14 thoughts on “Scientific proof of Noah’s Ark found!

  1. OMG.

    Just converted.

    It’s that thing way in the back, right?

  2. Martin Baker says:

    Yes, that’s Noah’s Ark!

  3. aevitaslp says:

    Forgive me, but I am skeptical about this post. You shouldn’t just post up a picture or anything for that matter, with out citing the source of where you got this information. If you would be so kind as to tell me where you came across this information I’ll check it out. Who knows if the evidence is staggering I may even tip my hat to you.

  4. aevitaslp says:

    Also, the picture itself doesn’t prove anything. The “Ark” you see is nothing more than the land itself, you eyes are merely seeing a boat cause that’s the closest thing your mind can think it looks like. Just like how you see things in clouds, same process, different material.

  5. thatcatkatie says:

    Prove it’s the same ark first? Or even some sort of boat at all?

  6. I love the way God works! I like your blog and thought you might like to read mine http://bryanmatthews38.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/are-you-an-ark-builder/

  7. To musictimecapsul: Please forgive me for not taking the time to study my material on “Cognitive Dissonance” before responding to your comment. According to Leon Festinger it’s cause is the
    excessive mental stress & discomfort that people contend with by holding, 2 or more paradoxical hypothesis, theorems, presupposition as true at the same time. Stress and discomfort increase according to the importance the above stated beliefs are contradicted.
    There is a misnomer in your hypothesis. Me! I don’t struggle with any other belief system and I am unequivocally and decisively convinced in the imperishable e’lan vitalite’ of my Omnipotent, Amaranthine, and Grace-filled God! I hold nothing true but what The King James Version of the Holy Scriptures teach me.
    Oh how I wish you and I could expostulate much deeper into this theme and you would feel the touch of my God! YOU WOULD THEREAFTER KNOW AND SEE TRUTH AS GOD WILLS!
    A final thought. Do you believe in faith? Do you believe in evolution?

    My email is bryanmatthews1973@yahoo.com , and please put evolution in the subject space. I hope to talk with you soon.

    Most sincerely,

    Bryan Matthews

  8. Alienfan says:

    It is a mountain, nothing else.

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