This site is not about Edgar Allen Poe!

Dear atheists,

This site has nothing to do about Edgar Allen Poe. Jim and I have often received silly questions on our blog, such as “Is this a poe?” In no way is this site about Edgar Allen Poe, but it is about important topics such as Jesus and Creation Science. Both Jim and I are spreading the gospels about Jesus, so we have no affiliation with Edgar Allen Poe.

Martin Baker

2 thoughts on “This site is not about Edgar Allen Poe!

  1. Agreed, Martin. What is up with all these Poe references? I don’t get it.


  2. aevitaslp says:

    Gospels? When? All I see are threats and hate, oh right so you saying Jesus was a bigoted hateful person just like you? Because that’s what I’m getting. Perhaps you should change your ways of spreading the *ahem* “Gospels”. Or perhaps you are writing about the Gospels about Jesus written by people who didn’t even know Jesus?

    But, I was able to read this without feeling too angry, you didn’t call us scum or heathens this time. Good job, I mean it really, good job.

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