confused about the two different areas of applicability of the term?

    18. Did you know that Communism and Nazism were inspired by evolution?
    —If so, so what? Communism (in the true sense, not the evilly perverted forms that arose in the 20th century) is a good thing. “All for one, and one for all” — fully cooperative, helpful behavior. This is a good evolution away from older, autocratic ways of thinking.
    Nazism, with its “social Darwinism” notion of the “master race” being the fittest, and so surviving, was a perverse, evil lie. That does not discredit the notion of evolution; it just discredits the ability of some people to understand it.

    19. Why has there been no “Missing Link” found by the scientific community for human evolution, bird evolution, whale evolution, or any other evolution claim?
    —What exactly counts as a link? A “transitional form”, of which we have various examples already? (See above, though, about the rarity of fossilization and the consequent unlikelihood of finding all the examples that we might like.)

    20. Why are there no transitional fossils found if evolution is true?
    —There ARE transitional fossils. See above.

    21. Why is the Coelocanth considered a living fossil and proven to not have changed over these millions of years if evolution is true?
    —Evolution does not inescapably change everything. Most genome changes make no overall difference to the organism; some changes are destructive and do not survive; a lucky few are improvements. But it’s random, and slow.

    22. How did something complex like the eye or a leaf form?
    —Through many incremental changes in earlier, less fully developed or adapted structures.

    23. Did you know racism started after Darwin published his Origin of Species?
    —This is simply not true. Racism is, unfortunately, a very old phenomenon. Recall the European slave trade, which was “alive and well” long before Wallace and Darwin.

    24. Why do we see no half-human half-monkeys, crocoducks, or fronkeys today if evolution is true?
    —Again, because evolution does not work that way. See above.

    25. How can we come to understand Christ if we believe in evolution?
    —Because Christ spoke of how to get along with each other (and with God). He did not say, “The notion of the incremental development of life forms over long stretches of time comes from Satan.” (He did not say *anything* about developmental biology.)

    26. Did you know that believing in evolution is responsible for racism, pornography, lies, sins, homosexuality, and other sins?
    —No, because (again) this is an untruth on your part. There are believers in evolution who are also racists, etc.; and there are those who do not believe in the demonstrable truth of evolution, and they are racists, etc. too.
    There is no connection, and to claim otherwise shows you to be foolish at best.

    27. Does God matter if we should believe in evolution?
    —If there is a God (of the interacting type, rather than of the Deist type), then He/She/It does matter, whether we believe a fact or not. (Choosing to disbelieve a simple fact is useless at best, by the way.)

    28. How did the planets and stars all of a sudden form by the Big Bang explosion?
    —This requires a long answer, which you can find for yourself with only a little encyclopedia research. Go for it.

    29. Why should we consider rape to be wrong if we should believe in evolution?
    —Because the concepts are disjoint. Knowing that organisms change has nothing to do with knowing that mistreating each other is wrong.

    30. If mutations for evolution are good, then why are they bad for us, such as sickle cell anemia?
    —Not all mutations ARE good, as mentioned above. Most are neutral; some are good; some are bad. Sickle cell anemia is in the latter camp.

    31. If evolution is true, why is it not mentioned in the bible?
    —Because the Bible is a book of history, politics, and sociology; it does not concern itself with developmental biology.
    Also, evolutionary changes (in the macroscopic world, at least) are very difficult to observe because of the long time-scales involved, even if you have a culture with a well-developed scientific method — unlike that of the People of the Book.

  4. kiki says:

    1. In Science, a theory is a systematic and formalized expression of all previous observations; it is predictive, logical, and testable.

    2. Because an organism evolves to adapt to its environment, not through will power. Humans don’t need wings, we have planes.

    3. Were they made at the same time?

    4. Their teeth look like they were designed to rip of meat.

    5. Because he may get too tempted to hit them in the face with a biology book, I guess.

    6. Your sense of moral isn’t determined by your genes. Should Norwegians become pirates and kidnap beautiful women?

    7. We don’t came from monkeys, we are distant cousins, like wolfs and Chihuahuas.

    8. Do you even know how biology works?

    9. Yes, but that wasn’t the only fossil found.

    10. There are feathered fossils, actually.

    11. He couldn’t believe there are people that stupid in the world.

    10. Erosion.

    11. That’s not evolution, that’s alchemy and it’s better explained in Fullmetal Alchemist.

    12. Yes, I am. So?

    13. I wouldn’t call a few million years as “all of the sudden”

    14. Krauss and Sagan studied the origin of the universe, not the humans.

    15. Bananas do have a slippery surface, the human hand is adapted to hold pretty much everything. Fruits also evolved to look appealing to animals. When an animal eats a fruit and later excretes it, it spreads the fruits seed so it will later become a tree. Also, yellow bananas are human made through highly selective bred, just like Chihuahuas.

    16. Again, millions of years of adaptation isn’t “all of a sudden”

    17. I don’t see how evolutions should have anything to do with sunsets.

    18. Hitler was a catholic too, you know?

    19. There are hundreds of fossils that demonstrate how those animals evolved. I suggest a visit to the Natural History Museum.

    20. Such fossils do exist. Again, visit the NHM.

    21. Because evolution is a way to adapt to your environment. It didn’t need to adapt, ergo, it didn’t evolve.

    22. Through evolution.

    23. Did you know that in the Old Testament God commanded the Israelites to attack and destroy different religions and ethnic groups, for petty and often non-existent reasons? That’s racism.

    24. I’m starting to think you’re confusing evolution with Pokemon. It’s not the same.

    25. You can be a good person, no matter what. I believe in evolution yet I’m kind because I want to.

    26. Did you know that believing in God is responsible for racism, genocide, incest, rape, and other sins?

    27. Not really, no.

    28. Again with the “all of a sudden”…

    29. Right, because never a priest have raped a little boy.

    30. People with only one of the two alleles of the sickle-cell disease are more resistant to malaria. I’d say that’s a beneficial mutation.

