8 thoughts on “Atheists are God’s stupidest Creations!

  1. aevitaslp says:

    Check the category it is listed in. It’s comedy. Also I doubt Christ would call anyone stupid.You also got trolled because you actually put this up.

    • Martin Baker says:

      No, Edward Current is a true Christian. Have you seen his video “Checkmate Atheists?”

      • Franco says:

        I am laughing now, you are now believing a parody and a satire, FAIL!!!, wow that’s a new level of ignorance (considering that ignorant is not an insult). Please inform yourself then speak.

  2. aevitaslp says:

    Nope, but I have a question why do you need to “Checkmate” us? In all truth we atheists have all the reason to “checkmate” you. Your religion and a lot of religions for that matter have murdered us and caused or lives to become a literal hell. All because we choose to not believe in what you believe. In all truth you don’t need to talk. If you are a “True Christian” then you must obviously go to heaven when you die. Can’t you be content with that and live and let live? Let us live our lives and if we go to hell then we earned and we will be ok with that.

    Or is it because you think we could be right? That God doesn’t exist, is that why you feel threatened by us? That we will live a better more fulfilling life and see a world more beautiful than you ever will because we know it’s not forever? That our contentment with our inevitable end doesn’t scare but motivates us to be better people without God?

    I want to know what really motivates the people of this page. I don’t want threats of hell, I don’t want you guys to try to change the subject. Just tell me why you do what you do?

  3. Thomas says:

    Weak evidence to say that. I can’t verify what the “Holy Spirit” said if he indeed said anything. If anything, looking at the facts on his YouTube channel, it says that they are all Satires. He wrote the description for the playlist.. What you see as him “proving” Christianity is true, is just him making of people who actually believe the stuff he is saying is true.

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