Atheists are intellectual terrorists!

Greetings True Christians!


Did you know that atheists are intellectual terrorists?  Tonight I watched the wonderful documentary Expelled, produced by Ben Stein. The film documents the systematic suppression of all who question Darwinism by atheists in academia. If you dare doubt Darwin as a university professor, sooner or later, most likely sooner, your freedom of speech will be suppressed by the Darwinian thought police, you will be denied tenure, and you may even lose your job.  Why? The atheists and their atheist communist lawyer union (the ACLU) have systematically worked to remove all mention of God from our science classrooms. Even though it is plainly obvious to anyone with an open mind that God Created the universe, the earth, and life on Earth, the Darwinists want to teach our children Darwinism and NOTHING ELSE.  Do you know what Darwinism is? Darwinism is a lie created by Satan. Darwinism is a fairy tale for grownups who will one day find themselves in Hell. Darwinism is a myth. Darwinism is, in fact, the root of all evils.


Darwinism is responsible for the Holocaust. It goes without saying that Hitler’s plan to breed a “master race” was based squarely upon the evolutionary framework created by Charles “Satan’s Helper” Darwin. Darwin gave Hitler the intellectual framework necessary to claim that Jews were inferior to “Aryan” Germans.  In fact, Richard Dawkins even said that Darwinism makes it possible to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist! Do we want to teach our children this myth? If we teach our children that they came from monkeys, then they will act like monkeys. This is just stupid! No wonder the Demoncrats took the White House two elections in a row!


 We live in a society that accepts homosexual, man-on-dog loving, blumpkin eating males to marry. Not only that, but we also allow lesbians to marry! The union of two members of the same sex is always ungodly and makes a mockery of marriage, but the union of two women? That is completely heretical! God Created man as the head of the household, and God Created woman to be subservient to her man. Lesbian marriage upsets the Biblical world order Created by God! God Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. And while I’m on the topic of marriage, God Created sex to be shared between a married man and a married woman. This man and woman must, of course, be married to EACH OTHER. Yet in today’s world, everybody is having sex. The average atheist housewife has sexual relations not only with her husband, but also her husband’s friends, her neighbors, and in many cases even the mailman.  Atheists, must like the Romans who killed Jesus, often engage in hedonist orgiastic parties in which participants “grind” upon each other, mimicking sexual relations on the dance floor. These sinners are headed straight to Hell. They may have forgotten to leave room for the Holy Spirit, but they left plenty of room for Satan to slip in!


Atheist Darwinists are responsible for every single school shooting in the 20th and 21st Century. Look it up! The Columbine massacre was inspired by Darwinism. Same with the recent massacre of young students in Connecticut and the numerous campus shootings we see in the news on a nearly weekly basis. What is to blame for these massacres? Darwinism. Why? Because Darwinism clearly teaches that all human life is disposable. The weak perish, and the strongest survive. Nature red in tooth and claw frees the Darwinists to kill us all.


In fact, one can make a logical argument for the fact that the September 11th terrorist attacks were actually a response to atheist Darwinist dogma. I’m not making this up! It’s actually an easily supported argument! How? The terrorists hate modern American society. They hate our half-naked women flittering about on television. They hate our ungodly heathen consumer capitalistic economy. They hate our drudging for oil to support our heathen ways. If America had stayed true to her Christian foundation, the Muslims would never have hated us. Instead, America would have been a beacon of light to all heathen peoples, and, quite possibly, would have fueled the conversion of radical Islamic jihadists to Christianity. For if these people could only see the prosperity which the light of Christ brings to us all, they would reject Islam and follow the Light of Christ.


That brings me to one more important point. Why did God allow the September 11th terrorist attacks to happen? In truth, God is punishing Americans for their rejection of His only Son, Jesus Christ. Americans rejected God, so why should he protect us now? If we still embraced Him as a nation, then God surely would have given the terrorists heart attacks before they could have even tried to hijack the planes. Instead, God allowed the attacks to happen, as a warning to America and to us all. The atheists and Darwinists are leading us on a dangerous path, my fellow Americans. They are leading our nation straight to hell.


We must reject the Darwinian atheistic stain on our American values. We must reject atheists and turn back to Jesus. We must embrace the Christian foundation on which our nation was built. It’s time to take back the souls of Americans for Jesus. It’s time to take back America for Christ.


I’m  Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

5 thoughts on “Atheists are intellectual terrorists!

  1. aevitaslp says:

    First, cite your sources of information, Don’t cite the Bible. Please do yourself some credit. Cite non-biased sources if information. Then we can talk like civilized people. If it is all your opinion then state it as such, and stop putting up false facts.

    • Martin Baker says:

      You don’t need the bible as a way to cite sources. Look at all the news sources we see on the media about school shootings and muslims causing terrorism.

      • aevitaslp says:

        I mainly want you to cite sources of atheists being the cause of shootings. As for the religions killing people who believe in other religions stuff, yeah that s been going on for ages. It won’t stop for any reason. If someone thinks differently and you believe you are 100% right strong enough. Soon their life doesn’t seem so important. More lives have been killed in the name of God than any other reason. Let’s not forget the scores people murdered for not believing and the Salem Witch trials. All that stuff that happened in the of God. So don’t you tell me how atheists are the cause of any killings when RELIGION is the cause of so many more. And what about recent days? They just psychologically torture people now, LIKE YOU TRY TO DO! Threatening us, telling us we are plights on the world of humanity. You guys are the kind of people who will bully others and make their lives as painful as possible if they don’t believe the same as you, and it means you truly have no reason to talk about us doing anything. Because religions are perhaps the best example of Darwinism ever to grace this planet. Religions come and go, religions start wars with each other, and the stronger religions with the more fervent believers continue to plague the minds of people while those that don’t are forgotten or treated as a joke. History itself is my cited source. Read a history book, read of the religions that are no longer practiced read why most of them fell. And you will see that which you hate is why you still believe in what you believe in.

  2. aevitaslp says:

    So is this you giving up on citing facts or what? I was looking for more from you guys. Ah, well. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much.

  3. Franco says:

    Intellectual: YES
    Terrorists: NO
    How are you not tired to repeat over and over again the same words?

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