A note to atheists

Greetings atheist heathens.


Obviously our good-natured Christian posts have only invited ridicule and laughter from within your heathen midst.  Martin and I have tried praying for your souls repeatedly. We have tried to lead you away from your atheist Darwinist delusions. We have tried to lead you to Jesus. And yet you continue to mock us. This is deeply hurtful to me, and I will try a new approach tonight. Perhaps it will be of more interest to you heathen sinners to know what lies in store for those that openly reject Jesus. These people go to Hell, for all eternity. But what is Hell like?


Hell is a place filled with fire, a lake of fire where all souls never die, but instead are eternally tormented. These souls are stuck there, and there is great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Everybody will be able to hear you scream, but nobody will help you. In fact, your fellow denizens of Hell will probably attack you in anger and hatred because, like you, they chose to reject Christ and sealed their own fate, an eternity in this tortured, Godless, terrible place.  You will be tortured for every single second from now until the end of time, and every second will seem like an eternity. Picture every single cell in your body exploding in pain for every single second for the rest of your life. Now multiply that pain times a million, and that whole time times a million.  The suffering you will endure at the hands of Satan is unfathomable to us mortals, because it is something so terrible that we can’t even begin to imagine it. 


Why would Satan torture you for rejecting God when Satan himself is being tormented eternally for rejecting God?  The answer is really quite simple. You are one of God’s creations, in fact one of His most prized creations. Satan hates everything that is from God. Therefore, Satan hates you, and will torture you mercilessly for all eternity.


Do you really want this to happen to you? Do you really want to endure an eternity in Hell? You can be saved, quite easily in fact. All you need do is be Born Again in Christ. Allow His holy blood to wash away your sins. Be baptized in His name. Embrace His teachings. Open your heart to Him. Follow His lead and turn away from your evil heathen ways.


I pray that all atheists who read this post will be moved to embrace Jesus. Let us Christians pray for their salvation. Let us win back their souls in Christ.


I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

10 thoughts on “A note to atheists

  1. aevitaslp says:

    All I got from that was, “We fear the punishment that MIGHT happen if we don’t believe, so we are selfish little whiners who close our minds to the chance of being wrong and must force our thoughts on others to feel better about ourselves.”

    Then you have the part where you call us names, and threaten us with hell EVERY chance you get. That’s not how you get people to listen! In fact you sound more like a raving lunatic! Why? You make all those around you who aren’t as religious as you or who don’t believe the same as you feel really angry and frustrated with your over-zealous and unsuccessful attempts to convert people you your way of thinking. Look I couldn’t care less about your religion and I couldn’t care less about what may happen to me when I die. I choose to live my life the way I want. I will accept the truth I want to. Just like you. I don’t believe in your God. I acknowledge your right to believe what you want. Like I want you to do the same to me. If you didn’t constantly spread your hate to everyone on this blog, and chose to spread the good things that your particular church or whatever has been doing for the community for the better of peoples lives I think I’d have no problem with you. Yet you spread hate for everyone who doesn’t think like you. Its disgusting. It makes you wrong. And always will.You help keep the world bound to the pas rather than moving forward. It is why I disagree with you. It is why we atheists oppose your religions, it is the same as you are doing to us.

    All i truly want from you is to, either, open your mind, or close your mouth.

    • Martin Baker says:

      You need to accept Christ and stop living your atheistic lifestyle that leads to homosexuality, pornography, rock n roll ,and other SINS!

      • aevitaslp says:

        Being an atheist doesn’t mean one is a homosexual, Rock is a music genre, porn is just a way to relax ones sexual desire, they aren’t really bad. Sure things like spreading hate about others *ahem* like you guys do on a daily basis, is quite sinful I’m sure. Jesus was all about spreading Love not hate. You guys are the embodiment of wrath one of the seven deadly sins, you should see that yourself. Follow your own religions standards. Spread the good not the bad. Don’t attack, or threaten. Then no one would have a big problem with you. Don’t hold back others with you way of thinking. Realize not all people are like you and nor should they be. Look I’m not arguing right now. I want a conversation, one where progress is made not halted by our personal bias. Read this with understanding and we will move one to better understanding of each others thoughts.

      • Do you WANT to be barbecued in Hell? Apparently you do otherwise you would repent. I’ll pray for your heathen soul nonetheless.


      • aevitaslp says:

        And this is why no progress is made. I’m sorry. I really wanted to talk it out, but yet again you go straight for “You will burn in hell” thing. You need to realize that your chosen fear is not everyone’s chosen fear. You need to find common ground with someone to persuade them to joining. Not everyone is as weak willed as you were, or they didn’t have families as religious as yours. You post that you wanted to try talking to us atheists but you make no real attempt to do so. You again just threaten us with that we don’t believe exists. If it didn’t work the first time what makes you think it will work now. Tactics should dictate you change your strategy and try to actually talk to us. But you fear us, you fear that which you do not understand so you shun us, you threaten us, and you avoid trying to understand us. It is why you fail, it is why you are mocked by us, and it is why we despise you and all who are like you.

  2. It’s a wonderful, loving, and just god indeed who decides to give a bunch of creatures free will and then punish them eternally for exercising it in a way he doesn’t care for. I’m also pretty sure God would see through any acceptance of him on my part as a vain attempt at hedging my bets instead of true devotion. Problem is, with about 3,300 other gods in the pantheon of Humanity, I have about the same chance of being wrong no matter how I look at it.

    And so do you :-). Remember what I said about sharing a hotel room with Jack Chick and Thomas Kinkaide for all eternity? Better hope for your sake the lobby has a book collection.

  3. Alienfan says:

    Here is your disproof for praying: you prayed that we would become christian, we are still atheists, praying does not work.
    It is called logic

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