    31. Is a MacDonalds false because it’s not mentioned in the Bible?

    I know this site is a satire and that it’s as “legitimate as Jesus”, but maybe a real creationist will read this 🙂

    • Martin Baker says:

      This site is not satire. It is about creation science and spreading the word of God.

      • argent47 says:

        “Creation science” is an oxymoron, since it does not follow the investigatory, self-correcting path of science.

        (BTW, which god? There are so many…)

  5. Murgy says:

    “4. If the T.rex was a meat eater, then why do its teeth look as if they were created for crushing coconuts and raking leaves?”

    Raking leaves.
    Made my day.

    • God made all his creations to eat vegetables before Adam and Eve sinned!


      • argent47 says:

        I’ve actually seen this seriously proposed. Kinda weird, though, that all the “proto-carnivores” were changed — in dentition, digestive structure & chemistry, and psychology — just because humans succumbed to temptation. Why did the carnivores need to be changed? Why were they not “good enough” when first created? (Yeah, I know…they were part of the Grand Scheme to introduce death and suffering throughout the changed world. It still sounds silly, though.)

  6. Charlie says:

    I think if we cannot observe a theory and yet we have witnesses in the millions over the centuries and prophecy and common sense than we know God exists. And it’s true. Commons sense says that things work in conjunction to each other. All the parts of your body.. the blood.. heart and all of that. The millions of complex life forms and the universe that is so big yet someone left it to us to wonder about. Because it was created for a purpose. That’s what life is. Why do you go to work. Money. Why do you love? Because it’s a relationship to each other and to the God of which we were made in his image. Evolution is money (Books) and power. God is holy and GOOD! Perfect and it was his WILL and he spoke it into assistance. The sun is so big and heavy and who put it there. It’s there to give light. The materials and the fusion that causes energy gives the earth light, God is the light of the world. he made it. If you notice everything on earth.. the rivers.. the hospitals.. the wars .. the arts.. the suffering.. the births are all observable. it’s logic that God exists. It’s none sense that a theory which is without logical in many regards is what happened.

  7. argent47 says:

    Charlie — if English is not your first language, I must congratulate you on how well you handle such a difficult tongue.
    If it IS your first language, I must decry how poorly you handle a tongue that you grew up with; go study some more, OK?

    “I think if we cannot observe a theory”
    —How do you observe a theory, pray tell? (You can read the statements that make up a theory, and you can look at its supporting evidence — which would be, I suppose, what you mean by “observe a theory”. Since we indeed do these things with respect to evolutionary theory. we do “observe” it.

    “and yet we have witnesses in the millions over the centuries and prophecy and common sense than we know God exists.”
    —Concerning witnesses: If there were witnesses to anything supernatural, ~2000 years ago in the Levant, they did not number in the millions. You have had *testifiers* in the millions, but not witnesses. But note that people can testify to *anything*, regardless of its truth or falsity.
    —Concerning prophets: You’ll have to show beyond any doubt that true prophecy has happened. I know that you believe it, but you have the burden of *proof*.
    —Concerning common sense: It’s not nearly common enough, alas. And, “common sense” used to be the rationale for believing in, for instance, a flat Earth. What is “common sense” is not unavoidably equatable to “true”.

    “…the universe that is so big yet someone left it to us to wonder about.”
    —Substitute: “someone MAY HAVE left it…”

    “Because it was created for a purpose.”
    —Another unsupported assertion. Support your claims, or don’t bother to offer them.

    “Evolution is money (Books) and power.”
    —[The study of] evolution is knowledge and understanding. Knowledge can give power, yes, but that’s not its only benefit.

    “The sun is so big and heavy and who put it there.”
    —Our protosolar nebula put it there, by collapsing.

    “It’s there to give light.”
    —It gives off light because it must, as part of its unavoidable energy conversion.

    “If you notice everything on earth.. the rivers.. the hospitals.. the wars .. the arts.. the suffering.. the births are all observable.”
    —Yes, much is observable — including the horrific torture and extermination visited upon God’s Chosen People, in the Holocaust. What kind of God allows Chosen People to needlessly suffer such horrors? Not a loving God, in my view.

    “it’s logic that God exists.”
    —No, it is supposition. God is not logically derived from the observed principles of the universe.

    “It’s none sense that a theory which is without logical in many regards is what happened.”
    —Evolutionary theory IS based on logic (as well as some necessary assumption and inference).
    As I said, you need to go study some more. Check back when you’ve done so, OK?

  8. The Illogical Reaper says:

    Let me answer all of these questions with one statement: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT EVOLUTION IS!!

  9. Abhishek Anand says:

    Evolution is totally wrong, false and incorrect, it is responsible for rapes, murders & other big sins. Creationism is right, true and correct. God created us & whole universe.

    • argent47 says:

      “Evolution is totally wrong, false and incorrect”
      —That which is wrong is also false and incorrect. Redundancy does not advance your point. Evidence and reasoning can advance your point, but you have provided neither. Participate properly or don’t bother to waste space and time here.

      “Creationism is right, true and correct.”
      —Remember what I just said about redundancy?

      “it is responsible for rapes, murders & other big sins.”
      —This is, at best, laughable. Those who understand and employ evolutionary theory and evidence are no more liable to rape, murder, or the commission of other “big sins” than anyone else.

      “God created us & whole universe.”
      —Again, bring evidence to the table or don’t bother showing up. Bald assertions are useless without evidence (such as the evidence that supports evolutionary ideas).

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