Why is Stephen Hawking crippled?


It has been asked why Stephen Hawking is crippled. To put this simply, Hawking decided to declare a war on Christianity when he released his book “A Brief History of Time” as a way to mock God, so God punished him for this sinful act. Hawking thought he knew everything and that he could play God when he wrote his book, so God made Hawking crippled, and he also made it impossible for Hawking to speak without a microphone.

Today, Hawking continues to offend the Christian community by talking about aliens, which We know are impossible because they are not mentioned in the Bible, and he continues to be worshiped by many Universities that support the work of godless heathens. He still defies God by living his life as a heathen, and it is time for Stephen Hawking to repent and accept God into his life!


Remember to accept Christ, and you will be free and live everlasting salvation!

4 thoughts on “Why is Stephen Hawking crippled?

  1. Paul says:

    Go join the Westboro Baptist Church with the other dumbasses, you are the lowest of the low. Hawking did not write his book to declare war on Christianity, and he was already disabled when he was writing the book. You make the idiots on Fox News look smart.

  2. aevitaslp says:

    Once again, you make mistakes when trying to talk to people. You calling people who don’t believe in god heathens, you say things that you can’t prove is true, and aren’t you acting a bit high and mighty thinking that you god really JUST made our world and just stopped?
    Why would he just stop making life? Stop making planets that are habitable? You can’t answer those questions, because there are no answers to be found in your god or bible. Saying the “holy spirit” told you so, to everyone else, including your fellow Christians, that you are either crazy as a monkey hyped up on mountain dew or well drugged up.

  3. Aaron says:

    Paul- Just because the book was wriiten after he was crippled doesn’t eliminate the fact that God has foreknowledge of everything. I find it funny that most of these scientists that wage war against God do so after something bad happens to them. Darwin was a Christian until his daughter died. And I’d wager Mr Hawking did too at one time. When he was young. The point is there are no true atheists. At least I have never met one. Because all of them have a deeper reason for their hate for God. Not because their supposed intellect thems them to. Did God cripple him? I don’t know. It is possible. What I do know is that God is as real as you and I. And He is a jealous God. Just as you are with your wife or girlfriend. And if you go off whoring with other gods or making yourself a god, like Mr Hawkin has, then you can be turned over to Satan for the destruction of your flesh.

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